Tennis shares new song "Ladies Don't Play Guitar"

Today, Tennis shared a new track "Ladies Don't Play Guitar" with Stereogum. You can see the full postHERE. Stereogum describes "Moore’s voice is as melodious as ever, and the song itself has that classic Tennis pep in its step. It’s perfect for catching sun on the high seas, but is also much needed social commentary on the expectations placed on female musicians."
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From Aliana:
"Ladies don’t play guitar was the first line I wrote after finishing Ritual In Repeat. It reflects all the times I was told to 'get out from behind the keyboard and be a front person'–as though my instrument was a prop rather than sonically integral–to smile more, to make eye contact with my bandmates during a show, to look more like I’m 'having a good time,' or the many instances in which my writing credits were mistakenly attributed to my husband. I took a very intentional break from songwriting until I felt like I had something to say. Finally, I do."