French pop siren Margaux Avril shares French 79 remix for new track 'Drifting'

French pop siren Margaux Avril
shares French 79 remix for new track 'Drifting'
(Margaux de Fouchier - Dennis Brown - Brice Rivallin)
"Highly addictive" - Do You Like That Song
"A rich and subtly textured piece of electronic pop music, brimming with Parisian charm and seduction" - Complex Magazine
When the young Parisian comes back with a track, you can be sure it won’t leave you indifferent, whether you’re a fan of her 1st French pop album or you discovered her last year through the sulfurous tune ‘Soon’. And obviously not if you’re one of the A&R labels executives who asked Margaux to write and sing cheesy French songs (having asked her to sign a contract designed last century, in a pre-digital era).
She chose to do the exact opposite and to be free, surrounded by an agile bunch of passionate people. On the (highly) creative side, Dennis Brown, the British half of the Postaal duo, Fhin, new blood on the French electro scene, and house godfather Alex Gopher (mastering).
‘Drifting’ is the natural electro pop follow up to ‘Soon’, the next step on Margaux’s inner journey. ‘It is about the relationship you have with yourself that influences the other relationships in your life : with the ones you love, with passing time. By drifting from yourself you drift from what surrounds you. The way we navigate through life’s obstacles, choices we make. It talks about melancholy, nostalgia, and learning. The flow of a life that prevails, in which we let ourselves go and against which we sometimes fight, memories that we keep preciously or we need to let go’.
(Margaux Avril, Paris, April 2018)