The Mynabirds Release Video for “Shouting At The Dark” Today

The Mynabirds Release Video for 
“Shouting At The Dark” Today, A Rallying Cry for Resiliency

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New Album BE HERE NOW Out August 25
The Mynabirds have released the video for their song “Shouting At The Dark” today viaW Magazine. The song appears on their forth-coming album BE HERE NOW coming out on August 25 via Saddle Creek. “Shouting At The Dark” will be released as a three song EP (track listing: Be Here Now, Golden Age, Shouting At The Dark) on Friday, the second of three EP’s to be released ahead of the full album. Watch and share the videohere and pre-order BE HERE NOW here.
Laura Burhenn tells W Magazine about the inspiration behind “Shouting At The Dark”: “To premiere this video a day after Trump announced his ban on transgender military members is especially powerful. The song "Shouting at the Dark" is about never giving up, about continuing to tear away the darkness of the patriarchy, and the walls that try to hold us in. It was important for me to create an expression of that resistance from the voice of womyn, and I am so honored to dance side by side with my trans and queer friends in this video. It becomes a rallying cry for resistance, for protection, a call to the most vulnerable people among us to know that they are loved and accepted, and that we've got their backs.”
BE HERE NOW is a collection of 9 songs written and recorded in just 2 weeks in January 2017 following the Inauguration and the Women’s March. Singer Laura Burhenn worked with producer Patrick Damphier in his Nashville studio (which he was being evicted as the neighborhood began to gentrify, old warehouses turning to tech offices and luxury condos) to document the news and peoples’ intense emotional responses to it all in real time. No stranger to politics in her songwriting, Laura aimed to speak from the voice of the collective consciousness in a work of “Emotional Journalism,” singing the heartbreak, anger, exhaustion and resolute hope she witnessed during the Muslim travel ban, the final stand at Standing Rock, and every other news story that rattled America in that period. The album vacillates in style and feel to reflect a frayed nation, featuring a Burundian refugee choir on one song, and a cacophony of dissonant saxophones in a new national anthem on another. It is the last recording made in that space.
BE HERE NOW is being released very quickly as 3 digital EPs over 3 months to emphasize the immediacy of the songs. It will culminate in an official full album release on Saddle Creek on August 25, 2017.
The Mynabirds will be performing at Los Angeles’ Bootleg Theater on August 25. Tickets are available here.

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