July Talk Release Video for "Surrender"





Surrender, photo credit, Peter Dreimanis
July Talk with James Baley + Kyla Charter, credit to Jared Raab
July Talk: Surrender (Still Sacred)
July Talk stormed the musical universe with their flinty radio-ready rock of self-titled debut, followed by the volatile siren songs of Touch, an album of sawtoothed pop + convulsing tension. For album three, Pray For It, out on July 10 (Sleepless/BMG) the band cracked their equilibrium open to find a new balance in asymmetry. 

And today, July Talk present an album teaser exploring some of the themes of the new record. From a creative standpoint, they wanted to explore the act of surrender; that moment when one has to accept their own vulnerabilities in order to seek truth. While touring across North America, they captured images signifying this surrender, in the hopes of illuminating the grace and integrity of backing down. "These images also evoke a certain infiltration of western institutions,” the band notes, “The simple act of collapsing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, for example, surrounded by confused tourists is not an act of dissent in itself, but the image that remains seems to speak to a loss of collective free will, a grappling with an experiment taken too far." The video features the album's ominous, disorienting closing track, "Still Sacred".

WATCH: "Surrender"
On Wednesday, July 1, Canada Day, July Talk will take the stage with James Baley (a multi-disciplinary JUNO Award nominated performer, music creator and dancer) and Kyla Charter (a singer-songwriter who weaves her remarkable gift as a storyteller with an eclectic musical spectrum), for a special livestream performance from the newly renovated El Mocambo in Toronto. James + Kyla have performed with July Talk since 2016, and more recently, they wrote a song together with the band exploring the racial divides in the music industry and the exploitation of black culture throughout popular music history. The result of this collaboration was “Champagne” which will be unveiled for the first time during this performance. With the awareness that commenting on anti-black racism and white supremacy is no simple task, they were wary of writing an anthem full of easy platitudes preaching the regressive colour-blind ideology popular in their childhoods. Instead, they drew from their own lived experiences and the intimate sprawling conversations they’d engaged in over the years, impassioned by the hypocrisy of a system that so many are trying to bring to its knees. Check here for the full Canada Day performance schedule.

July Talk also just announced The Care-A-Van Project, a collaborative volunteer initiative between local bands and Breakaway Addiction Services. As they discussed during CBC’s Community Cares program last week, Breakaway is one of the organizations leading the charge in providing social support, counseling, housing assistance, medical supplies and lots more to support the basic needs of their vulnerable client base from their office in Parkdale. “Breakaway had to adapt their community meal program into a grocery delivery program because of COVID-19, so we started picking up the groceries in our band van once a week a couple of months ago" say the band. "We’re hoping that some of our buds around Toronto’s music scene will come help out over the summer in their vans, to raise awareness about harm-reduction, help support essential workers, and raise some donations for Breakaway so they can continue the program once their funding runs out at the end of the summer." If you’d like to donate, go to https://www.breakawayaddictions.ca/donation-form.
July Talk - Pay For It (Live From a Parking Garage)
1. Identical Love
2. Good Enough
3. Life Of The Party
4. Pretender
5. Pay For It
6. Champagne w/ James Baley + Kyla Charter
7. Friend Of Mine
8. The News
9. Governess Shadow
10. See You Thru
11. Still Sacred