Psychic TV reissue first studio album 'Force the Hand of Chance' - Aug 18

Psychic TV  
- Force the Hand of Chance
Angry Love Productions - August 18

Photo: Drew Weidemann

Psychic TV's classic first studio album Force The Hand Of Chance by Psychic TV is back on vinyl for the first time in over 25 years. 

Cut from the original masters in the WEA UK vaults, this will be a limited edition pressing of only 1000 copies. Forced Exposure will be exclusively distributing 700 standard copies while the Genesis P-Orridge webstore offers an exclusive deluxe edition of 300 available by mail order only. 

Force The Hand of Chance remains one of Psychic TV's most seminal albums boasting classic tracks such as "Just Drifting", "Ov Power" as well as a vocal feature by Soft Cell's Marc Almond on the haunting "Guiltless". 

Force The Hand of Chance 
Psychic TV 
Angry Love Productions
August 18, 2016

1 -  Just Drifting 
2 - Terminus 
3 -  Stolen Kisses 
4 - Caresse 
5 - Guiltless 
6 - No Go Go 
7 - Ov Power 
8 - Message from the Temple

Psychic TV Live Dates: 

8/12: Los Angeles - Cinefamily *
8/12: Los Angeles, CA - Berserktown 3 at Teragram Ballroom % 
9/16: Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg ^
9/17: Hudson, NY - Basilica SoundScape #
9/21: Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace
9/23: Montreal, QB - POP Montreal at Theatre Fairmount
9/29: Portland, OR - Star Theatre
9/30: Vancouver, BC - Venue Nightclub
10/1: Seattle, WA - Macefield Festival 
10/24: Athens, Greece Modu
10/26: Republic of Georgia - TBA
10/28: Moscow, Russia - TBA
10/30: St. Petersburg, Russia - Zal Ojidaniya
11/1: Tel Aviv, Israel - The Zone
11/3: Kiev, Ukraine - Sentrum
11/5: Wroclaw, Poland - WIF festival
11/7: London, UK - Shepherds Bush Empire
11/9: Leeds, UK - Wardrope
* - Live Soundtrack to Jarman's In the Shadow of the Sun
% - Performing Force the Hand of Chance 
^ - Alienist Record Release Show
# -  
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Edley ODowd

More on Psychic TV and Genesis P-Orridge: 

Born in 1981 from industrial music behemoth Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV is fronted by Throbbing Gristle's founder: anti-hero, artist, and Pandrogenist, Genesis P-Orridge. 

Psychic TV is particularly known for its intense and visceral live performances and for a creative lineage that includes cultural luminaries such as William S. Burroughs, Derek Jarman, and Timothy Leary, among others.

Right from the outset, Psychic TV in turn made highly innovative and unflinchingly provocative music blending elements of psychedelia and dance with Industrial sounds (named "HYPERDELIC" by Genesis). As with Throbbing Gristle, the details of Psychic TV's packaging, marketing and the radical lifestyle of the musicians were all treated as equally crucial components of the final aesthetic statement. For some 14 odd years, Psychic TV recorded and released dozens of live and studio albums ending up in the Guiness Book Of Records for releasing more albums in one year than any other artist (even Elvis!). Psychic TV was terminated in the mid 90's as Genesis pursued further musical goals with h/er spoken-word and expanded poetry/video installation project Thee Majesty.

In 2003, artist and percussionist Edley ODowd gently but persistently persuaded Genesis to rekindle her rock spirit and Psychic TV. Edley succeeded and they played their first public show that December. The reactivated ensemble led by ODowd, has been touring the world and releasing music ever since.

The full history of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and her varied seminal musical exploits of the past three decades as well as her soclo-cultural adventures would easily fill a book. Soft Skull/Shortwave Books published "Painful but Fabulous: The Lives and Art of Genesis P-Orridge" in 2003 and more recently with "Thee Psychick Bible" in hardcover in 2009 and paperback in 2010). Genesis continues to exhibit artwork around the world. Most recently at Art Basel, Miami, The Serpentine Gallery, London and a career retrospective at The Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh. H/er most current exhibition "Try To Altar Everything" is at The Rubin Museum in New York City through August 2016.

Already living a creative further chapter of h/er "life" book Genesis continues to provoke and explore in her very public private life; from replacing all her healthy teeth with solid gold permanent replicas in an homage to Pierre Clemente in
Luis Bunuel's "Belle De Jour." Littering the dictionary and culture with new words for new, original ideas Genesis can be said to follow the serious process and joy-filled strategy of "When there is no example imagine it, when there is no word for it, invent one."