twst's debut EP TWST0001 out now, debuts video for "Are You Filming Me?"

photo credit: twst
“St. Vincent reborn as an internet-spawned pop star: “Girl on Your TV” inflates lullaby-worthy melodies like a swelling Thanksgiving parade balloon, and she slips razor-sharp observations about sexualisation and the lie of technology into her lyrics. “Always,” a wracked conversation with Siri, plays like a Gen Z makeover of Kate Bush…”—The Guardian, 2020 Artist To Watch
Futuristic London-based starlet twst is certainly taking musical production
to the next level.”V Magazine
“…envisage a Billie Eilish-like rise into the mainstream pop conversation.”—Pigeons & Planes
June 26, 2020—TWST0001, the debut EP from twst—Welsh songwriter, vocalist and producer Chloé Davis, is out today—listen here. The EP arrives alongside a new music video for a previously-unreleased track “Are You Filming Me?”—watch here.
“I wrote the song after spending time in the Jungle in Calais, and the whole experience was such a culture shock, coming back into a very surveilled western system after being in Europe’s biggest refugee camp,” twst says about “Are You Filming Me?” “After that, everything about London felt orchestrated and self-centered, like the Truman show. It really stirred up a sense of paranoia within me, which ended up being one of the main themes of the lyrics. And it poses the question, ‘Are we right in feeling paranoid in such a heavily surveilled existence?’ ”
“I wanted to portray this mental instability in the music video. The sense of cabin fever is especially potent since this has been my and so much of the world’s experience during this pandemic. I shot this alone during quarantine and was really inspired by how I was feeling and still am. It was initially inspired by live-streaming culture which has obviously changed hugely during this period. I guess the video is a hyperreality take on live-streaming culture, and the paranoia and obsession with oneself online. But then, if I am being filmed, I guess I should play up to it?”
The EP features “Are You Filming Me?” and previously released tracks “Are You Listening?—which earned twst a World First play with Zane Lowe and Radio 1 plays with Annie Mac and Jack Saunders, Always” and “Girl On Your TV,” all of which she co-produced with Danio Forni. The original version of “sad girls club but u gotta be cute,” which premiered via V Magazine and finds twst producing on her own, is also featured.
The EP release and new video follow the “Are You Listening? (hikikomori baby 0001)” video, Tayhana and AmPm remixes of “sad girls club but u gotta be cute” and Clams Casino  and Strict Face remixes of “Girl On Your TV.”
Born and raised in Barry, Wales, twst grew up working in her father’s chicken factory. At 14, she left home and formal education and relocated to a recording studio in the South Wales Valleys where she began teaching herself about music production and pop culture. Now based in London, twst writes, produces and directs all of her music and videos, mostly within the four walls of her bedroom, and frequently collaborates with other creatives she has befriended from London’s close-knit music community.
twst—TWST0001 EP
1.   Are You Listening?
2.   Girl On Your TV
3.   sad girls club but u gotta be cute
4.   Always
5.   Are You Filming Me?