Lovely Bad Things @ Origami Vinyl

LOVELY BAD THINGS play a show at Origami Vinyl tonight at 7pm.
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The Wedding Present tonight

photo: Angel Ceballos

The Wedding Present is playing the Troubadour TONIGHT, Saturday, March 31st.
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The Wedding Present @ the Troubadour

photo: Angel Ceballos

The Wedding Present is playing the Troubadour tomorrow, Saturday, March 31st.
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Electric Flower Group @ Origami Vinyl

If you're in Los Angeles tonight, head over to Origami Vinyl in Echo Park to see Electric Flower Group play a special in-store performance at 7pm!

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OFF! @ The Whiskey May 8th

Hardcore supergroup OFF! are coming to the legendary Whisky a
Go-Go on 5/8 to celebrate the release of their first proper album that day that
features a lightning-fast 16 songs in as many minutes. The Whiskey played an
important role for LA Harcore in the 80's as hosts to some of the bigest names
in the genre including the Germs, Misfits and Ramones among countless others.
These guys eff-ing SLAYED it at SXSW, and are bringing that same intensity for
these release shows.

Here's a new song, "King Kong Brigade"

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Ty Segall & White Fence "Hair"

Ty Segall & White Fence - Hair

Street Date, April 24th, 2012, Drag City

Here's a note from Ty Segall about the project:

Hair is the new collaboration from the two minds of Ty Segall and Tim Presley (White Fence), co-written, with shared and solo penned tunes dripping from each side. Presley plays the organ, guitar, percussion, voice, bass, harmony, vibes and faders and so does Ty. A complete collaboration. A new project. This is not the follow up to either members solo releases... it is the first LP of many in the Ty Segall and White Fence (AKA THE HAIR) roster.... so, Let it grow MAAAAANNN....

More about Hair:

Whether you’re walking, rolling and tumbling, flying, driving your car, or sitting still and meditating, wherever you go, Hair you are. You don’t always see the wild mystery that comes with everyday life on this rock, but your connection to the Eternal is always present. You just can’t see it. Today, you’re in luck - up to your frontal eye-lobes in luck. Ty Segall & White Fence have thrown their X-ray vision upon you and see the blood rocking through your veins and all the blood vessels in your brain. They can see them…

Hair it is - to stuff the cracks in your mental chrome dome. Hair for you to stare for awhile. Hair grows like grass beneath your feet, opens up your mind and reflects you in the fun house mirror - spreading past your borderlines, bouncing like rubber, growing and grooving towards the sky (with diamonds). Was it yesterday or yesteryear or is it happening now, on five-second synaptic delay? You were tall, you were high…you went farther than you’ve ever been.

Chanting to and from the dome is your living soundtrack and providing the Hairdressing for your psychic salad are Ty Segall and White Fence sitter Tim Presley with Sean Presley and Mikael Cronin along on the carpet ride. It unrolls from within them and in between them, and electricity takes many forms, from poppy lunges to acoustic strolls to freak-downs at end of the side. Hair gets tangled deep in clouds of guitars and drums and counter-riffs and percussion, then pressed flat with harmony vocals and compression. Whatever got them through the night, it launches the ship into the stratosphere. And Hair you are again.

Coming April 24th, 2012 from Ty Segall and White Fence: Hair.

Track List:

1 Time
2 I Am Not a Game
3 Easy Ryder
4 The Black Glove/Rag
5 Crybaby
6 (I Can’t) Get Around You
7 Scissor People
8 Tongues

Tour Dates:


5-2 San Francisco - Independent *
5-3 Portland, OR - Star Theater
5-4 Vancouver, BC - Waldorf Hotel
5-5 Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
5-6 Missoula, MT - The Palace
5-8 Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
5-9 Madison, WI - High Horse Saloon
5-10 Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall !
5-11 Detroit, MI - Lager House !
5-12 Toronto, ON Horseshoe Tavern !
5-13 Montreal, QC - Il Motore !
5-14 Portland, ME - Space Gallery !
5-16 New York, NY - Webster Hall $!
5-18 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
5-19 Raleigh, NC - King's Barcade
5-20 Atlanta, GA - Earl
5-21 Nashville, TN - The End
5-22 Memphis, TN - Hi Tone
5-23 Little Rock, AR - Whitewater Tavern
5-24 Houston, TX - Walter's
5-25 Austin, TX - Mohawk (outside)

* = w/ Shannon and the Clams, The Mallard
! = w/ The Strange Boys
$ = w/ The Men


4-22 Santa Cruz, CA - Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium +
8-4 Big Sur, CA Woodsist Fest / Henry Miller Library

+ = w/ The Shins


4-13 Gambier, OH- Kenyon College [solo set]
4-15 Oberlin, OH - Oberlin College

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The Walkmen "Heaven"






The Walkmen

Fat Possum Records is excited to announce that celebrated New York quintet The Walkmen will release their new album, Heaven, on June 5, 2012. The record is the band's sixth and was produced by Phil Ek (Fleet Foxes, Shins, Band of Horses) in Seattle. On May 3, they will headline The National-curated Crossing Brooklyn Ferry at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. In July, they will support Florence And The Machine on their North American tour.

The Walkmen just celebrated their 10th anniversary and are still comprised of the same members that started the group in 2001 - drummer Matt Barrick, multi-instrumentalist Pete Bauer, singer Hamilton Leithauser, guitarist Paul Maroon and bassist Walter Martin. The Fleet Foxes' Robin Pecknold sings harmonies on two songs on the record.

To pre-order the record, click HERE.

When describing Heaven, Leithauser portrays a band hitting maturity, comfortable in its mastery, after a decade together. "The detachment you can feel throughout our younger records is gone. We felt like it was time to make a bigger, more generous statement."

Adds Maroon, "When you're starting out, you're sitting there trying to come up with a big idea, but after a while, you learn about the process of writing. You learn about your friends in the band and how they work best."

It's been ten years since the Walkmen made their debut album, Everybody Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone. Ten years since they mixed the lovingly recorded analogue tapes down to the cheapest CD burner they could find. Ten years since Leithauser snapped Maroon's arm in a celebratory wrestling match. Ten years since critics attached them to a New York scene they never wanted any part of. In the spring of 2011, the band played a series of 10th anniversary shows that demonstrated how far they have outstripped their peers: two sets over two hours, no filler, rapturously received. In contrast, fellow graduates from New York's celebrated rock revival class of '02 have burned out or faded from view.

The Walkmen are the great New York band of their generation, and in Heaven, they have delivered their third killer album in a row. Although Leithauser argues that "our biggest accomplishment is just being here," they are making the best music of their career and filling their largest venues yet.

All five members of the band have kids now and if the impact of parenthood is hard to pin down in a single lyric, there is definitely a new openness and emotional honesty to the songs. Most importantly, the old gang mentality has deepened, becoming something worthwhile and lasting.

"I'm very proud of what we've done. We've stayed friends and those friendships have grown," says Bauer. "We have survival experience and real love that children generate in your life."

Heaven is a definitive statement of purpose and commitment, from a band at the peak of its powers that is finally winning the recognition it deserves.

The Walkmen


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CAN "The Lost Tapes"







LISTEN TO “Millionenspiel”

The original track that opens the forthcoming Can album The Lost Tapes



An Evening of Unreleased Music and Discussion

by Irmin Schmidt + Jono Podmore

Spoon Records and Mute are delighted to announce the release of Can - The Lost Tapes; the long awaited box set of unreleased studio, soundtrack and live material.

The Lost Tapes, out on June 19th 2012, was curated by Irmin Schmidt and Daniel Miller, compiled by Irmin Schmidt and Jono Podmore, and edited by Jono Podmore.

When the legendary Can studio in Weilerswist was sold to the German Rock N Pop Museum, they bought everything, including the army mattresses that covered the walls for sound protection, and relocated it to Gronau.

Whilst dismantling the studio, master tapes were found and stored in the Spoon archive. With barely legible labeling, no one was sure what was on these until Irmin Schmidt and long time collaborator Jono Podmore started to go through over 30 hours of music.

What they found was years of archived material, not outtakes, but rather tracks which had been shelved for a variety of reasons – soundtracks to films that were never released and tracks that didn’t make it onto the final versions of albums due to space.

Irmin Schmidt explains “Obviously the tapes weren't really lost, but were left in the cupboards of the studio archives for so long everybody just forgot about them. Everybody except Hildegard, who watches over Can and its work like the dragon over the gold of the Nibelungen and doesn't allow forgetting.

The final cut of tracks, dating from 1968-1977, features studio material recorded at Schloss Nörvenich and Can Studio, Weilerswist with the Can line up of Holger Czukay on bass, Michael Karoli on guitars, Jaki Liebezeit on drums and Irmin Schmidt on keyboards, and on most tracks, vocals from Malcolm Mooney or Damo Suzuki.

On April 17th at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City, Irmin Schmdit and Jono Podmore will present “The Music Of Can: An Evening of Unreleased Music and Discussion.” The two will debut unreleased music from the forthcoming release The Lost Tapes, discussing the music with each other and answering audience questions about The Lost Tapes, CAN and their incredible history and story. For tickets, purchase online here:


Can was formed by ex-student of Stockhausen Irmin Schmidt, who, fired by the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Frank Zappa abandoned his career in classic music to form a group which could utilise and transcend all boundaries of ethnic, electronic experimental and modern classical music.

Can’s influence is well known and far-reaching and the impact they made on music is felt today as keenly as it ever has been. They themselves have always been impossible to classify and reflecting this, the scope of artists who in recent years have cited Can as a major influence is varied from John Lydon to Radiohead, The Fall to Portishead.

With a phenomenal cannon of work that includes Tago Mago, which celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2011, The Lost Tapesis an opportunity to hear unreleased material from this iconic band – whoever thought that would be possible?

www.spoonrecords.com / www.mute.com

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Caveman "Thankful"

New York Magazine’s Vulture Premieres Caveman’s Music Video “Thankful” Directed by Austin Peters HERE

photo: Angel Ceballos

Click video: Caveman - Thankful

National Headlining Spring Tour

Debut Album CoCo Beware Wide Release Out Now on Fat Possum

New York Magazine's Vulture exclusively premiered Caveman's music video for "Thankful", a song with a message that encompasses the story of the couple Stockade and Nikki Styxx who live in Long Island, NY and are engaged to be married. They are amateur pro wrestlers that participate in a variety of leagues. The video is directed in a documentary style by Austin Peters. You can see the video on New York Magazine's Vulture, Caveman's YouTube channel and on the director's Vimeo page.

Caveman's debut CoCo Beware received a wide release on March 27th via Fat Possum Records after the self-release on the band’s Magic Man! label in the fall. The band continues their Spring North American tour through the Midwest, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles, where they’ll return to the Echo -- home to their first-ever, sold-out LA show last December. The tour ends with a homecoming show with Beirut and Atlas Sound at the prestigious Brooklyn Academy of Music theater, a fitting venue for the band whose front man Matt Iwanusa used to sing at New York’s Metropolitan Opera for about 6 years.

Caveman is made up of five proud New York natives: lead singer/songwriter Matt Iwanusa, who also adds percussion and drums to the band on record and live on stage. Guitarist JimmyCobraCarbonetti, who designs his hand-made Cobra Guitars from scratch, drummer and native Manhattanite Stefan Marolachakis, bassist Jeff Berrall, and Sam Hopkins on synths. Caveman's 10 song debut CoCo Beware is produced by Nick Stumpf (French Kicks) and shows front man Matt Iwanusa’s ability to craft melodies and lyrics which tackle topics of life and love, reflections on hope and joy, and moody observations, all sung in grandiose four-part harmonies, wrapped in timeless melodies.

Caveman Tour Dates:
3/29: Syracuse, NY @ Syracuse University
3/30: Bethlehem, PA @ Nowadays Festival
4/9: Washington, D.C. @ Red Palace
4/10: Columbus, OH @ The Basement
4/11: Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig
4/12: Chicago, IL @ Schubas
4/13: Madison, WI @ UW Madison
4/14: Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St Entry
4/16: Omaha, NE @ Waiting Room
4/17: Denver, CO @ Larimer Lounge
4/18: Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge
4/20: Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore
4/21: Seattle, WA @ Barboza (Neumos)
4/22: Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
4/24: San Francisco, CA @ Brick & Mortar
4/25: Los Angeles, CA @ Echo
4/27: San Diego, CA @ Casbah
4/28: Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
5/1: Kansas City, MO @ The Record Bar
5/2: Columbia, MO @ Mojos
5/3: Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
5/4: Philadelphia, PA @ MilkBoy
5/5: Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) w/ Beirut
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Chairlift interview + tour


Caroline and Patrick discuss Karate jackets, their love of London, and their new big sound as their friend Heems meanders through his own colorful style of interviewing.

photo: Angel Ceballos

Today Chairlift releases a video of Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly being interviewed by Das Racist's Heems premiering exclusively on Noisey's Youtube channel.The Brooklyn friends and collaborators (Wimberly produced tracks on Das Racist's Shut Up, Dude and Relax, and the two groups collaborated on the track "Fashion Party") discuss their critically acclaimed new album Something, out now, and an assortment of other fun things that may make you uncomfortable. The interview includes live footage of their song "Sidewalk Safari", which you see in person on their current tour with Nite Jewel in the US. See all tour dates below.

Watch the best interview between friends Chairlift and Das Racist on Noisey's Youtube channel: http://youtu.be/jEP5lySnF68

Chairlift on tour:
3/29 -- Detroit, MI -- Magic Stick *
3/30 -- Chicago, IL -- Empty Bottle *
3/31 -- Minneapolis, MN -- Triple Rock Social Club *
4/3 -- Denver, CO -- Larimer Lounge *
4/4 -- Salt Lake City, UT -- Urban Lounge *
4/6 -- Vancouver, BC -- Electric Owl *
4/7 -- Seattle, WA -- The Crocodile *
4/8 -- Portland, OR -- Doug Fir *
4/10 -- San Francisco, CA -- The Independent *
4/11 -- Los Angeles, CA -- Troubadour *
4/12 -- San Diego, CA -- Casbah *
4/14 -- Phoenix, AZ -- The Crescent Ballroom *
4/16 -- Dallas, TX -- Club Dada *
4/17 -- Austin, TX -- The Mohawk *
4/18 -- New Orleans, LA -- One Eyed Jacks *
4/19 -- Atlanta, GA -- The Earl *
4/20 -- Chapel Hill, NC -- Local 506 *
4/21 -- Washington, DC -- U Street Music Hall *
4/22 -- Philadelphia, PA -- Johnny Brenda's *
4/25-- London, UK-- Scala (with Outfit)
5/08-- New York, NY--Webster Hall
* with Nite Jewel
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Squarepusher "Ufabulum" and EP


Squarepusher's Ufabulum will be released on May 15. We are now announcing further product information including special edition vinyl, CD and LP-T format (the vinyl and T-shirt are printed in phosphorescent & normal ink), plus there's more music available in the form of 3 track Enstrobia EP with special CD & vinyl editions of the album.
Order from Bleep here: https://bleep.com/release/35051

Short demo of the phosphorescent ink used in special edition vinyl & LP-T formats:

Ufabulum (Phosphorescent Vinyl) with Enstrobia EP CD
Special edition vinyl set. Rigid box, lid wrapped and lined in black, screen printed in phosphorescent and regular ink, so that when the lights go out, the Squarepusher logo is revealed. Contains 2 x LP in individual sleeves, 12 page 300x300mm booklet, download code card and the 3 track Enstrobia EP on CD.

Ufabulum (Special edition CD) with Enstrobia EP CD
CD in 6 panel digipack with 12page booklet, plus 3 track Enstrobia EP also in digipack, bound together in digipack printed black with spot gloss UV.

Ufabulum (Standard CD)
6 panel digipack with 12page booklet.

Phosphorescent Squarepusher LP-T with Album download
Phosphorescent print T shirt with Album download. Black premium T Shirt screen printed in phosphorescent and regular ink, so that when the lights go out, the Squarepusher logo is revealed


Watch short Ufabulum Clip on YouTube

Squarepusher Facebook


01 (A1) - 4001
02 (A2) - Unreal Square
03 (B1) - Stadium Ice
04 (B2) - Energy Wizard
05 (B3) - Red In Blue
06 (C1) - The Metallurgist
07 (C2) - Drax 2
08 (D1) - Dark Steering
09 (D2) - 303 Scopem Hard
10 (D3) - Ecstatic Shock

Enstrobia EP
1. Angel Integer

2. Panic Massive
3. 40.96a

(L-R) Vinyl edition in light, vinyl edition in dark, LP-T in light, LP-T in dark)
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Jessie Baylin announces tour


Jessie Baylin

Nashville, TN-based singer-songwriter Jessie Baylin is excited to announce a spring tour with The Fray. The tour begins on April 11th at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI and wraps up with two shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, CO on May 11th and 12th. In the midst of the tour, Baylin will join Iron & Wine for a show at the Alabama Theater in Birmingham on April 26th. The shows are in support of her latest album, Little Spark, out now via Blonde Rat/Thirty Tigers.

Since the release of Little Spark, Jessie has performed on both The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Last Call with Carson Daly. NPR praised Little Spark, saying it "[echoes] the hallmarks of classic orchestral pop," while the Associated Press called the LP "lush, thoughtful pop music... The 11-track album that emerges plays on the mind like late afternoon sunshine filtered through layers of gauze."

Produced by Kevin Augunas (Cold War Kids, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros) and arranged by modern-day auteur and multi-instrumentalist Richard Swift, Little Spark, Baylin's third full-length album, carries with it a classic pop tone that evokes memories of the Brill Building and Laurel Canyon in the '70s while retaining a decidedly modern, empowered worldview.

"I drew a lot from people like Burt Bacharach and Dionne Warwick, the Brill Building writers," says the New Jersey-born, Nashville-based musician. "But I didn't want to make a retro, throwback kind of album. Nostalgia is fine, I have a definite fondness for that, but I didn't want people to listen and think I was trying to recapture something from the past." That's exactly the vibe one gets when immersed in Little Spark.

Rather than go with the flow, she went with her gut, gathering what remained of an inheritance from her grandmother - whose nickname Jessie borrowed for the Blonde Rat label moniker - Jessie hired Augunas, who helped her gather some of the most empathetic musicians she could find, including old-school guitar man Waddy Wachtel, veteran drummer Jim Keltner, Greg Leisz on pedal steel, The Watson Twins on backup vocals and famed Emmy & Grammy winning string arranger Jimmie Haskell (Elvis Presley, Simon & Garfunkel, Bobby Gentry).

Baylin will be adding more dates to her tour soon.

Jessie Baylin Tour Dates:

4/11 - Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel - Providence, RI

4/12 - Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY

4/14 - MGM Grand Theatre @ Foxwoods - Mashantucket, CT

4/15 - Tullio Arena - Erie, PA

4/17 - Riviera Theatre - Chicago, IL

4/18 - John D. Millett Hall - Oxford, OH

4/20 - Paulson Stadium - Statesboro, GA

4/22 - Thomas Wolfe Auditorium - Asheville, NC

4/24 - Louisville Palace Theatre - Louisville, KY

4/25 - The Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA

4/26 - Alabama Theater - Birmingham, AL ^

4/27 - Monroe Civic Center Arena - Monroe, LA

4/28 - The Palladium Ballroom - Dallas, TX

4/29 - Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheatre - Austin, TX

4/30 - House of Blues - Houston, TX

5/1 - Tipitina's - New Orleans, LA

5/3 - Hard Rock Live - Orlando, FL

5/4 - St. Augustine Amphitheatre - St. Augustine, FL

5/6 - SUNFEST - West Palm Beach, FL

5/8 - The Pageant - St. Louis, MO

5/11-12 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO

^ - All dates with the Fray, except 4/26 with Iron & Wine

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CHAIRLIFT "Met Before" (Illum Sphere Remix)

Chairlift – ‘Met Before’ (Illum Sphere remix)

"Met Before" (Illum Sphere Remix)

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Mark Stewart "The Politics of Envy"

MARK STEWART (The Pop Group)
Announces Solo Album
The Politics of Envy

Special Guests include:
Kenneth Anger, Richard Hell,
Keith Levene (Clash/PiL),
Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Gina Birch (Raincoats),
Tessa Pollitt (Slits),
Douglas Hart (Jesus And Mary Chain),
Factory Floor, Youth, Daddy G (Massive Attack),
Bobby Gillespie and all of Primal Scream.

Tracks: 1. Vanity Kills 2. Autonomia 3. Gang War 4. Codex 5. Want 6.Gustav Says 7.Baby Bourgeois 8.Method to the Madness 9. Apocalypse Hotel 10. Letter to Hermione 11. Stereotype



The reality-subverting punk-and-beyond maverick returns with heavy friends.”

- Ian Harrison, Mojo

Mark Stewart changed everything”

- Nick Cave

Mark is my hero”

- Daddy G, Massive Attack

Never has there been a better time for the return of Mark Stewart.

After a year of riots, revolutions, occupations and increasing collapse of the global financial system Mark Stewart returns with the limited 7” of Children of the Revolution, perfectly capturing the restless mood on today’s streets worldwide to create the apocalyptic dancehall mutation of T. Rex’s glam classic.

His new album The Politics of Envy is out today through Future Noise Music, and features a stellar cast, including cult film-maker Kenneth Anger, original Clash/PiL guitarist Keith Levene, NYC punk innovator Richard Hell, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Gina Birch of the Raincoats, Slits bassist Tessa Pollitt, Jesus And Mary Chain bassist Douglas Hart, Factory Floor, Daddy G of Massive Attack and all of Primal Scream.

All roads have been leading to this. The Politics of Envy cages, consolidates and hotwires the rampant barrage of elements which have infused Mark Stewart’s work since his first band, The Pop Group blasted the post-punk landscape.

The whole thing grew out of some art thing I was trying to do with Kenneth Anger, some kind of avatar...it’s passing it on but also paying homage. Anger’s spirit kind of hangs over the whole thing,” explains Mark.

Vanity Kills kicks off the resulting LP with Kenneth Anger on Theremin, plus Richard Hell and Bristol new blood Kahn. Followed by Autonomia, featuring Bobby Gillespie’s frenetic call-and-response chant with Stewart, who wrote the song about Carlo Giuliani, killed at the 2001 G8 demonstrations in Genoa. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry guests on Gang War, spitting diamonds, with Tessa Pollitt blanketing the dense, heavyweight urban dubscape, before Stewart takes us into the slo-mo coldwave of Codex. Joined by Factory Floor and Youth for Want, Stewart then hits us with the album’s fine example of 21st-century schizoid wall of sound Gustav Says.

Railing against “corporate cocksuckers” and declaring “sanity sucks” on the cool disco electro Baby Bourgeois, we’re then taken into the huge, seething synth-crawl of Method to the Madness, providing one of the album’s atmospheric highlights, gouging beyond industrial or dubstep to create a frightening new take on modern mood music. Daddy G’s unmistakable deep-throat intonations make the perfect garnish for the bleak, heaving whale of a tune, that is Apocalypse Hotel. Being mutual fans of their work, Stewart gives us his version of David Bowie’s Letter to Hermione, now a spookily-orchestrated, beat-less lament. Stewart turns on the light and lets Keith Levene unleash some of his inimitable metal guitar jangle on Stereotype. They are joined by Factory Floor and Gina Birch on this slice of gorgeously-melancholic brilliance, an effortless modern pop classic, which provides the perfect end to this intoxicatingly provocative set of songs.

Continuing an unmatchable track record of anarchic pioneering and seismic influence, Mark Stewart is back with his eighth album and what must be his most high profile project to date, reasserting him as one of the great volcanic creative minds.





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Electric Flower Group "Eclipsed"




March 27, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA - Electric Flower Group, the visceral realist duo consisting of guitarist/singer Imaad Wasif and drummer Josh Garza, today released their sophomore EP, entitled EP II, via Narnack Records. The offering showcases the band expanding their sound beyond the rawness of their first EP to explore the dimensions of depth and width. In celebration of the release, the group will be performing an intimate in-store set at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park, CA on Friday, March 30th at 7:00p. The show is free and will be the band's first performance since their return from the SXSW Music Festival.

Today the duo also premiered the music video for the the EP's leading track, "Eclipsed", via Consequence of Sound. Click here to watch: http://consequenceofsound.net/2012/03/video-electric-flower-group-eclipsed-cos-premiere/

Electric Flower Group "Eclipsed" Official Music Video - Premier

In Electric Flower Group, rock is not dead but realized. The chemistry between Wasif and Garza is undeniable. These are two true modern rockers that can and will break sound barriers. They create the kind of loudness that makes you glad, with songs that have an immediate and tangible impact on the contemporary pop musical landscape. Artifice is devalued; pure emotion is king.

"Eclipsed" is a standout single, part loose metaphor, part nod to Dylan's 'Don't Think Twice' and Big Star's 'September Gurls,' yet carving a space of its own. "Cocoon" is a markedly weirder track; the repetition of the mantra-like lyric "To see your love come shining" gives way by sudden schism into an unexpected extraterrestrial soundscape, veering between CAN-esque Mesmer beats and a guitar angularity akin to This Heat, all the while carrying the current of a song unlike either.

EP II is proof that music today can be cinematic and conceptual without the complications of over-instrumentation as demonstrated within the modern overarching epic. Conversely, it moves against the wake of new-fangled blues stomp rock and the limits of its obligatory two-piece bands. Side two of the EP is dedicated to a cover of Scott Walker's dark symphonic ode to S&M, "The Electrician," done to such effect that it cuts to the core of the original, its primitive brightness reaching far out into other corners.

If the world ever catches up to them, we can then be sure that times really have changed, that the end is nigh, that "the circle" is unbroken. Electric Flower Group are on a journey through a modern kaleidoscope of rock 'n' roll, transcending mainstream influence and incorporating strong minimalist elements into their modern psychedelic music. In Garza's pummeling beats and Wasif's vocal and guitar exorcisms, we are not listening to just two men, but to an orchestra of the damned. Electric Flower Group wakes the ghosts of rock's most daring days, while never following them.

Electric Flower Group will be performing at the Moon Block Party at the Desert Daze Festival on Friday, April 20th. For more details on the show, click HERE.


1. Eclipsed

2. Cocoon

3. The Electrician

"Crispy psych-pop beauty"

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The Dø "Both Ways Open Jaws"

Are you familiar with The Dø? They’re an incredible French/Finnish duo (Olivia Merilahti & Dan Levy) that conjure up an unlikely blend of indie rock, folk, dance, and mid-20th century pop. Their second album, Both Ways Open Jaws is out now.

Having had a lot of love from the likes of Pitchfork, Uncut, BBC, Both Ways Open Jaws will strike you as both new sounding and classic, as both fresh and rooted in tradition. Most importantly, it will strike you as a treasure, and probably, as the best album you have heard in a long time.

Check out this breathtaking video for their latest single, “Gonna Be Sick!” It is a stunning piece both visually and musically in which Olivia (the heartbroken heroine) sets sail on a stormy sea of silk to create an epic look that takes its cues from Fellini’s Casanova, Shakespeare’s Tempest – and also homages the silent era. Feel free to post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ipn69VfII4&feature=youtu.be

There is also this amazing Behind the Scenes video of The Dø recording the 'Live Sessions at Studio Pigalle' in Paris, June 2011. Here is “Gonna Be Sick!”:

The Dø have already captured a global audience with their acclaimed second album and its unique approach to beautiful "avant pop" sounds. Now some of the most interesting electronic producers from around the world have put their own unique sonic stamp on the Dø's music. The Both Ways Open Jaws Remix EP which is out NOW features fascinating new mixes from Trentemoller, Vitalic, Mylo, Sei A, and Fever Ray's C-Berg.

“Genre-hopscotching musicality... Both Ways Open Jaws has teeth like a shark.”

"Paris based pair dazzle with deluxe Europop manifesto...a classy musical ancestry including Bjork, Fever Ray and The Cardigans."

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