Foxygen’s ‘Hang’ Out Now

We’re lucky to have Foxygen‘s Hang in the world today. It’s a grand affair, an album about collapse and resurrection that ends up being more prescient than it was perhaps originally intended. A lush and sweeping 40-piece orchestra fills every corner of Sam France and Jonathan Rado’s masterpiece. It’s a slice of light and love on an anxious day the world over, and for anxious times to come. Hang makes a strong case — and wins over a jury of its peers — for self-indulgence. Like the world right now, Hang‘s imagined Hollywood is on fire. Flamingos are running amok. The director never yelled cut and the actors just keep playing themselves through life. Ultimately, it’s a call to arms, a call for self-improvement and self-reinvention. It’s a wild ride and probably worth double the price of admission.

Don’t sink, baby. Hang.

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