Apparat Releases "Dämonen" Soundtrack; Out Now

credit: Phil Sharp 
Apparat, aka Sascha Ring, continues his Soundtracks series with the release of Soundtracks: Dämonen. Based on a theatrical production of Dostoevsky’s Demons by director Sebastian Hartmann, Ring wrote the music alongside Philipp Thimm and Christoph Hamann. The trio performed the work live as Apparat in 2015 at Schauspiel Frankfurt in Germany.
This year, Ring and Thimm re-recorded and arranged all of this material in Sascha’s Berlin studio. Dämonen is Ring’s second collaboration with Sebastian Hartmann after Krieg und Frieden (Tolstoy’s War and Peace) which led to the release of the 2013 Apparat album by the same name on Mute. Stream and purchase Soundtracks: Dämonen here.
The Soundtracks series began with the May 1 release of Soundtracks: Capri-Revolution and continued with Soundtracks: Stay Still being released on May 22.
On working with Ring, theatre director Sebastian Hartmann says:

I would describe working with Sascha: no beating around the bush, no fussing about frills – just working together and getting something done – staying inspired. Later, in our work together on the stage, Sascha had this special way of staying relaxed that radiated out onto everything. What I noticed is that he never sided with anyone and still everyone liked him. When I once asked him to join the actors on the stage I saw him get nervous for a moment; we quickly stopped doing that. Then once he pointed out that I had no feeling for pop and to this day I still believe he’s right. Then he opened one evening with a beautiful song and played it with his back to the audience.
I asked: “Sascha, why have you got your back to the audience?” Sascha answered: “Sebi, I’m singing for the actors on the stage.”
Apparat’s Soundtracks series follows his recent Best Dance/Electronic Album GRAMMY nomination for the 2019 album, LP5LP5 was Apparat’s first release since 2013’s Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre), and followed two studio albums, II and III (Mute / Monkeytown) by Moderat. Stream LP5 and purchase physical formats of the record here.

Soundtracks: Dämonen Tracklist
1. Tolga
2. Maleachi
3. Joel
4. Habakuk
5. Hosea
6. Micha
7. Sacharja
8. Hosea, Next Level (feat. Komma)
9. Jona
10. Fiebertraum
11. Amos