NEW NOISE 2020 w/ Alexander Laurence shows 010-012 with playlists

NEW NOISE SHOW 010: @ RADIO KAJW March 20th 2020 3pm

1. King Krule "Cellular"

2. Goldfrapp "Ooh La La"

3. Men With Secrets "Cabaret Demode"
4. Autolux "Softscene"
5. Adult. "Why Always Why"
6. Colder "Inside"
7. Opal "Supernova" 

8. Idles "Danny Nedelko"

9. Phoebe Bridgers "Garden Song"

10. The Growlers "Try Hard Fool"
11. Zamilska "Closer"
12. Honeyblood "Bubble Gun"
13. Crewdson and Cevanne "Two Machines"
14. Agnes Obel "Camera's Rolling" 

NEW NOISE SHOW 011: @ RADIO KAJW March 27th 2020 3pm

1. Red Wedding "Goddess No More"
2. The Gun Club "Mother of Earth"
3. Kommunity FK "Something Inside Me Has Died"
Interview with Michael Ely (of Red Wedding)
4. Mneumonic Devices "27 Crosses"
5. Red Wedding "Marsha In Pictures"
6. Outer Circle "Blind Venetians"
7. The Fibonaccis "Narcissist"
8. Alexander Laurence "Surrender" (cover of Red Wedding song)
9. 45 Grave "Evil"
10. Ex Voto "If I Never"
11. Tex and The Horseheads "Lock Me Up"
12. Suburban Lawns "Janitor"

Episode 012: live music program

WIRE @ Echoplex April 1st 2017 Drill LA part one

Wire at DRILL LA (pinkflag.com)
Boiling Boy
Diamonds in Cups
An Alibi
This Time
Three Girl Rhumba
Art of Persistence
Underwater Experiences

WIRE @ Echoplex April 1st 2017 Drill LA part two

WIRE live at Echoplex 2017
Red Barked Trees
Small Black Reptile
Keep Exhaling
Split Your Ends
Playing Harp for the Fishes
Short Elevated Period
Over Theirs
WIRE live at Echoplex 2017 part three
Stealth of a Stork
Encore 2:
Pink Flag Guitar Orchestra

FITTED @ Echoplex MARCH 31, 2017 (DRILL LA) part four

Track List:
1. Plug In The Jug
2. Training Pit Bulls For The Navy
3. The Legend of Lydmar Lucia
4. Magically Blessed
5. The Chunk That Got Chewed
6. The First Fit 

FITTED is a new project from Bob Lee (The Freeks), Edvard Graham Lewis (Wire), Matthew Simms (Wire), and Mike Watt (Minutemen).