J. Tillman Interview

J. Tillman Interview
By Alexander Laurence

J. Tillman is a musical artist based in Seattle. His albums include I Will
Return (2005), Minor Works (2006), Vacilando Territory Blues (2009) and now
Year In The Kingdom. J. Tillman is also the drummer for Fleet Foxes who
became very popular in 2008. I got to ask the very reclusive J. Tillman a few
questions about his music. You don’t see a lot of interviews with him. I was
lucky for these few words. Hopefully everyone out there can go to the shows
and let the music speak for itself.

AL: Do you like touring?

J. Tillman: I've always liked touring.

AL: Who is in your band now and how did you find these musicians?

J. Tillman: My brother, my friend, my drug-dealer, and my mechanic.

AL: When were these songs written that are on your album, Year In The

J. Tillman: Last year.

AL: What are your songs specifically about?

J. Tillman: I don't really write about isolated, linear experiences.

AL: How do you feel about people downloading your music illegally?

J. Tillman: I've never downloaded an album. I would have a hard time
judging an experience I haven't had. It might make music better for some people.

AL: What were some of the festivals you played this summer, and were
there any stand out moments?

J. Tillman: Bananaramathon, Laid 'N' Tha Shade, ATQRMPXW, etc. Funnel cake
grease dripping down my face as I look for the wristband pavilion in the
pouring rain overhearing a band that everyone loves and I can't understand why.

AL: What other new bands do you like?

J. Tillman: "Other" new bands?

AL: Can you recommend a book?

J. Tillman: "Cosmic Serpent" by Jeremy Narby or "Secret Teachings of All
Ages" By Manly P. Hall if you're looking for a classic.

AL: What should people expect in your shows this December?

J. Tillman: 10-13 J. Tillman songs.

AL: Is there any musician who you would want to collaborate with?

J. Tillman: If you can hunt me down a singing kitten.


J. TILLMAN plays the Troubadour on Wednesday, December 2nd