Mina Tindle Announces Album 'SISTER' + Releases First Singles

Mina Tindle Announces New Album SISTER 
Out October 9th via 37d03d

Releases First Singles “Lions” & “Belle Pénitence
(Cover Art by Indira Dominici)
Today Mina Tindle, the project of Parisian singer/songwriter Pauline De Lassus, has announced the release of her first body of work in six years with her new album SISTER, her third full-length due out October 9, 2020 via 37d03d. In a departure from the radiant alt-pop of De Lassus’ first two albums, SISTER brings that depth and contrast to a more heavily contoured yet beautifully nuanced sonic backdrop. The album was mostly made in New York City with producer Thomas Bartlett (Joan as Police Woman, Yoko Ono, Florence + the Machine), with additional production by Sufjan Stevens and Bryce Dessner.

SISTER is an album populated by mythic creatures of all kinds: lions on parade, lovers turned to cannibals, kings and Sirens and women with wings. Like any great fabulist, she threads her storytelling with a fragile wisdom, revealing essential truths about all the danger and wildness within the human heart. With each moment elevated by her spellbinding vocal work—a gift she’s shown in recording and touring as a singer for The NationalSISTER ultimately makes for a transportive listening experience, at turns impossibly dreamlike and profoundly illuminating. 

“With my first two records I was on a quest, searching for the meaning of life and love and absolutely everything, but in making this album I felt much more grounded,” says De Lassus, who notes that becoming a mother closely informed her songwriting on SISTER. “Instead of feeling nostalgic for the past or worried about the future, I’m living more fully in the present, and it makes all the colors feel deeper and more contrasted than they were before.”

Listen to the singles “Lions” HERE and “Belle Pénitence” HERE. Pre-order the album HERE.

On “Lions,” with its silken rhythms and shimmering grooves, De Lassus offers up a bit of soft-hearted encouragement in the face of self-doubt: “If the roads are made for a parade/Go march with the lions.” She adds, “The idea is that you need to keep going, even if sometimes you feel like you’re just pretending to be brave. It’s all about the march.” And with “Belle Pénitence,” she shares a tender love letter to her husband (The National’s Bryce Dessner), twisting the track’s mood of lovely surrender with some fantastically brutal hunting imagery rendered in her native tongue.

SISTER Tracklist
  1. Jessa
  2. Lions
  3. Give A Little Love (Feat. Sufjan Stevens)
  4. Indian Summer
  5. Louis
  6. Belle Pénitence
  7. Fire & Sun
  8. Triptyque
  9. Is Anything Wrong
(photo credit: Indira Dominici)

A work of both extraordinary subtlety and storybook grandeur, SISTER expands on the graceful musicality first displayed on her 2012 full-length debut with Taranta, produced with famed French songwriter JP NatafThe album drew critical acclaim from outlets like Pitchfork and her French language single “Pan” achieved widespread success at French Radio as well as regular play-listing at international stations such as Los Angeles’s KCRW. Soon after wrapping up more than two years of touring in support of Taranta, she returned with her 2014 sophomore effort, the critically-acclaimed Parades, produced by Olivier Marguerit. De Lassus later appeared as a featured soloist on The National’s 2019 album I Am Easy to Find and toured extensively with the band. During the last few years as she was writing and recording SISTER, De Lassus and her Mina Tindle project have also been an integral part of the PEOPLE Festivals at the historic Berlin Funkhaus in 2016 and 2018, where she worked with a vast range of musicians and artists in the community.