Perfume Genius Releases Amazon Original Cover of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" For Pride Month


Perfume Genius has released an Amazon Original cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” for Pride Month. The song is available to stream and purchase on Amazon Music HERE, and is currently featured on the newly relaunched PROUD playlist, which shines a spotlight on the best new music from the LGBTQ+ community.

“I chose ‘Fade Into You’ because I carried it with me for a long time and I always looked to it for the warmth and the very heavy vibe that it always brings,” said Perfume Genius. “It felt almost uncoverable but I wondered what I could do to make it sharper and maybe a little more desperate but still maintain the sort of beauty of it and the quietness of it.”

Listen to Perfume Genius’ ‘Fade Into You’ on Amazon Music:

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Last month, Perfume Genius (Mike Hadreas) released his new album, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately on Matador Records to worldwide critical acclaim. Set My Heart On Fire Immediately was produced by GRAMMY-winning producer Blake Mills and features contributions from musicians Jim Keltner, Pino Palladino, Matt Chamberlin and Rob Moose. It was recorded in Los Angeles, where Perfume Genius settled in 2017 with longtime partner and musical collaborator Alan Wyffels. The album explores and subverts concepts of masculinity and traditional roles, and introduces decidedly American musical influences.

Watch the video for “On The Floor” HERE
Watch the video for “Describe” HERE

Amazon Music listeners can find Perfume Genius’ Amazon Original cover of “Fade Into You” on PROUD, Amazon Music’s global playlist that spotlights new music from the LGBTQ+ artists. Customers can also simply ask, "Alexa, play Perfume Genius’ Amazon Original" in the Amazon Music app and on Alexa-enabled devices. As part of the newly relaunched PROUD Playlist, Amazon Music is debuting new Amazon Originals groundbreaking LGBTQ artists throughout the month of June. In addition to Perfume Genius’ Amazon Original, earlier this month Amazon Music unveiled a brand-new Amazon Original cover of “Mr. Brightside” from pop star Hayley Kiyoko. Amazon Music also recently released Pride History, a new, daily Alexa feature that pairs a story from queer history with a song to soundtrack the moment. Narrated by Melissa Etheridge, Tegan and Sara, and Kim Petras, customers can ask “Alexa, open Pride History” to hear about famous moments in LBGTQ+ history.

"Mike Hadreas’ fifth album glides between sublime melodies and grimy, guttural dissonance, embracing the joys and burdens of the human body and its innumerable, intangible yearnings." 
Pitchfork 9.0 “Best New Music”

"The sturdy structures of pop only go so far in Perfume Genius songs. They provide reassurance that others have found ways to capture similar feelings. But they can’t hold back the immediacy of longing, the all-consuming physical need. " The New York Times

"Hadreas the performer emerged in full technicolor, standing front and center as the defiant face of his, now decade-long, musical project." Vogue

"’Describe" features a gloriously fuzzed-out guitar tone and Hadreas' lovely, ethereal voice." NPR

“a pop-perfect two and a half minutes.” Rolling Stone on “‘Describe”

"If the early albums were coming-of-age records, this is Perfume Genius, of age. The music isn’t any one thing. It’s everything, occasionally at once, playing with the ideas of hard and soft, innocence and danger, chaos and control, vastness and intimacy, leather and lace. The characteristic — thrilling — strangeness remains, particularly when Hadreas indulges the deeper registers of his singing voice." New York Times

“‘Describe’ is Perfume Genius at their finest as Mike Hadreas takes us through a trip of multiple dimensions, unveils a screeching guitar and unleashes a heavy rhythm section on this ‘90s rock-feeling single" Billboard

“a bouncy bop of a tune” Time (5 Best New Songs of the Week) on “On The Floor” 

“it is grandiose and beautiful." Fader on “‘Describe”

“‘Describe’ captures both sides of Perfume Genius perfectly, as pointedly dissonant as it is quietly rapturous." Pitchfork 

“Between this and excellent lead single "Describe," the LP is shaping up to be something truly special." E! On “On The Floor”

"He recast what we understand as music into a weather of feeling and thinking, one where the body (queer, healing, troubled, wounded, possible and gorgeous) sings itself into its future." V Magazine

"Everything about ‘Describe' is huge - set to IMAX, surround-sound scale. Those guitars! Ornately cloaked in some of the most beautiful distortion this side of the 21st century - with some ethereal slide work thrown in for good measure - they're the perfect vehicle for a haunting, but incredibly captivating ballad for the ages." Guitar World 

"’Describe’ is all corroded distortion and guttural guitars, until these flickers of beauty start to cut through the murk." Stereogum

"Stunning and strange." PAPER Magazine

"Set My Heart sees him embrace American rock ‘n’ roll glory. It still preserves his enthralling tenderness and idiosyncratic pop palette, but it adds torched guitars and classic rock melodies. Songs like “Describe” are led by a dreamy, prevailing calm while still shaking the ground with guitar distortion. It’s Hadreas at his most abstract and carefree. " Paste Magazine

"It’s a heavy, slow burn of a song. Distorted, bluesy guitars back Hadreas as he sings."  
Vulture on “Describe”

"“On The Floor” finds him almost going in a funk/disco direction, and he does it in that way that only Perfume Genius can. It’s another very promising single and judging by these two songs, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately doesn’t seem like an album you’re gonna be able to easily pigeonhole into one sound." Brooklyn Vegan 

"This is the Perfume Genius I've been wanting: heartfelt songwriting delivered through sunny, sumptuous pop-craft." PopMatters on “On The Floor”

"On ‘Describe,’... the distorted guitar and dense wall of low-end sound gives way to an ambient, twinkling atmospheric outro. But the real throughline that connects his (very good) older music to his (even better) newer material is his underlying tenderness, the intimacy in his lyrics and dynamic vocal delivery. " The Daily Beast

"The soundscape of Perfume Genius has snowballed, from intimate piano-driven ballads of heartache to bombastic anthems of swirling synths and strings." AV Club
Set My Heart On Fire Immediately Tracklist
1) Whole Life
3) Without You
4) Jason
5) Leave
7) Your Body Changes Everything
8) Moonbend
9) Just A Touch
10) Nothing At All
11) One More Try
12) Some Dream
13) Borrowed Light