Peter Perrett releases new album 'Humanworld'


Today, Peter Perrett - former frontman of The Only Ones - releases Humanworld, his second album since signing to Domino. On Humanworld, there are songs about love, some peppered with optimism, others crushingly pessimistic and the old caustic side of Perrett the realist is everywhere, but he's tempered, not mellowed his sentiments and delivers many crucial life lessons, not least of which is the stark "I've got to learn to take my own advice" on "Once Is Enough."
Stream his previous single "Heavenly Day" HERE
Following the years of arguably having too much fun, Peter Perrett is in the process of rebuilding himself, his family, and his art. Working with his sons and fronting another great band, he's firmly back on track. Humanworldfeatures a production credit for Peter's son Jamie who also contributes a song to the album ("Master of Destruction"); and the story of knitting a family back together following a history of chaos and addiction now takes a step closer to center stage.

Photo credit: Steve Gullick

Humanworld Track Listing:
1. I Want Your Dreams
2. Once Is Enough
3. Heavenly Day
4. Love Comes On Silent Feet
5. The Power Is In You
6. Believe In Nothing
7. War Plan Red
8. 48 Crash
9. Walking In Berlin
10. Love's Inferno
11. Master Of Destruction
12. Carousel

Upcoming Tour Dates
June 11th @ El Sol | Madrid, ES
Humanworld is available to order on Dom Mart exclusive vinyl (colored vinyl + signed photo print), deluxe vinyl (colored vinyl), standard vinyl, CD and digitally.
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