Midnight Sister Announces Debut ‘Saturn Over Sunset’

Midnight Sister Announces Debut ‘Saturn Over Sunset’

Paradoxically, there’s really only a fine-haired difference between the satanic lullaby
that begins Rosemary’s Baby and the heart-swelling, joyous monotone of Shelley Duvall’s
“He Needs Me” from Altman’s Popeye. At a glance, they do seem like polar opposites.
But some inter-dimensional Hollywood wormhole connects them if you allow your mind
take it there. It is this very slit in the fabric of The Hollywood Magic Spacetime
Continuum that the slinky, mysterious duo know as Midnight Sister is able to travel.
Somewhere in the back lots of Burbank, they dimension hop across this fantastic megacosm.
It’s where Michael Jackson met E.T. It’s how several David Bowies were able to exist
seemingly at once. “Canary,” the song that begins Midnight Sister’s debut album Saturn
Over Sunset, is a thread stretched through this Hollywood multiverse. Its languid lullaby
verses are swept up into discombobulating instrumental tidal waves — all sonorous,
analog bloops and bleeps.

Midnight Sister — the project of intense creatives Juliana Giraffe and Ari Bazoulian —
is brought to you by the isolating landscape of the San Fernando Valley — its colors,
its diners, its lunatics, its neon lights. Both lifelong residents of this storied valley,
Giraffe and Bazoulian have only become more inspired by the area’s mythology over the years,
its two-faced magical wonderland and tragic circus. And Saturn Over Sunset works almost
as an album version of Altman’s Shortcuts, each song a character study of the valley’s
odd personae.

Giraffe, 23, a daughter of an LA disc jockey, was raised almost exclusively on disco and
Bowie. Her lyrics and lyrical melodies, informed very much by her filmmaking background,
were composed gazing out from a tiny retail window on Sunset Boulevard. Her Rear
Window-like longing allowed her imagination torun wild and cook up the wild narratives
that would fill Balouzian’s compositions. Balouzian, 27, classically trained and already
a go-to arranger for odd-pop names like Tobias Jesso Jr. and Alex Izenberg. Midnight Sister
represents a first for both of them. It’s Giraffe’s first time writing and performing music.
And it’s Balouzian’s first foray into playing true pop music.

Saturn Over Sunset is a shared musical vision of Hollywood’s oddest corners. It is the
baroque, eldritch alley you must pass through to fine the speakeasy night of your life.
You’ll come out bleary-eyed and the sunrise will be pouring all pink and orange through
the smog and palm trees.

Pre-order Saturn Over Sunset – https://midnightsister.lnk.to/saturn