Nico Vega

NICO VEGA interview
By Alexander Laurence

Nico Vega is band that started in Los Angeles in 2005. They are Aja Volkman
(vocals), Rich Koehler (guitar), and Dan Epland (drums). They released a
few EPs over the years. Their first album Nico Vega (2009) was released by
MySpace Records. They have performed live on Last Call with Carson Daly. They
have performed live with band such as Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Von Bondies,
and Gavin Rossdale. They are opening up for Metric at the Hollywood Palladium
on March 26th. They are one of the best live acts right now.

AL: How did you all meet?

Rich: We started over four years ago. I came from Ohio. Aja is from Oregon.
We had a different drummer back then. Dan joined and it’s been great the
past few years.

AL: Was there a song when you realized “This is exciting?”

Rich: The very first song we wrote was like that.

AL: How do you write songs in the band?

Aja: There is a lot of jamming. I write all the lyrics. I write all the
lyrics spontaneously when I hear the music. When I hear a guitar part, I can
figure out what the lyrics are going to be about.

AL: Are all the songs heavy rock songs?

Dan: We have some new songs that are really mellow. We have a range of

AL: I saw you guys play with the Von Bondies a year ago. People were coming
out of the Roxy saying “That was intense!” Is it important to put on a
great live show?

Aja: Yeah. That’s what it is all about. We are trying to put all our energy
into the songs. We played a whole tour with Semi Precious Weapons. Those
guys know what they are doing.

AL: This tour with Soundtrack of Our Lives is going good?

Rich: Yes. We joined them onstage last night. Wayne Kramer came onstage too
for the encore, and we played “Kick Out The Jams” by the MC5.

AL: Are you doing the new album right now?

Aja: We are playing shows and working on the album all at the same time.
It’s very organic. We don’t stop. We don’t take time off.

AL: Do you have other hobbies?

Aja: Rich designs T-Shirts and coffee cups. They are constantly selling
out. I work on jewelry.

AL: Any words of advice?

Aja: Believe in yourself. Be true to yourself. Anything is possible.

Website: www.nicovega.com