Matt Costa - 'Orange Sunshine Soundtrack'

Matt Costa - 'Orange Sunshine Soundtrack'
Out Friday November 11th, 2016 via Varese Sarabande

Photo Cred: Davin Sanchez
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Brooklyn Vegan has debuted Matt Costa's "Call My Name", the single from his upcoming soundtrack to the film 'Orange Sunshine', which is a documentary about  "a church formed in the early ’60s by a group of surfers/hippies in Orange County who wanted to change the world with psychedelic drugs and became the largest manufacturers of LSD in the United States." The soundtrack is out 11/11 on Varese Sarabande
Like certain other Southern California songwriters before him, Matt Costa has drifted through a strange and varied life in music, pushed toward pop music at a young age, selling hundreds of thousands of records and touring the world on the strong back of a simple, direct, and freewheeling debut. In the last few years, Costa took heavy stock in his work, and made unexpected turns into more progressive and thoughtful territories. This new direction has found him wandering; an outlier between the worlds of his own development as an artist, modern Orange County, his former label Brushfire Records, and cutting through the center of a now hidden and older California mystique.
Prolific at every turn, Matt has taken on the aura of a classic California drifter, spinning records in the midnight hours of his local Laguna Beach radio station, writing by day cataclysmically varied music, from fingerpicked John Fahey-like numbers, to cut up poetry, to howlers harkening back to an other-worldly sound; complete with a range of writing invoking a Kinksian sensibility, early rock & roll- Eric Burdon and the Animals, Van Morrison’s Them, and the guitar playing and arrangements of Brian Jones.
The last years have been eventful ones. Born and raised in Laguna Beach, Costa met some filmmakers hard at work on a documentary entitled Orange Sunshine detailing the story of the Brotherhood of Eternal love; a coastal church centered on psychedelics who became the largest manufacturers and distributors of LSD in the United States. Matt composed the entire score, beginning to tap into the underlying myths and secrets of his hometown. The music stands on its own and this year sees the release of the film, to rave reviews at its premier at SXSW, and showings at Festivals in Sedona, Maui, San Francisco, and in October, the illustrious British Film Institute in London, among others.
Autumn 2016 will welcome the release of the Orange Sunshine Film Soundtrack on Varèse Sarabande Records, complete with a unique companion tour combining screenings of the film with a special performance by Matt Costa and his band. This soundtrack is a signpost to a new LP already far underway. Orange Sunshine’s music hints at a songwriter cutting through to something greater and stranger; an artist arriving at a new incarnation. “The end picture is yet to be discovered,” says Costa.
Matt Costa – Orange Sunshine 2016 Tour dates
15 November – Masonic Lodge @ the Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Los Angeles, CA
17 November – Slim’s – San Francisco, CA
20 November – El Corazon – Seattle, WA
21 November – The Alberta Rose – Portland, OR
22 November Harlow’s – Sacramento, CA
Matt Costa – Orange Sunshine tracklist
1. Brotherhood Theme
2. Orange Take Over
3. Oran Jazz Syd
4. Born In My Mind
5. Call My Name
6. Mike and Carol
7. Feds Follow
8. Soul Full of Orange
9. Orange Guru
10. Elucidation
11. The Fuzz
12. Modjeska
13. Twelve Oranges
14. Sit With Timothy
15. Smug Smugglers
16. Melt Orange
17. A Separate Peace