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Los Angeles-based Luke Wild is excited to reveal the video for his single “Drop Me Off In the Sky.” The singer-songwriter recently signed to Terrible Records and the track marks his first release for the label. The single was co-produced by Danny Parra and of it he notes, "’Drop Me Off In The Sky’ is a song about diving off the deep end. The video's trippy colors and depiction of me falling drives this point all the way home.“ Watch the video, directed by “Tyler Cunningham,” here:
Luke Wild - Drop Me Off In The Sky (Official Video)
Luke Wild was raised on the craftsmanship and the soulful vocal characteristics of R&B and rock music, and the DIY energy and rebellious attitudes of Southern punk and rap scenes. At 24, Wild already has a decade-plus of musical experience. The son of a pastor, Luke Christian Wild grew up a skateboarder in Tampa, Florida. He began playing piano at five, guitar and bass at 12, and performing in gospel bands at church (and then throughout the Southeast) during his teenage years. At the same time, Wild was listening to the alternative rock and soul music he stockpiled on the iPod he received as a kid, and to the Elvis and Marvin Gaye classics his grandfather loved. He was also playing in a punk band. “I kind of had a foot in everything,” he says about his musical upbringing.

It was in college that he started spending time in a studio. Recording other people’s music led him to more confidence in his own songwriting. Eventually Luke dropped out and moved to Atlanta to produce and engineer recordings for trap rappers. Having developed a clear artistic idea of the kind of music he loved and wanted to hear himself make, Wild decamped to Los Angeles in 2019.

“I’m attracted to these very beautiful, high-end sonics,” he says, “and then merging that very dreamy aesthetic with punk rock energy. What’s cool I think about this generation of punk is that it doesn’t always mean rock and roll guitars; it means a kind of attitude. There’s an openness that comes with being in a punk band now, because when you get gigs you are thrown on a bill with rap artists and indie folk singers, and you just kind of have to figure it out.”

These diverse elements coming together also feed Wild’s developing recording and songwriting philosophy: “I think the most important thing in music is melody, and I think attitude is second. If you look at artists who are very influential, the melody and the honesty and genuineness in the music comes through, and then it's accompanied by attitude. And then third is the dynamic, which makes you feel something through the highs and lows.”

Watch this space for more music and news on Luke Wild, coming soon. 

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