Ice Balloons (Supergroup of TV on the Radio, Samiam, Surfbort, Wild Yaks) Debut New Track/Announce New Record via Stereogum

                   Ice Balloons Premieres

“Calypso Heartworm”
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Fiesta is out on August 11th 2017 via
"It’s a droning noise-punk assault that feels both primitive and futuristic, and it’s even better if you picture it being sung by a giant golden fly. "
- Stereogum
“...a squally, reverb heavy racket that sounds like 1200 glass planets shattering while a garage punk band plays on a strip of tarmac as Mad Max-style denizens drag race around them.”
- Noisey

Listen to the Track Here

From the minds of mischief makers, no-wave, noise-punk band Ice Balloons - Kyp Malone (TV On The Radio), Sean Kennerly (Samiam), Sean Powell (Fuckemos, Surfbort), Giselle Reiber (Midnight Masses), Dan Scinta (Wild Yaks) and BA Miale- comes the first single “Calypso Heartworm”

Listen to the Track Here
Bringing together elements from each of these band members’ pasts - this single shows how diverse this team can get. The dissonance created by the vocals paired with the substantial sounds of washed out drums carries the listeners down a kaleidoscope of noise like never heard before. It’s to be noted that many songs from Fiesta involve inspirations from insects. What that means you’ll have to find out - take “Calypso Heartworm” as your first test.
Aiming to highlight the sensation of distance from the driving forces of everyday reality - Ice Balloons are ready to take you anywhere, nowhere and somewhere in between.

Fiesta is out August 11, 2017 on limited color vinyl and all digital formats on Volar Records. Preorders of the vinyl are available at the Volar Bandcamp.