KIM GORDON Releases New Track "Air BnB"



(Credit: Natalia Mantini)
Kim Gordon has released “Air BnB”, the new single and its accompanying “video” from her forthcoming debut solo album, No Home Record, out October 11th on Matador Records. A towering rock track that launches from brittle, noise-bitten verses evoking “blue towels and water bottles” and “47 inch flat TV” into an explosive, defiantly-catchy mantra – “Air BnB” is an exhilarating tour de force and unlikely anthem for the hospitality gig economy. Watch and listen HERE. Pre-order the album HERE

“Air BnB” follows first single “Sketch Artist”, and its accompanying Loretta Fahrenholz-directed video, both of which were met with critical acclaim. In addition, yesterday SXSW announced Gorden as the Keynote Speaker for the 2020 Music Conference. 

No Home Record tracklist also includes Gordon’s 2016 critically lauded single “Murdered Out,” about which Pitchfork noted: "'Murdered Out,' the first song she’s released under her own name, offers another vantage on the inexhaustibility of her sound. The single doesn’t just free her from old band names, it also gives Gordon new textures to work with." Listen to “Murdered Out” HERE.

Since co-founding the legendary Sonic Youth in the early 80’s, Kim Gordon has remained at the nexus of music, fashion, art and (more recently) books and film.  In the past few years alone, Gordon has debuted in the #1 spot on the NY Times Bestseller List with her 2015 memoir Girl In A Band, acted alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Jonah Hill under the direction of Gus Van Sant (in 2018’s “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot”), released music and performed as one half of Body/Head alongside Bill Nace, and opened multiple solo-exhibitions at internationally renowned museums. 

Read the full album bio by artist Elaine Kahn HERE.

Early Praise for “Sketch Artist” + No Home Record:
“...a wildly eclectic and continually surprising body of work. No Home Record...is no different. Every track is wildly different from the next; every track is nonetheless distinctly Gordian…” - VOGUE

"Like the dubbed-out "Murdered Out," album opener "Sketch Artist" is a feast of disorienting beats — oboe, quietly distorted guitar and rumbling bass shatter the atmosphere, as Gordon whispers through the rubble. It reinforces Kim Gordon as an inimitable and malleable artist who, nonetheless, sounds only like Kim Gordon." - NPR

“Sketch Artist' begins familiarly enough with the melancholic sawing of a guitar, but it’s quickly overtaken by spasms of acerbic industrial glitches...Gordon murmurs coolly, as a rumble of distortion and blasts of feedback rip her words to shreds...On “Sketch Artist,” Gordon never fights the noise that engulfs her anodyne monotone—instead, she accepts the disquiet." - Pitchfork

"...an eerie and hypnotic track revolving around industrial percussion, overdriven synth stutters, and some interjections from ominous strings." - SPIN

“Sketch Artist' is unsurprisingly experimental in nature, yet feels perfectly concocted for the rise of a new artistic direction. There are modernized bass-blasting synths at work, but in typical Gordon fashion, straightforward lyrics that eventually collapse in on themselves are issued with a raspy grate." - Stereogum

"Sketch Artist' features Gordon cooing over distorted guitars and bass before switching gears into a smooth melody and then returning to chaos...No Home Record is raw yet refined, honest yet delusional. It's everything we've come to know and love about Kim Gordon, who has provided escapism through truth ever since she became a girl in a band."
Bust Magazine

No Home Record - Tracklisting:
1 Sketch Artist 
2 Air BnB
3 Paprika Pony 
4 Murdered Out 
5 Don’t Play It
6 Cookie Butter
7 Hungry Baby
8 Earthquake
9 Get Yr Life Back