MAGIC WANDS interview

Magic Wands
Exclusive interview
by Alexander Laurence

Magic Wands is a happening new band from Nashville, Tennessee. It is comprised of the duo, Chris and Dexy Valentine. They both sing and play guitar. They have toured a lot the past year, playing with The Raconteurs and Black Kids. Recently they just finished a month-long tour of America with The Kills and The Horrors. The fans for the music of Magic Wands are growing. They have really catchy tunes about teenage love and fantasy worlds. Their first single "Black Magic" is the catchiest song that I heard in a while. So I got to sit down with the duo in their secret lair, and ask them some questions. Definitely check them out live and check their myspace!

1.How has living in Nashville, Tennessee influenced the band?
DEXY: It kept us focused. We lived in a quiet place in a village
that had lots of nice scenery.

2. What did you do before you were in a band?
CHRIS: We both wrote songs, went to shows & listened to lots of music.

3. How has the reaction been to the Magic Love and Dreams EP?
CHRIS: It's just come out: we hear it has been good so far.

4. What bands do you like now?
DEXY: We've been listening to old RCA/Victor records, instrumentals and soundtracks
that set a mood.

5. How does a song begin for the band? Is it music first or lyrics and melody first?
CHRIS: Usually one of us comes up with drum and bass, the other, keyboard or guitar. And then lyrics last.

6. Magic Wands seem to be more theatrical than most bands. Can you talk about that?
DEXY: We find stuff we like and bring it on stage with us: bubble machines,
tiger heads, lions, heart-shaped lights. The same stuff we like to have around at home.

7. Do you use samples?
CHRIS: We sample clips from old movies, records, and videos for our show.

8.How do you feel about people downloading your music illegally?
DEXY: eh.. It's better to be able to hold an album or cd in your hands and be able to read the lyrics and look at the art.

9. How was the tours with The Kills and The Horrors?
DEXY: We got to see the whole country in a month and played some great venues. Most shows were filled up early so we always had a good crowd to play to. The Kills and The Horrors are both great so it was cool.

10. What do you think of the recent remixes of "Black Magic?"
CHRIS: We like them.

11. How do you go about making videos?
DEXY: We go to the party store and buy a bunch of stuff, set up a camera in our place and make a night out of it.

12. When will an album come out?
CHRIS: We begin recording in July so soon after.

13. Do members of Magic Wands still pursue non-musical art?
CHRIS: Yeah, we're always either making graphics, collages, taking pictures, or making videos, we like to stay busy.

14. What other hobbies do you have?
DEXY: Flea markets, record shopping, going to new age conventions,
We're both going to try and take up surfing this summer.

15. Can you recommend a book?
DEXY: Cosmos by Giles Sparrow, it explores the universe
in giant colorful pages.

16. What should people expect in the shows in summer and fall 2009?
CHRIS: We'll have more songs with a longer set and some new surprises.

17. Any plans for a new single this year?
CHRIS: We think our next single in the UK is Warrior, not sure for the US though.
We have some new tracks we're working on that don't have titles yet.