Pylon To Reissue Debut "Cool" b/w "Dub" Single For Record Store Day Black Friday Via New West Records

In celebration of their 40th Anniversary, Athens, GA post-punk legends Pylon will re-issue their 1979 debut single “Cool” b/w “Dub” for Record Store Day Black Friday on November 29th via New West Records. The limited edition, translucent red single was pressed at Kindercore Vinyl in Athens, GA. Audio was restored and remastered by Jason Nesmith at Chase Park Transduction Studios in Athens, GA. 
Formed in 1979 by four University of Georgia art school students, Randy Bewley (guitar), Michael Lachowski (bass), Curtis Crowe (drums), and Vanessa Briscoe Hay (vocals), Pylon quickly established their focused energetic sound by approaching their instruments like artist's tools.  What emerged was a sound less akin to that of most of their American counterparts in that it was based on sonic experimentation and happy accidents. A trebly bass and angular guitar was backed by a lock-step danceable 4/4 drum beat that all worked together with the precision of a well-oiled machine.  The vocals acted as another instrument and deconstructed lyrics into interesting sounds. No one instrument was more important in the mix than another.  
Pylon's first single, “Cool” b/w “Dub” was originally released on Atlanta’s influential DB Recs label (B-52s, Method Actors, Oh-Ok) later that same year. It earned Pylon a slew of excited press that immediately heralded the band as a major underground act. Word of mouth, by both hard-core fans and collectors of their relatively small but vital cache of music, has kept the story of the fiercely independent and highly influential band alive for four decades. Pylon would briefly reunite in the late 1980s, resulting in a new studio album released in 1990. They reunited one last time in 2004 and played sporadic special shows and events through 2008. In February 2009, guitarist Randy Bewley passed away after suffering a heart attack.  
Frontwoman Vanessa Briscoe Hay stated, “40 years ago, I was lucky to share the experience of recording 'Cool'/'Dub' with Pylon. It’s exciting that it will be available again on my favorite format — a vinyl 45. At the same time, I feel bittersweet that Randy Bewley isn’t here to enjoy this reissue with us. The oft-used phrase ‘labor of love’ is spot on. Thanks, New West Records.” Drummer Curtis Crowe said, “'Cool'/'Dub' almost didn’t happen. We went in to record two other songs, but they just didn’t pop for us. We decided to do ‘Cool’ since it was our newest thing. ‘Dub’ was a reckless afterthought. At the time it consisted of a really rough idea woven around a single bass note. I had never heard Vanessa’s vocal until we recorded — I was floored! Her singing still makes the hairs stand up on my neck!’ Bassist Michael Lachowski added, “'Cool'/'Dub' is, to me, the purest expression of Pylon in a recording and it was such an important record for us. The response was amazing, and it was what propelled us to get bookings and then do an LP — on which we stubbornly did not include the single because ‘it was already released.’ If we’d never done another record, I’d be happy with just this one, and I’m thrilled to have it out again and looking even better than the original!” 
The surviving members of Pylon have also announced two separate autograph signings on Record Store Day Black Friday in Athens, GA. From 11:00 a.m. - 12 noon, Vanessa Briscoe Hay, Michael Lachowski, and Curtis Crowe will be at Lo Yo Yo Stuff signing autographs and then will be making an appearance at Wuxtry Records from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. as well.