Robyn Hitchcock shares new song; announces tour dates




"Robyn and Emma's vocals intertwine beautifully, suspending time, leaving you hanging on each lyric as if in a trance.  Life might be change, love a drag, but these two songs are gorgeous."

- Kevin Cole, KEXP Senior Director of Programming/Host of the Afternoon Show

"Ahhh....beautiful truths are set to technicolor harmonies on this new single by Robyn Hitchcock and
Emma Swift. Sparse yet gauzily multi-dimensional, these songs inhabit their own world but thankfully
we are welcome to visit. A gift of love and mercy set to two A-sides. Aces."

- Jody Denberg, KUTX Austin

"Everything you want, crashes like a car," sing Robyn Hitchcock & Emma Swift on "Love Is A Drag," the deliciously bittersweet celebration of ardor and adoration that marks their second 7" release as a duo. The vinyl single/digital download - backed by the equally paradoxical "Life Is Change" - is available from Hitchcock and Swift's own Tiny Ghost Records.
"The label," Hitchcock explains, "is named for our lovely Persian kitten Tiny who died before she was quite full-sized. Her short life cast a long shadow, and beautiful one too."
"Love Is A Drag" and "Life Is Change" were recorded last summer with Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub, Jonny, The New Mendicants) producing at his home studio in Kitchener, Ontario. Hitchcock and Swift sing and play guitar; Blake contributes keyboards and glockenspiel. 
Both "Love Is A Drag" and "Life Is Change" were written "in the middle of a desolate winter on the Isle of Wight," says Swift. "Robyn planted the seed and I finessed lyrics, structure and thematic ideas. It was a lonesome, grey time and the songs reflect that."
The two songs - which mark Hitchcock's first official release since 2014's extraordinary The Man Upstairs - are strikingly spare and sardonic, the warmth of the duo's new love and immaculate harmonies still not quite enough to supersede the intense solitude and lingering chill of Compton Bay's desolate January seaside.
"They're real bottoming-out songs," Hitchcock says. "All we had was a little chocolate and a copy of Neil Young's On The Beach to keep us going."
Having recently established a new home base in Nashville, Hitchcock continues to spend much of his life on the road, sharing stages around the globe with Swift supporting and joining on harmonies at most dates. The second half of 2016 will see dates in the US and Japan, as well as tours of the United Kingdom and Swift's home shores of Australia.
OCT 4 Fremont Abbey Arts Center Seattle, WA
OCT 5 Fremont Abbey Arts Center Seattle, WA
OCT 8 club congress Tucson, AZ
OCT 9 Largo at the Coronet, Los Angeles CA
NOV 10 City Winery Atlanta, GA
NOV 11 3TEN Austin City Limits Live Austin, TX
NOV 13 The Kessler Dallas, TX
NOV 15 The Mucky Duck Houston, TX
NOV 17 City Winery Chicago, IL
NOV 18 Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, WI
NOV 19 City Winery NYC - early show New York, NY
NOV 19 City Winery NYC - late show New York, NY
All shows supported by Emma Swift, excluding NY
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