Porcelain Raft Releases New Song "Out Of Time"


Photo Credit: Ra Di Martino
Porcelain Raft has just announced his latest album Come Rain will be released May 15th and today has released another gorgeous song from the LP. 

On the new song "Out Of Time" he tells us "There's an energy that is always been there since we were kids, something within us that no matter what happens in our adult lives is always there to rescue us. The moment I reached the bottom I felt the impulse to re-emerge and pursue happiness. This song is the realization I clearly had that we are here just for a while and there’s no time to waste."
Porcelain Raft 'Out Of Time'
The release of Come Rain is somewhat of a last minute decision and one inspired by current world events. Remiddi was questioning whether to even release the album at all as the subject matter is deeply personal and he was wrestling with whether or not these songs would ever see the light of day. Then COVID-19 happened and with nowhere more affected than Italy, where Remiddi is living. 

“The world stopped. I managed to come back to Italy the day before the airports were on lock down. As I stepped in Rome I felt frightened, it’s surreal to see Rome silent. You can feel how tense people are. On the other side you can tell there’s a lot of solidarity. Helping the neighbor with little things for instance. We have been confined in our houses and exposed to big numbers and huge scale operations. This is why I decided to share these songs now. What a better time to hear our inner voice. This album is my rain chant in the time of drought, Come Rain is an invitation to look inward, into our micro-cosmo, whatever we may find. To look for that place within us that is everything but hell, so we can give it space and let it dance.”
Porcelain Raft 'Come Rain'
Porcelain Raft the moniker of Italian-based Mauro Remiddi has always been a difficult artist to pin down. Since the release of his critically acclaimed “Strange Weekend” to his most recent full length “Microclimate” his body of work (now spanning three full lengths and five EP’s) is as unique as it is beautiful. 

Come Rain was mixed and mastered by his brother Manolo, and is a personal statement to the importance of finding shelter in ourselves, to find our inner song and, without fear, sing it aloud. Remiddi has truly tapped into his inner voice, with these new songs reflecting an important and life changing chapter in the artist's life.

"In the past 3 years I decided to take a break, I became a father, went to live on a mountain in LA and after the loss of a loved one I went back to Italy, where part of my childhood re-emerged. I found myself playing an organ made in the 1500’s, I danced and played piano for a children show. By then I had made a collection of songs that I thought I would never share.”

The album came together after several home sessions, according to Remiddi. “The lyrics came out fast. As a starting point I used the instruments that didn’t need to be turned on, a classical guitar and a piano.”

With the help of his friends, Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate) on Bass, Gaspar Claus (Jim O’Rourke, Sufjan Stevens, Rone) on Cello and long time collaborator Matt Olsson on drums, he crafted an album that feels huge sounding while keeping a very intimate voice.

“I want each release to feel like a part of a painting. Where the listener can focus on one detail or choose to step back and see the bigger picture.”

Come Rain is available May 15th and can be pre-ordered here.
Come Rain track list
1.Come Rain
2.The Was Things Are
3.Out Of Time
4.Tall Grass
5.For A While
6.The Crow & The Rainbow
7.If I Was