EMPIRE OF THE SUN @ Fonda Theatre Friday, June 28, 2019

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together PANGEA - Yost - 6-28-2019

                                      All photos taken in Santa Ana CA by Bradley Dupray
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Carly Rae Jepsen - THE DEDICATED TOUR @ House of Blues Anaheim Thursday, June 27, 2019

                                            All photos taken in Anaheim CA by Bradley Dupray
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THE GROWLERS Limited Edition Show Posters + 2019 Tour On Sale Now

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Kelela shares Aquaphoria WXARXP mix for Warp's 30th anniversary

Photo: Nhu Xuan Hua

Listen Now To Kelela - Aquaphoria, WXAXRXP Mix https://www.mixcloud.com/kelelam/aquaphoria/

New Merch Available Now kelela.warp.net

Contributing to Warp's epic 30th anniversary takeover of NTS.live, Kelela and long-time collaborator Asma Maroof play with effervescent abstraction, emotion and true beauty on this long-form piece of ambient free-R&B. Kelela's favorites are reimagined and one's breath is truly taken away by this combination of her sublime vocal waves and oceanic minimalist synth selections. 

"Aquaphoria is both an exploratory, healing conversation with myself and a very political, niche-filling project that has been expansive and magical to create," says Kelela. "I've always used my voice to dismantle, deconstruct and traverse genre, but this time instead of a turn up, it's for solitude, intimacy and quiet time. This one is for my people to feel whole when they are alone."

Kelela makes Aquaphoria available exclusively on kelela.warp.net alongside a newly-released short-sleeve version of her 'ribbon in the sky' tee. 


小久保隆 - 01
Susumu Yokota - Hagoromo
Marc Cary - Rhodes Ahead Intro
Autechre - Altibzz
Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft - Beluga's Song
Aphex Twin - Untitled
Oneohtrix Point Never - Physical Memory
Kareem Lotfy - FR3SH
Biosphere - Chukhung
Leila - Underwaters
OCA - Heaven Cent
Visible Cloaks - Screen
Jaco Pastorius solo (live w/ Joni Mitchell, 1977)
Iury Lech - Barreras
Cliffdiver - Digital Dreams

From her earliest work, honesty and vulnerability have been cornerstones of Kelela's art - even when clad in the armor of the avant-garde electronics she so deftly inhabits. She delivers the emotional intensity and resonance of her message as well as the sonic seeking she is renowned for. Kelela is an artist spanning the past and future of R&B. In her hands, however, the genre knows no boundaries. 

WARP warp.net
Incubated in the charged artistic atmosphere of outlaw UK dance music in the late 1980s and early '90s, Warp quickly became synonymous with deeply adventurous experiments in sound, which also happened to capture the imagination of a wide and inspired audience. This idea of enabling idiosyncratic work to find an audience beyond the underground has come to define the label throughout its evolution into an electronic music cornerstone and eventually into the institution of visionary post-genre music that it is today.

From longtime collaborators to urgent new voices, Warp has been a consistent home for misfit artists and their distinctive visions, with a roster that has forever defied categorization. 

NTS is a global music platform and radio station, broadcasting from over fifty cities every month. NTS started as a DIY passion project in Hackney in 2011, as an alternative to stagnant mainstream radio. Since then NTS has expanded with permanent studios in Los Angeles, Manchester and Shanghai and has 600+ resident artist and DJ hosts. Consistently championing the underground scene and a leading voice in alternative culture, over half the music played on NTS isn't available on Spotify or Apple Music. With a growing global audience of 1.5 million monthly listeners, NTS is broadcasting the best in underground music on a mass scale - completely free of charge and without on-air advertising.

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