R.I.P. Charles Gatewood 1942-2016

R.I.P. Charles Gatewood, 1942-2016.

Obituary: Charles Gatewood (1942 – 2016)
American Counter-Culture Anthropologist’s Work Broke Ground on Photography & Videography of BDSM, Body Modification, Fringe Fetishes, & More
SAN FRANCISCO (April 28, 2016) Charles Gatewood (http://charlesgatewood.com) passed away peacefully this morning at 12:30am at San Francisco General Hospital. The famed photographer, videographer, and cultural anthropologist, Gatewood was 73 years old.
“Charles Gatewood has been my best friend, mentor, and closest confidant,” said his girlfriend, Eva Marie. “He believed in me always, offering support and encouragement with unconditional love and kindness. Thank you, Charles, for every laugh, story, smile, and most of all, thank you for loving me.”
Charles Gatewood was born November 8, 1942 in Elgin, Illinois. His family then moved near Dallas, Texas, then Rolla, Missouri, finally ending in Springfield, Missouri, where Charles attended J.P Study Jr. High and Parkview High School.
From 1960 to 1964, Gatewood attended the University of Missouri, majoring in Anthropology. He graduated in 1963 with a B.A. in Anthropology and a minor in art history. In 1964, as he was finishing his first year of graduate work, Gatewood met George W. Gardner, a gifted student photographer. Gatewood credits George Gardner's work and a Museum of Modern Art photography book, "The Family of Man" as influences that helped him choose a career in photography.
From 1964 to 1966, Gatewood lived and worked in Stockholm, Sweden. He enrolled at the University of Stockholm to study sociology and apprenticed with a group of documentary photographers. In 1965, after exploring Europe, Gatewood returned to Sweden and found work as a darkroom technician for AB Text & Bilder, a Stockholm news agency. At night, Gatewood took advantage of his press pass and the agency's sophisticated equipment to photograph jazz concerts and happenings.
On April 29, 1966, Gatewood photographed the press conference and concert of musician Bob Dylan. One photograph, "Dylan With Sunglasses and Cigarette," was syndicated and received worldwide publication; it was Gatewood's first sale and first published picture. "Taking the Bob Dylan photo gave me faith I could actually be a professional photographer," said Gatewood. Other celebrity photos by Gatewood during this time include Martin Luther King, Jr., Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins, Joan Baez, Duke Ellington, and Ella Fitzgerald.
In June 1966, Gatewood returned to America and found work as second assistant at Jaffe-Smith photography studio in Greenwich Village. Ten months later, after learning studio photography techniques and advanced darkroom skills, Gatewood quit Jaffee-Smith and began his career as a freelance photographer. From 1970 to 1974, Gatewood worked as staff photographer for the Manhattan Tribune. He also photographed on assignment for the New York Times, Rolling Stone, Harper's, Business Week, Time, and other magazines.
In 1972 and 1976, Gatewood was awarded CAPS fellowships by the New York State Arts Council. Gatewood's first photography book, “Sidetripping,” was published in 1975, with text by William S. Burroughs. The book was widely praised: A.D. Coleman, writing in the New York Times, said, "Gatewood's work is freakish, earthy, blunt, erotic--most of all, terribly and beautifully alive."
Gatewood's work during this period included Mardi Gras in New Orleans (12 times), Gay Pride celebrations, and Manhattan's downtown music and art scene. Celebrities photographed include Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, Sly Stone, Luis Buñuel, Bernardo Bertolucci, Ron Wood, Carlos Santana, Abbie Hoffman, Etta James, Gil Evans, and Nelson Rockefeller.
From 1978 to 1987, Gatewood lived near Woodstock, NY, and worked in Manhattan and elsewhere. Photos from this period include social protests, rock festivals, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, body modification, outlaw bikers, and nature photos. Celebrities include Larry Clark, Annie Sprinkle, Michael O'Donoghue, Ira Cohen, Quentin Crisp, and many others.
“Chaz was a close friend, mentor, and sometimes collaborator since 1982,” says Annie Sprinkle. “He was enormously talented, a very influential photographer, and he lived his life as art. A lot of folks in the tattooing, piercing, music, BDSM, and sex worker communities are enormously grateful for the treasure trove of images he made of us, and are much relieved that UC Berkeley will preserve his archive. He will live on in my heart and my clit.”
In 1984 the New York State Arts Council awarded Gatewood a grant to publish Wall Street photographs, and in 1985 the book Wall Street was awarded the Leica Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Humanistic Photojournalism. In 1985, a feature film, "Dances Sacred and Profane," premiered at the Antwerp Film Festival and was screened at American theaters to critical acclaim.
From 1987 Gatewood lived and worked in San Francisco, California. From 1998 to 2010, he was a photographer for “Skin and Ink” magazine. During this period, Gatewood produced over thirty documentary videos about body modification, fetish fashion, and other alternative interests. San Francisco subjects include the Folsom Fair (15 times), Dadafest (4 times), and Burning Man (4 times). Gatewood also photographed a number of nude studies during this period.
Gatewood's documentation of alternative culture in San Francisco is unmatched. His photo books from this period include “A Complete Unknown,” “Burroughs 23,” “Badlands,” “True Blood,” “The Body and Beyond,” and “Primitives.” Pocket Books also published “Hellfire,” a novel, in 1986. His collection of books may be seen at http://charlesgatewood.com/books/index.html.
“I worked with Chaz from 2008 to 2010, but you couldn’t really call it ‘work’ – our interaction was always full of fun and play,” says Kelly Shibari. “I’m forever grateful to him for all he has taught me about the nature of entertainment, of baring your soul, of throwing everything against the wall and seeing what sticks, and having no regrets. I will always love you, Chaz - the industry has lost a great cultural icon and trailblazer today, but you will live on forever in your work, and in our hearts.”
“Charles Gatewood, the man known as ‘the anthropologist of the forbidden’, has been documenting America’s sexual underground and alternative subcultures since the 1960s,” explains Fetish newsletter “TheFetishistas.” “And though his name may not be that familiar to some younger pervs whose knowledge of fetish history is not that broad, the chances are that even these people will instantly recognize some of his best known images… Gatewood’s work can be traced back to photographs that appeared in the late ’80s ReSearch publication “Modern Primitives,” the seminal work on body modification cults and characters, which introduced the original Modern Primitive, San Francisco’s Fakir Musafar, to a much wider audience.”
“Much of the activity that Gatewood documented on the margins of society in the ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s is now part of contemporary youth culture,” continues TheFetishistas. “Today, tattooing is commonplace, and pop stars regularly appear in SM-influenced attire. As sexual and body modification practices once seen as radical and taboo become increasingly accepted by the mainstream consciousness, Gatewood's photography can be seen as showing the way.”
Over his expansive career, Charles Gatewood received numerous awards, including:
1974-1977 — CAPS fellowships in Photography, NY State Arts Council
1975 — American Institute of Graphic Arts award
1976 — Artist in Residence, Light Work, Syracuse University
1980 — Awarded publishing grant by the New York State Arts Council
1983 — New York State Arts Council fellowship for “Wall Street”
1985 — Art Director’s Club Merit Award
1985 — Leica Medal of Excellence for Outstanding Humanistic Photojournalism
In addition to numerous private collections, Charles Gatewood’s images have been archived in over a dozen libraries and universities across the United States. The Gatewood Archive is currently curated at the Bancroft Library at University of California, Berkeley; the Bancroft is the university’s primary special-collections library.
Charles Gatewood posted a video about his archive on YouTube in 2012 prior to its curation at the Bancroft; to view, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhq9IgeG_Nk. An additional six video interviews, where Gatewood discusses his works, are located on the Charles Gatewood channel on YouTube; to view, visit https://www.youtube.com/user/ACompleteUnknown1. (Note: “A Complete Unknown” is in reference to a Bob Dylan quote, not Gatewood.)
The Gatewood Archive contains several thousand vintage and modern silver prints, 250,000 slides and negatives, plus contact sheets, proof prints, personal papers, correspondence, over a thousand books, and special collections. The archive also contains master edits of 36 Gatewood videos, plus three films (including a copy of "Dances Sacred and Profane,") and a selection of prints by other fine art photographers.
Of his work, Charles Gatewood said in 2009, “I’m kind of restless, in that I want to try all of the different styles, different subjects…then let history sort it out. I don’t know what some future historian might think is my best work, and I don’t care. It’s my job to make it…let somebody else sort it all out later.”
A memorial service is currently being scheduled to be held at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco; more information will be forthcoming.
# # #
Media May Contact:

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Band of Skulls premieres "So Good" - new album out May 27







“So Good,” the latest song to be revealed off Band of Skulls upcoming new album By Default, is streaming now. Listen/share here: http://smarturl.it/BoSSoGoodVideo. The track sees bassist and vocalist Emma Richardson take lead vocal and further displays the band’s foray into new territory following the recent premiere of “Killer.” “So Good” is also available as an instant grat track upon album pre-order. By Default will be released May 27 on BMG, the band’s debut with the label.

The new album is receiving early critical buzz both stateside and abroad—Consequence of Sound admires the music’s “surge of sawtoothed guitars,” while Clash hails it as “a crisp return.”

Produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters, Patti Smith) and recorded at Rockfield Studios, By Default finds the English trio—Richardson, Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals) and Matt Hayward (drums)—following up on their acclaimed 2014 release, Himalayan, by making a conscious decision to take a step back from their relentless world-wide touring schedule, having never spent more than a month off the road in the last two years.

“We went back to square one,” says Hayward. In the church—between visits from the vicar, bringing tea and biscuits on his trolley—they found the new songs in hours of woodshedding on ratty old practice amps. “It’s definitely a new era,” says Marsden. “The first three records were like a trilogy, a piece of work in of themselves. We wanted to do those things, and we did them all. We took a breath, took a look at what we’d done, and started from scratch again.”
Photo credit: Andy Cotterill
1. Black Magic
2. Back of Beyond
3. Killer
4. Bodies
5. Tropical Disease
6. So Good
7. This Is My Fix
8. Little Mamma
9. Embers
10. In Love By Default
11. Erounds
12. Something

iTunes pre-order: http://smarturl.it/ByDefaultIT

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Cate Le Bon's Tour Kicks Off Next Week!

Das right! After a "Wonderful" brief tour of the UK with the experimental collective BANANA and not one, but TWO sold out shows in in New York and Los Angeles, Cate Le Bon is set to cross the US and Canada to bring Crab Day to the people!
Cate Le Bon has worn many hats, which should serve as a metaphor, huh? Each of her previous records are distinct and anomalous, yet follow a clandestine progression that is mysterious yet ultimately embracing. The spirit of Crab Day continues that tradition in dealing out the pop sounds with a mercurial, personal lyric bent. Paroxysmal and schismatic, Crab Day glitters with production oddments, showcasing Cate's unbridled talent for bouncy rhythms and stealthily complex guitar figurations. Basically, it's fun to dance to!
Catch Cate at the venues below! Stop by to say happy Crab Day, and stay for the whole show. It's GOTTA be able to pay to sing your songs, after all!

Cate Le Bon US Tour Dates:
May 2nd - Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON*
May 3rd- Brighton Music Hall, Allston MA*
May 4th - Fete Lounge, Providence RI*
May 5th-Rough Trade, Brooklyn NY
May 6th - Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia PA*
May 7th - Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington DC*
May 8th - Big Room Bar, Columbus OH*
May 9th - Schubas, Chicago IL*
May 10th - Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis MN*
May 12th - Biltmore Cafe, Vancouver BC*
May 13th - Barboza, Seattle WA*
May 14th- Dante's, Portland OR*
May 16th- The Chapel, San Francisco CA*

*with Mega Bog 

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Photo Credit: Julie Pinzur


Today, Peach Kelli Pop have shared "Stuck In A Dream," the latest track from their new 7",Halloween MaskBrooklyn Vegan, who premiered the track today, are calling it a "sugary earworm."Halloween Mask is available for pre-order now and out April 29th on Lauren Records.

Peach Kelli Pop are kicking off their full U.S. tour next week in support of the new 7".  All dates below.


5/1 Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress
5/2 El Paso, TX  @ The Warszawa
5/3 Austin, TX @ Sidewinder 
5/4 Houston, TX @ Walter's
5/5 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
5/6 Tallahassee, FL @ The Shark Tank
5/7 Jacksonville, FL @ The Headlamp 
5/8 Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
5/9 Raleigh, NC @ Cat's Cradle
5/10 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
5/11 Baltimore, MD @ Windup Space
5/12 Philadelphia, PA @ Everybody Hits
5/13 Brooklyn, NY @ Palisades
5/14 Boston, MA @ Middle East
5/15 Providence, RI @ Aurora
5/16 Ottawa, CN @ House of Targ
5/19 Toronto, CN @ Smiling Buddha
5/20 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto
5/21 Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
5/22 Detroit, MI @ UFO Factory
5/23 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
5/24 St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club 
5/25 Omaha, NB @ Club Reverb
5/26 Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive
5/27 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
5/28 Boise, ID @ The Olympic
5/29 Portland, OR @ The Know
5/31 Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge
6/2 San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock

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Neil Young To Release New Album- Earth- On June 17th Via Reprise Records

April 28, 2016 - (Burbank, CA) - Neil Young will release a new album, entitled EARTH, on June 17th via Reprise Records. The album features performances of songs from a range of Young's albums, including last year's The Monsanto Years, 1990's Ragged Glory, and 1970's After the Gold Rush. The audio was captured during Young's 2015 tour with The Promise of the Real, fronted by Lukas Nelson (vocals/guitar) andMicah Nelson (guitar, vocals) - Willie Nelson's sons. The tour included Young performing solo and with the band for a full electric show.
A new take on some of Young's most beloved songs, EARTH features the live recordings, along with added musical overdubs, as well as sounds of the earth, such as city sounds like car horns, sounds of insects, and animal sounds from bears, birds, crickets, bees, horses, cows - creating a very strange, yet beautiful atmosphere.
"Ninety-eight uninterrupted minutes long,  
EARTH flows as a collection of 13 songs from throughout my life, songs I have written about living here on our planet together," 
 says Young. "Our animal kingdom is well represented in the audience as well, and the animals, insects, birds, and mammals actually take over the performances of the songs at times."  
On Friday, May 6th, in Los Angeles between 7:00pm - 9:00pm, The Natural History Museum Los Angeles County  will present "An Evening With Neil Young", as part of their "First Fridays" event series. "First Fridays" is a monthly event at the Natural History Museum that includes live music, DJ sets, and scientific discussions/presentations.  For this event, Young will present the first public playback of his upcoming release, EARTH in its entirety in Pono high definition fidelity audio. Young will deliver the opening portion of the program with his insights and explanation of the making of EARTH, and its contents. This will be the first-ever public album preview by Young in his career and the first event of its kind for NHM. For tickets and further details, go to: "First Fridays".
Coming out one week prior on June 10th are two rare films - the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic musical comedy Human Highway and the concert feature Rust Never Sleeps- for the first time on DVD and Blu Ray via Reprise Records. Neither film has been available or viewed in years. Human Highway is Young's 1982 comedy starring Russ Tamblyn, Charlotte Stewart, Dean Stockwell, Dennis Hopper, and Devo, which has been digitally restored for the DVD and Blu Ray release. Rust Never Sleepsisthe full-length feature about Young's 1978 concert tour and includes such classic young Young's most popular songs, showcasing classic hits such as "I Am a Child,"featuring Crazy Horse"Cinnamon Girl," "Like A Hurricane" and both the acoustic and electric versions of his landmark song "Hey Hey, My My." Both are currently available for pre-order through Neil Young Store and Amazon.com. Special bundles are available exclusively through Neil Young Store only.
The track-listing for EARTH is as follows:
"People Want to Hear About Love" (from The Monsanto Years)
"Big Box" (from The Monsanto Years)
"Mother Earth" (from Ragged Glory)
"The Monsanto Years" (from The Monsanto Years)
"I Won't Quit" (previously unreleased)
"Western Hero" (from Sleeps With Angels)
"Vampire Blues" (from On The Beach)
"Hippie Dream" (from Landing On Water)
"After The Gold Rush" (from After The Gold Rush)
"Wolf Moon" (from The Monsanto Years)
"Love & Only Love" (from Ragged Glory)

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José González Announces Additional Tour Dates


Photo Credit: Malin Johansson
On the heels of his warmly received North American tour with the acclaimed chamber sextet yMusic, José González is happy to announce a handful of special performances and festival engagements this summer.

José will perform at a trio of Canadian festivals including Calgary Folk Festival, Edmonton’s Interstellar Rodeo and Whistler’s Wanderlust. He will also return to Denver for a headline performance at the Botanic Gardens before heading to Chicago for a free performance at the city’s celebrated Millennium Park. Additionally, José will embark on a short jaunt south of the border for headline sets in Monterrey and Mexico City.

For further touring information and ticket purchasing options, visit http://jose-gonzalez.com/tour-dates/. See below for a full itinerary of performances.

José González Tour Dates
05/03/16 – Lima, Peru – Museum of Contemporary Art (outdoors)
05/04/16 – Bogota, Colombia – Teatro Julio Mario Santodomingo
05/06/16 – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Circo Voador
05/08/16 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Audio
05/10/16 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Teatro Coliseo
05/11/16 – Montevideo, Uraguay – La Trastienda
05/13/16 – Santiago, Chile – Teatro La Cupula
05/15/16 – Mendoza, Argentina – Teatro Independencia
07/23/16 – Calgary, AB – Calgary Folk Festival
07/24/16 – Edmonton, BC – Interstellar Rodeo @ Heritage Amphitheatre
07/25/16 – Denver, CO – Denver Botanic Garden (York Street)
07/27/16 – Monterrey, Mexico – Rio 70
07/28/16 – Mexico City, Mexico – Plaza Condesa
07/30/16 – Whistler, BC – Wanderlust
08/01/16 – Chicago, IL – Downtown Sound @ Millennium Park

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Oberhofer Streams 'Chronovision' Deluxe via Noisey | New Double LP (12 Bonus Tracks) via Glassnote 4.29

Oberhofer Streams 'Chronovision' Deluxe via Noisey

New Double LP (12 Bonus Tracks) via Glassnote 4.29

LISTEN & SHARE: Oberhofer - "Walked to Your Grave" Track

WATCH & SHARE: Oberhofer - "Someone Take Me Home" Video (ft. Marnie the Dog)
LISTEN & SHARE: Oberhofer - "Alone Man" Track

"Lovely lonely pop song... like a lost gem from 1960-something discovered in your uncle's attic." -- Noisey
WATCH & SHARE: Oberhofer - "Hey Man" Video

LISTEN & SHARE: Oberhofer - "Hey Man" Track
"“This song is about just being a guy about town and saying ‘hey’ to the people you know, the people you don't know, the people who like you, and the people who don't want to like you."
– Oberhofer
Memories can be inspiring or stifling, alluring or ugly, wistful, joyous or flat. But what if they all come rushing back in a moment of quiet? You're in headphones, zoned out, and your entire life flashes before your eyes, floods your ears, sounds like a screaming orchestra, feels like a bounding sack of lead, and looks like an unholy filmic mashup of David Cronenberg and Ken Burns. This is "chronovision," a high-concentration dose of pure memory. And on the album of the same newly minted name, Brad Oberhofer distills his own total recall into beautiful, bittersweet song.

When it came time to make his second proper album under the Oberhofer name, the Tacoma-raised, New York-based artist had a great deal to draw from. His almost idyllic youth — mom sang opera; dad sailed boats; family lived on a gulch; deer and fox munched blueberries outside — had recently smashed up against harsh reality. One day while home for a brief respite from touring his 2012 debut Time Capsules II, Oberhofer woke to find his roommate dead, in the bathroom, of a heroin overdose. He had to call his friend's boyfriend and break the news. Then, a mere three days later, he had to clear out all of his belongings and drive his band to Lollapalooza.

Such events seem to cast all else in a severe light, so while you'll hear Oberhofer's familiar sound — amped psych-pop with orchestral flourish, New Wave flare, and grungy fuzz — the intensity has been ratcheted up. The brighter moments are more brilliant, almost manically so, and the darker hues have deepened in kind. Certain samples, keyboard runs, and piano figures evoke calliope — circus music, conjuring innocence and madness in turn. And our host is as apt to channel the bliss of Brian Wilson's SMiLE ("Sun Halo") as he is the blooming melancholia of early Grandaddy ("What You Know"). The ghosts of Lou Reed and Del Shannon lurk these halls, too.

Much of this is also to do with Oberhofer's resolve to produce the LP himself. The road toChronovision was winding. He first rented a spot in the Catskills, set up all of his instruments (piano, keyboards, guitars, drums, clarinet, violin, Theramin), and made a song a day for two weeks. But that version of the record would be scrapped, as would the next, recorded in Seattle with Phil Ek (the Shins, Modest Mouse) on the boards. Two more album's worth of songs were recorded in a pair of overnight solo jags, but those only exist today in the annals of SoundCloud. A final spurt took him to a Tacoma studio, two NYC facilities (Strange Weather, Electric Lady), and the former Sound City in Los Angeles. Lastly: Atlanta to mix with Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Washed Out). Exactly 106 demos later, Oberhofer emerged with these 12 songs.

That process isn't altogether surprising. When he's not playing or recording with Oberhofer the band — Oberhofer the man is constantly creating. His Instagram feed is full of bite-sized video loops. His Bandcamp offers a free collection of "daily meditations." Via a second SoundCloud account, he's recording 1,000-plus custom piano pieces for fans and friends (each composition bearing the person's name). It's possible he developed the practice while studying music at NYU (before he dropped out), after touring with the likes of Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian, or Matt & Kim, or in recording his last album with Grammy-stacking producer Steve Lillywhite. But one gets the feeling Oberhofer's been this way.

Chronovision bears the mark of that dedication, even if the perspective is often far more cloistered. "I spent my life inside a hole/I don't have any place to go," he coos through a forced grin on "Nevena," while on "Someone Take Me Home," he imagines a future in which his muse has left him for dead — set to cheery fuzz-pop, naturally. And sweet though they may be, "Sea of Dreams" and "White Horse, Black River" are respective dedications to Oberhofer's two grandmothers, who passed recently. Still, the LP's coda finds him looking outward, with optimism: "Listen to everyone/They too have songs in their eyes." The line implies that "chronovision" — the heady sum of one's memory — can be shared, and why not? That's what Oberhofer's just done.


Chronovision Deluxe LP TRACKLISTING

02. Nevena
03. Together Never
04. Memory Remains
05. Someone Take Me Home
06. Sea of Dreams
07. Ballroom Floor
08. White Horse Black River
09. Me 4 Me
10. Sun Halo
11. What You Know
12. Listen To Everyone

Bonus Tracks:
13. Chronoluxe Intro
14. Alone Man
15. Someone Take Me Home
16. Hey Man
17. White Horse, Black River
18. Lost Your Love
19. Winter Has Come and Gone Again
20. Organist
21. Alone After Life
22. Best Friends for Life
23. Walked To Your Grave
24. Flowers, Sunlight, Aurora Florealis

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Public Service Broadcasting Announce Shows At NYC's Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum This July!

OUT JUNE 17, 2016
Public Service Broadcasting are pleased to announce two very special shows in New York City at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum's annual Space & Science Festival.  The band will be performing at the museum on July 15 and 16, 2016.
The show will take place in the Museum's Space Shuttle Pavilion, underneath the Space Shuttle Enterprise, the original NASA orbiter. Public Service Broadcasting will be the first band to stage a concert beneath the historic spacecraft. "We're absolutely thrilled to be coming back to New York, and especially so to play underneath a space shuttle on board this historic aircraft carrier! It's an absolute dream show for us and we can't wait," said the band's J. Willgoose, Esq. 

"We're so excited for Public Service Broadcasting to bring their creative, unforgettable sound to the Space and Science Festival this year," stated Ellen Silbermann, Director of Public Programming at the Intrepid Museum. "Whether performing fan favorite Spitfire, or songs from their album The Race for Space, I can't imagine a more perfect setting than the Space Shuttle Pavilion on the flight deck of Intrepid. This is sure to be a show to remember.
Tickets are $30 for general admission and $25 for Intrepid Museum members, and will go on sale Monday May 9 from the Intrepid's website here.
The Race For Space, Public Service Broadcasting's second album, was unveiled in February 2015 at two special shows at the National Space Centre and went on to become one of the outstanding success stories of the UK independent record industry in 2015 - reaching #11 in the UK album charts in its first week and selling over 80k records worldwide since its release just over a year ago.
On June 17 PSB will be releasing The Race For Space / Remixes, twelve tracks - seven of which have yet to be heard - that tell the story of the USA and USSR's battle for supremacy in space, this time remixed by and through the lens of PSB's talented musical contemporaries.  The album includes brand new mixes fromField MusicBoxed InVesselsDutch UnclesRobert BabiczMaps andCopy Paste Soul plus PsychemagikBlond:IshPetar Dundov and Kauf.
J. Willgoose Esq. points out, "Even back when I was still writing this album, I was imagining the kind of remixes we could get and the artists who we'd ask. I couldn't be happier with how it's turned out; I think this is a really interesting and fresh (and in some cases mildly bonkers, a good thing in my book) reinterpretation of our songs and I'm looking forward to sharing it with our fans."

PSB have unveiled the first remix from the new record by Vessels on their Soundcloud- listen here.


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SERATONES Stream Debut Album Get Gone via NPR First Listen!

*PRESS HERE to listen now*
(Credit: Pooneh Ghana )

"Shreveport, La.'s Seratones is a kick-ass rock band that has all the stage presence in the world." - NPR Music

"While there was more than enough great music [at SXSW]  - among those who excelled were...Seratones" -
Wall Street Journal
"...right in the Southern rock wheelhouse...equal parts swagger and aggression." - Stereogum
"...['Take It Easy'] feels like a bold move. It's closer to a ballad than some might expect from the band, but it's one that tears at the soul with sharp teeth." - Consequence of Sound
"Chandelier' is a southern gothic garage rock jam that will have you buying a leather jacket and dreaming of the summer...Everything's coming up Seratones." -
Seratones will release their debut album Get Gone on May 6th via Fat Possum, but the record is streaming early exclusively via NPR First ListenPRESS HERE to listen to the album and dig into the garage rock ferocity, gospel-trained vocals and general badassery that only this four-piece from Shreveport, Louisiana can deliver.
Fresh off of a SXSW run praised by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and cross-country tours with Houndmouth, St. Paul & the Broken Bones and The Dandy Warhols,Seratones are currently on the road with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. See below to find a show near you. To get an idea of what to expect from a Seratones gig, PRESS HEREto watch the band's NPR Tiny Desk.
Led by powerhouse frontwoman A.J. Haynes whose thunderous vocals recall the grit of Janis Joplin and gospel of Mavis Staples, Seratones recorded each track of Get Gone as a live take in Mississippi's Dial Back Sound studios. The influences of their hometown of Shreveport combined and Haynes' powerful singing voice, first honed at Brownsville Baptist Church in Columbia, Louisiana at age 6, ring across every track. "Don't Need It," which opens with a muscular swing and tight guitar lines, builds into a monster finish with a nasty corkscrew of a guitar line. "Sun," a brawny thrasher, courses with huge, raw voltage riffs. "Chandelier," a mid-tempo burner and vocal workout by Haynes, goes from croon to a crescendo that would shake any crystals hanging from the rafters.
Shared history in Shreveport's music scene brought the Seratones together a few years ago. All four had played together with one or another in various local punk bands, bonding through all-ages basement shows, gigs at skate parks and BBQ joints, and late nights listening to jazz and blues records. In a city of multiple genres, no fixed musical identity and a flood of cover bands, these adventurous musicians carved out their own path, personifying the do-it-yourself ethos. The band's unwavering dedication to staying true to themselves is echoed throughout their debut; however you try to describe it, Get Gone is unexpected and unbowed, a head-snapping showcase of the twin pillars of Southern music, restlessness and resourcefulness.
PRESS HERE to pre-order a physical copy of Get Gone now, and HERE to pre-order a digital copy.
Tour Dates- North American Dates in BOLD
4/28/16     Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up Tavern *
4/29/16     Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent Theater *
4/30/16     San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore *
5/2/16       Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
5/3/16       Seattle, WA @ Barboza
5/6/16       St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club
5/7/16       Chicago, IL @ Hideout
5/8/16       Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub
5/10/16     Detroit, MI @ Marble Bar
5/11/16     Columbus, OH @ Big Room Bar
5/13/16     Nashville, TN @ The Basement
5/14/16     Little Rock AR @ White Water Tavern
6/3/16       Richmond VA @ Friday Cheers+
7/15-7/16  Louisville, KY @ Forecastle Festival
7/15-7/16  Birmingham, AL @ Sloss Music & Arts Festival
8/22/16     Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow
8/23/16     Berlin, Germany @ Berghain Kantine
8/24/16     Cologne, Germany @ Blue Shell
8/25/16     Charleville-Mézières, France @ Cabaret Vert
8/26/16     Leeds, UK @ Leeds Festival
8/28/16     Reading, UK @ Reading Festival
9/1/16       London, UK @ Lexington
9/3/16       Dorset, UK @ End Of The Road Festival
* w/ Thao and the Get Down Stay Down
^ w/ The Dandy Warhols
+ w/The Revivalists

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