Beanpole (Primus Mem.) Announce Unreleased LP + Share Track On Rolling Stone | 'All My Kin' Out 8/31 On Chimera Music

Beanpole Announce Unreleased LP + Share Track
On Rolling Stone

All My Kin Out 8/31 On Sean Lennon’s Chimera Music

Mysterious Lost 1980s Recording Includes Members Of Primus 
LISTEN & SHARE: Beanpole - "Farmer Loved An Onion"
Rolling Stone has announced Beanpole's unreleased LP and shared the single "Farmer Loved An Onion". The LP, 'All My Kin', which features members of Primus and Spent Poets, will be out 8/31 on Chimera Music.

When speaking about the song, guitarist Larry LaLonde says, "To get the vibe of recording a Beanpole song, you have to place yourself in a secluded farm valley full of mutant hillbillies trying to recreate melodies that were found on a broken record of Disneyland ride music."

As for the album, Chimera Music's Sean Lennon states, "It's a concept album for post-modern America.  It chronicles the epic tale of Chicken Boy and his dangerously interrelated family. Years of isolation have resulted in the birth of a child who is part man and part poultry.  Despite obvious adoration for their uniquely feathered offspring, having fallen upon hard times they consider the unthinkable: will Chicken Boy be sacrificed to feed his hungry family?"  Bassist Les Claypool adds, "If Fellini, Dali, and Captain Kangaroo got together in their teens and ate peyote, this is the album they would have recorded." 

All My Kin is the strange and somewhat unbelievable album collecting the music of an artist by the name of Beanpole. “Starving artist” must have been their mode of recording as stories of farming, eating, and disfigured animal-human hybrids course throughout the record. Very little is known about Beanpole, but it is widely recognized by collectors that most of the music originated from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Some sources maintain Beanpole is still active, although evidence remains unsubstantiated.

Primus’ Les Claypool claims he attempted to release a decade’s worth of Beanpole recordings on his Prawn Song label in the ‘90s. We’re told that the tracks were delivered to the mastering studio on worn-out cassette tapes and dusty DATs. As legend has it, when Claypool played the mastered tracks to his distributor, the response from company executives was poor. As a result, Claypool was summarily dismissed from his business relationship with the distribution company, effectively ending his label. For nearly 20 years thereafter, the tracks were to remain forgotten.

Fast forward to 2016 when Claypool was touring with Sean Lennon as The Claypool Lennon Delirium. Les played the old, neglected recordings to Sean, who decided that the world was finally ready for Beanpole!
       Tracklisting - All My Kin
  1. His Name Is Beanpole 
  2. Chicken Boy 
  3. Cousins 
  4. Supper Time! 
  5. Farmer Loved An Onion 
  6. Lunch Time! 
  7. Pumpkin Pickin' Time 
  8. Grandma 
  9. Sponge Boy 
  10. Midnight Snack! 
  11. Embryo 
  12. Judge Wapner 
  13. Monkey Boy 
  14. Children In Your Garden 
  15. Dinner Time!