Antony and The Johnsons @ Nob Hill Masonic

Holy shit! It was great. Many people saw Antony last year with the orchestra. This year it is him with the band. In San Francisco, it seems just right. Antony used to live here and beg for money in Union Square. He was anecdotal. He apologized to people sitting behind him. The band was great. They went through old and new songs. Some of the new songs sounded better live. A surprise was that William Basinski opened up the show. He did about a half hour of ambient noise.

He played:

a new song?
Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground
Epilepsy Is Dancing
One Dove
For Today I Am A Boy
Another World
Shake That Dog
You Are My Sister
Fistful of Love
Kiss My Name
The Crying Light

+ 3 more

Some drunk guy got thrown out after two songs. It was wild. I left and went to Mezzanine to see Deerhunter. I hung out with Mark Eitzel, and we went to a bar in the Mission. Eitzel is playing a show with Bob Mould on Satuday.
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Noise Pop 2009

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Lux Interior RIP

I was lucky to see them in the early days. I was at this gig in the video. If you stop at :59 I am in the middle of the frame.
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