Vivian Girls' new album, Memory, out today via Polyvinyl




Photo Credit: Neil Kryszak 

"Across 12 tight songs, the reunited band sticks to the formula - girl-group DNA with a feminist-punk edge - that made it stand out in the post-riot grrrl, male-dominated, late-aughts indie era, and helped clear the path for the current bounty of female-driven DIY rock."
-The New York Times

"The trio's first album in eight years is a reboot worth waiting for... It's the sound of yesterday's hard times exploding into tomorrow's possibilities."
-Rolling Stone

"One of the silver linings of 2019 has been witnessing Vivian Girls prove they were, quite clearly, ahead of their time... A wonderfully bittersweet return to the group's signature lovesickness."

"A worthy addition to the legacy that Vivian Girls have already established... The band is as good as they ever were, and maybe even a little better."

"Ecstatic, lovely, and timeless... 'Something To Do' might be one of the best songs they've ever released."
-The AV Club

"All hail the return of Vivian Girls... impossible to listen to only once."

"Memory captures a sense of desperation and longing... a frenzied, strong return to the band's familiar jangle-pop instrumentation, fleeting, twisting harmonies and dark lyricism."
-Paste Magazine

"Thank god. Vivian Girls are back, and not a moment too soon."


While a reunion record titled Memory may conjure images of a band waxing nostalgic about the halcyon days of yore, Vivian Girls' newest record is anything but a pleasant reminiscence. The latent darkness that always haunted their records is on full display upon their return. Vivian Girls are back and they haven't forgotten what they went through. 

During their initial run as a band, Vivian Girls were a band of outsiders for outsiders. They existed in warehouses and house parties. The DIY spots, the small clubs. They were a band for the freaks, the malcontents. The ones who loved The Wipers as much as Burt Bacharach as much as The Shangri-Las. The ones who talked about astrology and politics and romance with equal passion. They were the band that made the punks feel like they could sing harmonies and pop fans could get in touch with their anger. Cassie Ramone's lyrics alternated between love, loss and rage. They were heart-on-their-sleeves romantics in one breath and a spiraling explosion of feedback in the next. They were a band that we needed. No one wrote about all the bands that started in their wake in 2009. But let us remember: Vivian Girls not only gave us their songs; they gave us a chance to believe in ourselves. 

And they were a band that made the indie gatekeepers uncomfortable. And so they were ones that paid for what made them special. Since their time as a band, the comment threads that demeaned and threatened them with violence have since been deemed irresponsible and removed. Websites dedicated to their bodies under the cheap veil of irony have been shuttered. One would hope that today, major music publications would no doubt reconsider having a male reviewer question their "place in indie rock." 

After their third album -- 2011's Share the Joy -- the members of Vivian Girls parted ways and the band who had known each other since they were teenagers, went about the business of living. Katy Goodman and Ali Koehler both moved to Los Angeles, continued making music (La Sera for Goodman, Best Coast and Upset for Koehler) and started families. Ramone continued to make art in Brooklyn, released two solo records and two full-lengths with Kevin Morby as The Babies, and moved to Los Angeles in 2018 after a phone call with Goodman spurned the idea of playing music together again. 

With Ramone and Goodman on board, Koehler (the drummer for Vivian Girls' second full-length Everything Goes Wrong) re-joined the band and the trio began playing together again during the spring of 2018, keeping the practices a secret and enjoying the simple communion of playing together. By fall, the members of Vivian Girls were ready to enter the studio and over the course of two sessions in mid-September and Halloween week, Memory was recorded with producer Rob Barbarto (Kevin Morby, The Fall). (Please note that during the September session, there was a waxing moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius, sun in Virgo, while during the October session, there was a full moon in Taurus, sun in Scorpio.)

Memory is an album filled with personal reflections on toxic relationships, the false promise of new love, mental health struggles, and finding ways to accept oneself amidst it all. And of course, there is the trademark mystery that set the band apart during its first incarnation. Even when we don't know what exactly a Vivian Girls song is about, we know it is true.

Fittingly, the sonic textures of the album match this sense of desperation and longing. It's a loud, snarling journey and there's a sense of streamlined direction and intensity to the performances: it sounds like a band returning to a core idea of itself.

In the end, Vivian Girls have returned to making music together, looking to the future while bringing their past along with them, boldly and without apologies. And so let us listen and remember: we can still believe in ourselves.


10/03 - Ventura, CA @ The Tavern ^
10/04 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent # %
10/05 - Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction # %
10/06 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah # %
10/17 - Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw $
10/18 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church * $
10/20 - Somerville, MA @ Once Ballroom * $
10/25 - San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel #
10/26 - San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel #
11/01 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle $
11/02 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle $
11/03 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater

^ w/ Sweet Reaper
# w/ Great Grandpa
% w/ Reckling
* w/ Empath
$ w/ Young Guv

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019

1. Most Of All
2. Your Kind Of Life
3. Sick
4. At It Again
5. Lonely Girl
7. Sludge
8. Memory
9. I'm Far Away
10. Mistake
11. All Your Promises
12. Waiting In The Car

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Watch Chastity Belt's comical new video for "It Takes Time"

WATCH: Chastity Belt - "It Takes Time"

Acclaimed Seattle band Chastity Belt have returned with their first new music since 2017. This heartfelt new record, simply titled Chastity Belt, is out today on LP, CD, digital, and cassette from Hardly Art records and Milk! records (Australia and New Zealand). Chastity Belt was co-produced by the band and Melina Duterte aka Jay Som. 

Today, the band has shared a music video for "It Takes Time" from directors Claire Buss and Nick Shively, which premiered this morning via Paste Magazine. You cn watch the video and read an in-depth interview with the band here. In the spirit of earlier music videos like "Different Now" and "Cool Slut," this new clip finds the band flexing their comedic chops, with members Gretchen Grimm, Lydia Lund, Julia Shapiro, and Annie Truscott inhabiting multiple roles, including a nightclub lounge act. As Grimm explains, "We had the idea for a video set in a jazz lounge for a little while and we’re very grateful to Weird Dog for helping us bring it to life. We’re all huge fans of jazz and pasta. We have a special pasta dish that we cook when we’re together called La Vasta. It’s our famous dish, we’ve been making it since college and have shared many fond memories slurping it down together. Before we dig in we join hands in the prayer: When you’re here, you’re family."

Chastity Belt will be touring extensively this fall in Europe and North America in support of the record, and just announced a new run of North American tour dates for February 2020. See below for a full list of upcoming performances.

You can purchase your copy of Chastity Belt today from smarturl.it/chastitybelt


Chastity Belt’s energy is like a circuit, circling around the silly and the sincere. Tongue-in-cheek shit-shooting and existential rumination feed into each other infinitely.
Theirs is a long-term relationship, and that loop sustains them. That’s a creative thesis in and of itself, but isn’t that also just the mark of a true-blue friendship?

The band talks a lot about intention these days—how to be more present with each other. The four piece—Julia Shapiro (vocals, guitar, drums), Lydia Lund (vocals, guitar), Gretchen Grimm (drums, vocals, guitar) and Annie Truscott (bass)—is nine years deep in this, after all. It seems now, more than ever, that circuit is a movement of intentionality, one that creates a space inside which they can be themselves, among themselves. It’s a space where the euphoria of making music with your best friends is protected from the outside world’s churning expectations. It’s a kind of safe zone for the band to occupy as their best selves: a group of friends who love each other.

Their fourth record, Chastity Belt, comes out of that safe space. After a restorative few months on hiatus in 2018, each member worked on solo material or toured with other bands. “So much of the break was reminding ourselves to stay present, and giving ourselves permission to stop without saying when were gonna meet up again,” says guitarist Lydia Lund. “It was so important to have that—not saying, ‘we’re gonna get back together at this point,’ but really just open it up so we could get back to our present connection.”

Their experience navigating adult life within the strange seasons of the music industry has Chastity Belt orienting themselves towards whatever gets them to feel the most present with each other, in any part of the band grind. With the luxury of spending several weeks in the studio with Jay Som’s Melina Duterte, Chastity Belt was able to experiment. The new self-titled album is the work of the band playing “old songs, and trying new things on top of it,” like adding more dynamic harmonies and violin, says bassist Annie Truscott. Lydia, Gretchen, and Julia all share lead vocals on different tracks on the album. The result is their most sonically developed and nuanced record yet; one that’s not only a product of, but a series of reflections on what it means to take what you need and to understand yourself better.

Many of Chastity Belt’s signature dynamics, from the silly to the sincere, have read as feminist gestures: the Cool Slut DGAF-iness, the shrugging off of the “women in rock” press gargle, the fundamentally punk act of creating music on your own as a woman, and being lyrically forthright. What the making of Chastity Belt reveals is that the band has tapped into a deeper tradition of women making art on their terms: the act of self-preservation in favor of the long game. In favor of each other. In this cultural moment, taking space like this to prioritize the love over the product seems progressive. Chastity Belt’s intentions have resulted in an album deeply expressive of four people’s commitment to what they love most: making music with each other.


09.22.19 - Seattle, WA - Easy Street Records
09.28.19 - Vienna, AT - Waves Vienna Festival
09.29.19 - Munchen, DE - Kranhalle *
10.01.19 - Milan, IT - Serraglio *
10.02.19 - Zurich, CH - Bogen F *
10.04.19 - Schorndorf, DE - Manufaktur *
10.05.19 - Jena, DE - Trafo *
10.06.19 - Berlin, DE - Franzz Club *
10.07.19 - Hamburg, DE - Molotow *
10.08.19 - Cologne, DE - Bumann & Sohn *
10.09.19 - Utrecht, NL - Ekko *
10.11.19 - Paris, FR - Point Ephemere *
10.12.19 - Antwerp, BE - Kavka *
10.13.19 - Bristol, UK - Thekla Social Club *
10.15.19 - Leeds, UK - Brudennell Social Club *
10.16.19 - Manchester, UK - YES *
10.17.19 - Glasgow, UK - Stereo *
10.19.19 - Oxford, UK - Ritual Union
10.20.19 - Cardiff, UK - SWN Festival
10.21.19 - Brighton, UK - Patterns *
10.23.19 - Southampton, UK - The Joiners *
10.24.19 - London, UK - Islington Assembly Hall *
11.06.19 - Madison, WI - University of Wisconsin #
10.07.17 - Bloomington, IN - Bishop Bar #
10.08.19 - Detroit, MI - Deluxx Fluxx #
11.09.19 - Toronto, ON - The Garrison #
11.11.19 - Burlington, VT - Artsriot #
11.12.19 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall #
11.13.19 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere #
11.14.19 - Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church #
11.15.19 - Washington, DC - U Street Music Hall #
11.16.19 - Durham, NC - Motorco Music Hall #
11.17.19 - Asheville, NC - Mothlight #
11.19.19 - Atlanta, GA - 529 #
11.20.19 - Nashville, TN - The High Watt #
11.21.19 - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall #
11.23.19 - St. Paul, MN - Turf Club #
11.25.19 - Winnipeg, MB - The Good Will Social Club
02.05.20 - Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom $
02.07.20 - Reno, NV - The Holland Project $
02.08.20 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall $
02.09.20 - Santa Cruz, CA - Catalyst Atrium $
02.11.20 - Las Vegas, NV - Bunkhouse Saloon $
02.12.20 - Los Angeles, CA - Lodge Room $
02.13.20 - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room $
02.14.20 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah $
02.15.20 - Tucson, AZ - 191 Toole $
02.16.20 - El Paso, TX - Lowbrow Palace $
02.18.20 - Austin, TX - Barracuda $
02.19.20 - San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger $
02.20.20 - Houston, TX - Sattelite $
02.21.20 - Dallas, TX - Deep Ellum Art Co $
02.23.20 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater $
02.28.20 - Seattle, WA - Neumos $

* - w/ GANG
# - w/ Strange Ranger
$ - w/ Loose Tooth

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DJ Shadow’s Double Album Our Pathetic Age Out November 15 On Mass Appeal

DJ Shadow’s Double Album Our Pathetic Age Out November 15 On Mass Appeal

LISTEN TO “ROSIE” HERE: https://DJShadow.lnk.to/OPA 
Collaborators Include De La Soul, Dave East, Inspectah Deck/Ghostface Killah/Raekwon, Nas, Paul Banks, Run The Jewels, Samuel T. Herring, Wiki + More 

DJ Shadow has announced an ambitious double album - Our Pathetic Age - out November 15 on Mass Appeal. Our Pathetic Age is the result of an intensely creative period that found the hip-hop and electronic innovator delving further into original composition and experimentation. The first half of Our Pathetic Age features 11 new instrumental works that balance some of Shadow’s most menacing sounds with beams of hope, including his first fully composed orchestral piece. 
Today he has released a new song from the instrumental half of the album, listen to “Rosie”: https://DJShadow.lnk.to/OPA 
The second half of Our Pathetic Age is a full album of vocal collaborations, ranging from Run The Jewels, Nas and Dave East to Samuel T. Herring, Paul Banks and Wiki, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon. Shadow notably reunites with his early Solesides collaborators Lateef The Truthseeker and Gift of Gab (Blackalicious). It also features St. Louis MCs Rockwell Knuckles and Tef Poe, fellow Bay Area musicians Fantastic Negrito and Jumbo is Dr.ama, and Brooklyn MC Stro. Full track list with collaborators is below.  
More than anything, I try to get a sense of the mood of society as a whole. The subtle signals that humans send each other, the way people behave, their frustrations and ebbs and flows. In my part of the world, people are scared. There's rampant homelessness, and a real fear of falling into generational poverty. People are addicted to, and addled by distraction; they're angry and confused, and disaffected by their own governmental institutions. There's songs that are inspired by this energy and seek to harness it, to make sense of it. In some cases, there's attempts to salve the wound; in others, the songs merely observe but don't offer solutions. Despite the title, it’s a hopeful, vibrant album...there is always light in darkness. I want it to reflect the times we live in, a signpost in the ground to mark the era...Our Pathetic Age. - DJ Shadow
In July, DJ Shadow unveiled his first new music in two years - “Rocket Fuel," featuring De La Soul, which is included on the album and also featured on the Madden 20 soundtrack. 
The album was produced by DJ Shadow, and the album art was created by Paul Insect, who also designed Shadow’s The Mountain Will Fall and Outsider covers.
DJ Shadow’s The Mountain Will Fall (released in 2016 on Mass Appeal) was widely celebrated and led to a performance of “Nobody Speak” with Run The Jewels on the Tonight Show, his first #1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic chart, and nearly 100 dates of international touring that included Coachella and Pitchfork Paris. “Nobody Speak,” deemed “brassy and bruising” by Rolling Stone, was featured in multiple films and commercials, and was the most played hip-hop song on alternative radio in 2018.

Our Pathetic Age Track List:
1. Nature Always Wins 
2. Slingblade
3. Intersectionality
4. Beauty, Power, Motion, Life, Work, Chaos, Law
5. Juggernaut
6. Firestorm
7. Weightless
8. Rosie
9. If I Died Today 
10. My Lonely Room
11. We Are Always Alone 
12. Drone Warfare (feat. Nas, Pharaohe Monch) 
13. Rain On Snow (feat. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon)
14. Rocket Fuel (feat. De La Soul) 
15. C.O.N.F.O.R.M. (feat. Gift of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker, Infamous Taz) 
16. Small Colleges (Stay With Me) (feat. Wiki, Paul Banks) 
17. JoJo’s Words (feat. Stro) 
18. Kings & Queens (feat. Run the Jewels)
19. Taxin’ (feat. Dave East) 
20. Dark Side of the Heart (feat. Fantastic Negrito, Jumbo is Dr.ama) 
21. I Am Not A Robot (Interlude)
22. Urgent, Important, Please Read (feat. Rockwell Knuckles, Tef Poe, Daemon)
23. Our Pathetic Age (feat. Samuel T. Herring) 

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Tove Lo Releases New Album, 'Sunshine Kitty' Today. Reveals Video For 'Sweettalk My Heart'





Today, global pop-artist Tove Lo releases her fourth full-length studio album ‘Sunshine Kitty’ [Island Records], a 14-track collection of empowered and enigmatic pop gems, out in the world and joining her already growing catalog of Golden Globe® Award-nominated and GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum hits.

“My fourth album in five years, feels really surreal. It’s my best one yet. Sunshine Kitty tells some of my teenage love stories, current infatuation and future fears. Almost like a scrap book. I’m so proud and grateful to all of the features, producers and co-writers. Everyone was down to enter the pop weirdness and experiment! I think the best way to describe this whole album is just that it’s like me - I don’t think, I just do. And that’s what I did.” Tove Lo reveals.

Listen to ‘Sunshine Kitty’ HERE

Alongside her highly anticipated full-length release, featuring a top-rated cast of collaborators and guests including Kylie MinogueJax Jones, ALMAMC Zaac and Doja CatTove Lo also revealed the official video for her latest single ‘Sweettalk my Heart.’  On the Inspiration for the song, Tove explains “Sweettalk my Heart is weirdly my happy love song. In a way I’m asking the person I love to lie to me; promise things we both know we can’t know if we can keep. Because nobody knows the future. But it’s about believing what you’re both feeling in the present - that you’ll love each other forever. It might be naive, but I think that’s good. Being realistic about love makes it impossible to fully feel it.”

 Directed by Bradley & Pablo, Tove Lo revealed what it was like working with the esteemed duo: they’re really good at making cool powerful female artist look their most awesome.”On the inspiration: “I wrote this song; being newly in love with someone while being far away from them, forced to communicate through a screen most of the time, the idea of shooting through glass/see through walls came to life.”

Watch the video for ‘Sweettalk My Heart’ HERE.

On February 3, 2020, Tove Lo will kick-off her North American headlining SUNSHINE KITTY TOUR. ALMA will be direct support for the entire tour with very special guests BROODS joining the line-up in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Tickets go on-sale TODAY. Following her North American run, in March, Tove Lo will head off to the UK and Europe for a string of headline shows, with support from Millie Turner, concluding with a hometown show in Stockholm. For a full list of dates, see below. For tickets and more information, go to: www.tove-lo.com

Sunshine Kitty’ was recorded between Los Angeles and Sweden, and represents a new chapter for Tove, marked by a reclamation of confidence, hard-earned wisdom, more time, and a budding romance. Inspired by an episode of Girls, the title shares its name with an accompanying animated Lynx—“Lo” in Swedish—who joins Tove on this trip. The title is “a play on pussy power, but it’s a happy, positive way of seeing it,” Tove Lo states. “It ties in with the lynx. This cartoon cat (featured on the artwork) is an extension of me and part of the new music. She’s super cute, but she does stupid shit like getting in fights and getting fucked up. It’s how I feel the album sounds.”

Having re-teamed with “Habits (Stay High)” and “Talking Body” collaborators Jakob Jerlström and Ludvig Söderberg, they “took time like we used to, got drunk in the studio, and experimented with different sounds we hadn’t tried before.” This experimentation widened the scope of her signature style as evidenced by the lead single “Glad He’s Gone.” Delicately plucked acoustic guitar entwines with her devilishly angelic delivery before Tove locks into an eyebrow-raising call-and-response with herself.

Meanwhile, lustrous piano underscores the sunny cadence of “Sweettalk my Heart” where she gleefully accepts, “the lies a lover tells you that you both want to believe.Eighties-esque keys drone through the nostalgic “Bad as the Boys” as it recalls,“Realizing my first crush on a girl.” Glistening neon production and Latin rhythms grind on the club-ready “Are U gonna tell her?” as she admits, “our bodies tingle tight in the purple light, we’re making love passed out, we look so damn good tonight. Sunshine Kitty flexes from the hypnotic assurance of “Anywhere u go” to the wild Euro dance elation of “Jacques,” which proves, “I still like to rave.

In the end, Tove Lo’s imagination offers the ultimate escape.
“When my music makes fans free, there’s nothing better,” she leaves off. “Feel free to be sad, happy, or escape for a minute. I hope you can play this when you’re driving and need to let your feelings out. Or, you can put it on and cry into your headphones. Maybe you blast it to dance everything off. Whenever you need an outlet, I’m here.”

Sunshine Kitty’ is out everywhere now. 
Gritty Pretty (intro)
Glad He’s Gone
Bad as the Boys (Feat. ALMA)
Sweettalk my Heart
Stay Over
Are U gonna tell her? (Feat. MC Zaac)
Jacques (With Jax Jones)
Come Undone
Equally Lost (Feat. Doja Cat)
Really don’t like u (Feat. Kylie Minogue)
Anywhere u go

02/03 – Marathon Music Works – Nashville, TN*
02/05 – Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA*
02/06 – The Ritz – Raleigh, NC*
02/07 – The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD*
02/09 – The Fillmore – Philadelphia, PA*
02/10 – House of Blues – Boston, MA*
02/12 – Brooklyn Steel – Brooklyn, NY*
02/15 – Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC*
02/16 – Queen Elizabeth Theatre – Toronto, ON*
02/18 – St. Andrew’s Hall – Detroit, MI*
02/19 – Riviera Theatre – Chicago, IL*
02/20 – Palace Theatre – St. Paul, MN*
02/23 – Vogue theatre – Vancouver, BC*
02/24 – Showbox SODO – Seattle, WA*
02/25 – Roseland Theater – Portland, OR*
02/27 – The Masonic – San Francisco, CA^
02/28 – Hollywood Palladium – Los Angeles, CA^

* w/ ALMA

03/09 – SWG3 Galvanizers – Glasgow, UK
03/10 – Albert Hall – Manchester, UK
03/12 – O2 Forum Kentish Town – London, UK
03/14 – Elysee Montmartre – Paris
03/16 – Ancienne Belgique – Brussels
03/17 – Paradiso – Amsterdam
03/18 – E-Werk – Cologne
03/20 – Huxley’s – Berlin
03/22 – Docks – Hamburg
03/23 – Vega – Copenhagen
03/24 – Rockefeller – Oslo
03/26 – Annexet – Stockholm
w/ Millie Turner



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SUKI WATERHOUSE Shares Video For New Song "Johanna," Stars Amanda Lepore

Suki Waterhouse Releases New Track 
Video Featuring NYC Nightlife Legend Amanda Lepore
(photo credit: Sofia Malamute. Download High Res HERE)

“It can't be denied that the term ‘triple threat’... feels designed specifically to describe Suki Waterhouse's current state.” -- Garage Magazine

Suki Waterhouse has released a brand new track, “Johanna” which comes with a stunning video featuring NYC nightlife legend, and David LaChapelle muse, Amanda Lepore and directed by Émilie Richard-Froozan. “Johanna” follows last month’s release of melancholic gem “Coolest Place In The World.”

In discussing the new track, Suki says:

“I wrote Johanna on a three day trip to Paris with Findlay and Jules Nialt to make some music. We waxed poetic, I slept on their couch and ate all of their baguettes. It was a time in my life when I was trying to organize a flood of feelings that had been bubbling up. I had a crush on someone and she wouldn’t give me the time of day. . My feels overcame me and the song has a sweeping, cinematic feel from it. She didn't reciprocate the feelings so I, gutted, resigned myself to the sidelines. 

Johanna is a cry of unrequited love. About how even if your crush doesn't want you, sometimes you'll find a way to stick around and be a part of their life. How maybe you'll do anything to be there for them even if they can't love you. When working on the video with my friend and director, Émilie Richard-Froozan, we thought a lot about that longing; that quiet fire that builds when there are words that can't be spoken.
We had been in the middle of shooting a series featuring my alter ego, Fred, a professional bodyguard for Hollywood starlets and beauty pageant queens. A hopeless romantic. In this video, Fred is working for Johanna - our glamorous starlet. A stalker threatens her life so she is put on lockdown in her NYC penthouse. Johanna toys with Fred, knowing that he's in love with her. In her dizzying spell, he battles with his desires, but more importantly, with his need to keep her safe. As their sexual tension builds, Johanna lets him know she's only playing with him but he doesn't mind - he takes out the stalker and it's enough for him to just be there for her. 

We got to collaborate with the legendary Amanda Lepore starring as Johanna. I've always idolized her. She manages to be impossible to pin down and so very impossible to ignore. I was beyond happy she wanted to be a part of the project. She's an undeniable icon, a true gem, and it was such an honor, and a huge moment for everyone on set to get to work with her. The 1992 classic The Bodyguard starring the late Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner was obviously a huge influence for us as well as the 1971 film, Klute, starring Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland. I had a lot of fun making this song and the video. You'll be seeing Fred again soon as well…”

Already established in the worlds of fashion and movies, Suki Waterhouse’s natural gift for music has been increasingly apparent to those following her progress since her first offering in 2016. Previous singles “Coolest Place In The World,” “Brutally”, “Good Looking” and “Valentine” drew comparisons to the Paisley Underground sound of Mazzy Star and to the 60s influenced girl group reimaginings of bands like Stockholm’s The Concretes and Glasgow’s Camera Obscura, but with a sound entirely Suki’s own.  

Keep up with Suki Waterhouse:

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Levitation Room premieres "2025" single and music video via FLAUNT!




September 20, 2019 -- Today, East-LA psychedelic rock band Levitation Room release the latest taste of their forthcoming sophomore album 'Headspace' due out October 4th, 2019 via Greenway Records (Acid Dad, Frankie & the Witch Fingers, Las Rosas). "2025" is a far-out jam that blasts off into the future with scuzzy rock 'n' roll while still feeling like it'd be at home on Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood' Soundtrack. We've partnered with FLAUNT to bring you the music video directed by glitch artist Sztuka Naiwna.

'Headspace' serves as the follow-up to Levitation Room's 2016 debut, 'Ethos.' and their first record on Brooklyn's Greenway Records. Earlier this month, the band unveiled the mesmerizing "Mr. Polydactyl Cat" along with an equally trippy music video that features a mischevious feline with a knack for wreaking havoc. REMEZCLA premiered the single praising the "instrumentation that breathes out its psychedelic fumes, instantly intoxicating us with its feel-good vibes."

The band's fuzzy guitar-driven rock n roll must have struck a chord with a society yearning for their freakbeat brand of psychedelia. Since their inception, the band has amassed millions of streams on Spotify and in that time the band saw their fan base increase after various shows, tours and music festivals across the US and Europe.

With their new record 'Headspace', Levitation Room displays their process of maturity in sound and songwriting, exploring new territories of influence in music and instrumentation, combining folk, jazz, raga, soul/r&b, pop and of course… psychedelia.

Now apart of the Greenway Records family, 'Headspace' will enter the world October 4th, 2019.
Contact George Chammas at george [at] planetarygroup [dot] com for a promotional copy for review.


Levitation Room: 'Headspace'
Greenway Records
October 4, 2019

1. Mr. Polydactyl Cat
2. What You See
3. Dream (Within a Dream)
4. Ooh Child
5. 2025
6. Pass It On
7. Headspace
8. Stars Speak Softly
9. Here Comes the Man
10. Friends
11. Forever Tomorrow

Oct 3 - Texas Theatre - Dallas, TX

Oct 4 - The Electric Church - Austin, TX (Record Release Party)

Oct 5 - Karbachtoberfest - Houston, TX

Oct 7 - The Quarry - Bisbee, AZ


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Morning in America, the spectacular new Mudhoney short-player, is available worldwide Sept. 20.That is today!

Morning in America, the spectacular new Mudhoney short-player, is available worldwide Sept. 20.
That is today!

Spotify (audio):https://u.subpop.com/2kOF3MZ
Apple Music (audio): https://u.subpop.com/2KbXtjr
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North American Mudhoney tour dates: Oct. 4 - 14 
Today, Sep 20th, Sub Pop Records is releasing Morning in America, a new 7-song EP of tracks recorded during the sessions for Mudhoney’s 2018 album, Digital Garbage (“…an astute, politically relevant and commendably fired-up garage punk belter of an LP,” – The Quietus). The tracks include "Let's Kill Yourself Live Again" (an alternate version of the Digital Garbage stand-out “Kill Yourself Live,” and the bonus track for the Japanese CD version of that album), "One Bad Actor" (a new version of Mudhoney’s track on the limited-edition, and now very sold-out, SPF30 split 7” single w Hot Snakes), album outtakes “Snake Oil Charmer,” “Morning in America” and “Creeps Are Everywhere,” plus "Ensam I Natt" (“So Lonely Tonight,” a Leather Nun cover) and "Vortex of Lies" from a very limited EU tour 7".

The songs were mixed at Johnny Sangster’s studio Crackle & Pop! The release of this EP coincides with Mudhoney’s fall 2019 US tour which finds the band playing the Ohana Festival in Dana Point, CA, and then Boston, Philadelphia, Durham, Atlanta, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and several other cities, ending on Oct 19th in Brooklyn, NY. See below for a full list of dates and supporting artists.

Morning in America will only be available on 12” vinyl and through digital services. Pre-orders for this new Mudhoney EP are available from Sub Pop now. And, the limited Loser Edition of Morning in America, on white vinyl marbled with black in the US and Silver in (UK/EU), is available from megamart.subpop.com and select independent retailers in North America, UK, and Europe, while supplies last.

Mudhoney will be touring the US following the release of this EP:
Sept. 28 - Dana Point, CA - Ohana Festival
Oct. 04 - Jersey City, NJ - White Eagle Hall @
Oct. 05 - Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall *
Oct. 06 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer *
Oct. 07 - Richmond, Virginia - The Broadberry *
Oct. 08 - Pinhook, Durham - NC *
Oct. 09 - Atlanta, GA - Terminal West *
Oct. 10 - Asheville, NC - Grey Eagle Tavern & Music Hall *
Oct. 11 - Birmingham, AL - Saturn #
Oct. 12 - Nashville, TN - Basement East $
Oct. 14 - St Louis, MO - Off Broadway %
Oct. 15 - Detroit, MI - El Club %
Oct. 16 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop %
Oct. 17 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls %
Oct. 18 - Baltimore, MD - Baltimore Soundstage %
Oct. 19 - Brooklyn, NY - Market Hotel %
Nov. 16 - Yakima, WA - Seasons Performance Hall

@ w/ Shut Up
* w/ Pissed Jeans
# w/ Pissed Jeans, Kings of the Fucking Sea
$ w/ Porcupine & Kings of the Fucking Sea
% w/ Kid Congo Power + the Pink Monkey Birds

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