MADELINE KENNEY Shares New Single "Double Hearted"


Sucker's Lunch out July 31st on Carpark Records
Photo Courtesy of the Artist 
Early praise for Sucker’s Lunch

“The playing, the mixing, the production, the SINGING and especially the songwriting are what absolutely slay me on Sucker’s Lunch. If you want to put an album on and have it carry you up, like a helicopter with blades that look and feel like grass, but are as solid as steel...that carry you up over yourself, play this record. Just make sure you are ready.” Justin Vernon (Bon Iver)

“Kenney has once again created a microcosm of a record to get lost in - each song a different constellation composed of shining observations” Amelia Meath (Sylvan Esso)

"...deft and graceful..." - The FADER

"’Sucker’...contains more of Kenney’s signature vocal drops (which appeared all over her lush 2018 album Perfect Shapes) and a woozy guitar-pop sound that she does better than just about anyone else." - Paste
Oakland, CA artist Madeline Kenney recently announced Sucker’s Lunch, her incredible third LP that she co-produced with Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack of Wye Oak. A few weeks ago, she released the album’s lead single “Sucker” featuring Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner on vocals, and today she shares the album’s second single, “Double Hearted,” alongside an amazing video. Kenney audibly loses her mind throughout the song, where the playful arrangement and lyrics spark a firestorm of heartache and wild abandon. Listen to the song and check out the video via Consequence of Sound.
Madeline Kenney - Double Hearted (Official Lyric Video)
While Madeline Kenney’s debut album was produced by Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bear and her second record by Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner, Madeline has enlisted Wasner to produce this record yet again, but this time with Andy Stack (Wye Oak) collaborating as well. The trio carefully co-produced and constructed the songs on Sucker’s Lunch in a few compact sessions in Durham, Oakland and San Francisco, and the album finds Madeline bounding toward the unknown. Throughout the record, she expands on the idea of what a love song could be – a little more cautious than exuberant, more nuanced than blazing devotion. Sonically, Sucker’s Lunch expands upon Kenney’s earlier, guitar-driven sound – a definitive step forward from an artist adept at communicating universal sentiments in a voice unmistakably her own. Pre-order Sucker’s Lunch, out July 31st on CarparkHERE.

JULY 31, 2020

1.Sugar Sweat
2.Picture of You
4.Tell You Everything
6.Double Hearted
7.Cut the Real
8.Be That Man
9.White Window Light
10.Sweet Coffee
“I’m not interested in something easy or immediately apparent,” Kenney says. “My experience writing these songs wasn’t easy, it was painful and difficult. I was terrified of falling in love, and as much as I’d like to write a sticky sweet song for someone, it doesn’t come naturally to me. Instead I wanted to explore the tiny moments; sitting alone in my room guessing what the other person was thinking, spiraling into a maze of logical reasons to bail and finding my way out again. When I spoke with friends about the theme of the ‘idiot’, it became apparent that everyone understood that feeling and was relieved to hear it echoed in someone else.”
Thematically, Sucker’s Lunch sees Kenney soberly contrasting the risks and rewards of falling in love, eventually deciding to dive headfirst into her own foolishness and relish in the unknowing. The tracks explore new love from every angle – “Picture of You” is a soundtrack-worthy lamentation of never truly knowing what someone has been through (“growing up is so hard, I don’t know why”) while tender vulnerability shines on “Tell You Everything” (“When your eyes say ‘we’ve had a day, love’, I get to fall in”). “Cut the Real” pairs synth drones with syncopated lyrics to work through a depressive mind state, and the near-devotional “White Window Light” accepts uncertainty as a beautiful gift. 
Stack and Wasner’s rhythm section trace circles around Kenney’s off-kilter guitar, with verdant curls of synths, saxophone, and complex harmonies. The resulting songs are immediate and deeply moving, somehow feeling familiar while they defy expectations at every turn. 
Sucker’s Lunch shines in its ability to speak the strange, ambiguous, impossible truth – nothing less than a balanced meal for the wise fool in us all.
Previous praise for Madeline Kenney:

“As just a first taste of Kenney and Wasner's work together on Perfect Shapes, ‘Cut Me Off’ already feels like an assured leap forward.” - NPR Music 

“On 'Perfect Shapes', Kenney builds a comforting space for her own reflection and growth. It reflects a welcome boost in confidence, Kenney at last stepping onto the pedestal of her own design." - Pitchfork

"Perfect Shapes is restless and smart, taking often-surprising, always-pleasing paths to pop bliss." - Rolling Stone

“"Madeline Kenney goes bright, unabashed pop on the dazzling lead single from her forthcoming, Jenn Wasner-produced sophomore LP Perfect Shapes, due this October.”- Gorilla vs. Bear

"[Kenney has a] talent for writing distorted, blissful pop with urgent undercurrents" - The FADER

"Perfect Shapes is a special product – one with soundscapes that feel cosmic as Kenney’s guitar tones lean into other worldly synthesizers and a unique combination of vintage drum samples mixed artfully with live percussion. It may diverge from Kenny’s debut album, but it’s the mystical sound that she felt compelled to explore in the studio." - Billboard

“[Night Night at the First Landing] as a whole is frequently gorgeous. It’s a promising beginning: Kenney’s built her early career on taking well-worn touchstones and managing to wring something new out of them, making them her own in the process.” - Stereogum (Best New Bands of 2017)

"The record is built on soft, unobtrusive percussion, clear-as-dawn guitar chords and bass notes, spacious synthetic flourishes that appear in part thanks to producer Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak, and Kenney’s effortless, wispy vocals. The instruments ring out for a second or two after each note is struck, and the echo effect gives the songs a kind of drifting ease, and Kenney sounds both comfortable and assertive." - Bandcamp

"A series of swampy soundscapes, Perfect Shapes is a melding of dream pop and art rock, equal parts soothing and jarring. Though Kenney released her debut LP just 13 months ago, she already appears to have a swarm of new ideas, flaunting a matured outlook and promptly swerving past the sophomore slump."- Paste

"Madeline Kenney’s first album...was an introspective but open-hearted release of enormous promise, showcasing the singer’s captivating voice and knack for a razor-sharp lyric. If that record was all promise, her just-announced follow-up, Perfect Shapes, seems likely to be the realization of that potential." - Consequence of Sound

"Listening to Perfect Shapes is a dream, one that you won’t want to wake up from." - BUST 

"An underbelly of guitars, keyboards, and electronics is mixed with upbeat and curious rhythms, shifting around the animated vocals forming songs that are peculiar, rhapsodic, and intellectually stimulating." - Under The Radar