photo by Nicky Giraffe

Foxygen have announced they will release their new studio album, Seeing Other People, on April 26 via Jagjaguwar, following up their 2017 effort, Hang. The band also shared the record’s first single, “Livin’ A Lie,” along with the accompanying video.

The new album was produced by Foxygen’s duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado in their hometown of Los Angeles and features mixing by Shawn Everett and contributions from veteran drummer Jim Keltner, known for his work with members of The Beatles and The Traveling Wilburys, among many others.

Vocalist France penned a note for fans regarding the album, explaining that he recently completed a memoir called Sam Francisco: Confessions of an Indie Rock Star. France bluntly addressed Seeing Other People‘s title: “In a relationship, saying ‘Maybe we should see other people’ is the Adult way of saying, ‘Let’s end shit.’ So, here is our Adult Contemporary album.”

“Is this the break-up album? Is the band breaking up?” France’s note continues. “Why does everybody keepasking that? We would like to compassionately ask our management, our fans and everyone else not to worry themselves. No. We’re never breaking up. We’re not a band and never were. For me ‘Seeing Other People’ just means goodbye: Goodbye to the drugs, to the partying. Goodbye to my twenties now, Goodbye to my Saint Laurent-model-body. Goodbye to the touring circus – that’s right, no more shows or tours for a while. Goodbye, hopefully, to the anxiety attacks. Goodbye to beating myself up because I didn’t fit into those leather pants anymore. Fuck it. Goodbye to the facilities. And goodbye the leeches in my life. I know a lot of gritty stories about a lot of players in this business but you’ll have to read between the lines.”

France also calls the album a “Yuppie-Pop masterpiece” that “sounds like your dad’s favorite recording artist circa 1985 sneaking off to the studio bathroom for a hit of blow” or “Kanye West producing John Mellencamp,” before kindly asking readers to not quote him on that.
Read the full note here. The new video for pensive single “Livin’ A Lie” can be viewed below, and Seeing Other People is available for pre-order here.