Apparat Releases "Capri-Revolution" Soundtrack; Announces Series Of Soundtrack Albums



Sascha Ring (bottom right), Philipp Thimm (top right) and Capri-Revolution cast
credit: Philipp Thimm
APPARAT, aka Sascha Ring, announces the release of his soundtrack for the Italian-language film Capri-Revolution. Created in tandem with frequent Apparat collaborator Philipp Thimm, it was awarded the David di Donatello – the Italian equivalent of an Academy Award – for Best Soundtrack in 2019. Capri-Revolution is available on digital platforms today. Stream and download here.

This is the first in a series of Apparat soundtracks to be released in 2020.

Ring previously worked with Capri-Revolution’s director, Mario Martone, on his 2014 film, Il giovane favoloso. Reflecting on his first encounter with Ring and his decision to reunite, Martone says, I met Sascha in Turin. We invited him to perform at the theater that I used to manage back then. It was an old golden theater, the newly restored stuccos came off because of the power and depth of his sound. While Ippolita Di Majo and I were writing the script for this movie, we felt he was the one who would’ve made our ideas vibrate in the most authentic way.”

Expanding upon the work of Ring and Thimm – who both make cameos in the film as musicians – Martone continues, “Sascha and Philipp were composing the soundtrack in an isolated village in the mountains of Cilento where we all lived while working on the movie. We were breathing together. When editing the movie, I found that every track was perfectly linked to the images as if they were one thing. Basically, the soundtrack had been created while rolling in an unforgettable osmosis.”

The release of Apparat’s contribution to the film follows his recent Best Dance/Electronic Album GRAMMY nomination for the 2019 album, LP5LP5 was Apparat’s first release since 2013’s Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre), and followed two studio albums, II and III (Mute / Monkeytown) by Moderat, the trio he founded with Modeselektor’s Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. Stream LP5 and purchase physical formats of the record here.

Capri-Revolution (dir. Mario Martone) chronicles the existence of Lucia, a young goatherd from a conservative family who lives on the Italian island of Capri. While tending to her goats, Lucia happens upon a commune of artists that has been established on the island. Populated with young dissidents from Northern Europe, the commune’s residents prepare for an imminent revolution as Italy readies itself to enter World War I.

Soundtracks: Capri-Revolution Tracklist
1. Silia
2. Pildoh
3. Neruvola
4. Licidana
5. Silia Reprise
6. La Gravidanza
7. Harper Caprira
8. Electricity
9. EC Blip
10. Paestum Neruvola
11. Reconciliation
12. Goldkind
13. Arcneae