DREAM WIFE Share New Song/Video via The FADER + Launch New Podcast Series!


Sophomore LP So When You Gonna... 
out July 3rd via Lucky Number
 (Photo credit: Sarah Piantadosi)
“New wave structure meets punk blatancy and 21st-century gender fluency” - New York Times

 "[Dream Wife] combine sticky pop flourishes and bruising sounds with brazen self-assurance....extending the continuum of uncompromising feminist musical statements with refreshing directness.” - NPR Music

"The rightful heiresses to Le Tigre’s punky-disco party, Dream Wife have made a hard-hitting, hard-sweating workout tune that will nestle nicely next to Eye of the Tiger in that “Running” playlist you keep adding tunes to but never actually use” - The Guardian on “Sports!”

 "Punk rock trio Dream Wife make music that flips a middle finger to convention.” – The FADER

"The art-school project that’s evolved into one of indie-rock’s most politically dynamic emerging acts" - Entertainment Weekly

"Dream Wife just want to dismantle the patriarchy. The U.K. art punks make music that’s roiling with feminist rage and Spice Girls attitude" – Rolling Stone

"The girl gang proving there’s force in femininity. Dream Wife create pop anthems for the Instagram generation" - Dazed

London-based trio Dream Wife – Rakel MjöllBella Podpadec and Alice Go – will release their explosive new album So When You Gonna… this Summer, and today the band share the album’s second single, accompanied by a music video compiled from childhood home footage, alongside the release of their new podcast’s first-ever episode. Check out “Hasta La Vista” via The Fader HERE and read more about it below. 

Dream Wife on “Hasta La Vista”:

Hasta is one of the first songs we wrote after we completed our touring cycle for our debut album. We’d played over 200 shows in 18 months and had returned to London to discover that things around us had changed and so had we.  Close relationships fell apart and others came together. This song is about accepting and embracing that change and being thankful to what that was and what it is today.

Being on tour has some similarities to living under quarantine - the separation from loved ones, the submission to the process, the large amounts of time in contained spaces with the same group of people. We built this band around relentless touring and the celebration and love of the live show and the community that it creates. And we’re very much looking forward to experiencing that again, when the time is right.

Today also marks the launch of Dream Wife’s new So When You Gonna… podcast series. Having always been outspoken about holding up other womxn and non-binary people in the arts and creative industries, the band have— as they say in the record’s first single "Sports!"— "put their money where their mouth is,” by not only having an entirely non-male team help create the new record, but also by launching this new platform to amplify those voices. Each episode is a one-on-one interview with a different creative, connected with Dream Wife, about how exactly they managed to hone their craft, to encourage their fans and listeners to start something new, to pursue their creative interests and also to provide advice in navigating these industries. With a gender divide in music production currently estimated at around ninety-five percent male to five percent female, it felt right for the first episode to feature the new album’s producer Marta Salogni discussing how to get into music production in an in-depth conversation with Rakel. Future guests include Ione Gamble editor/arts director and writer, Aidan Zamiri video director, Paolina Russo fashion designer, Chloe Sheppard photographer, Estella Adeyeri musician/Girls Rock UK, Girli songwriter & musician, Ayesha Tan Jones activist & artist, Adele Slater live agent at Paradigm, Bishi musician and founder of Women in Technology creative industries Hub and Soph Nathan guitarist/musician.

“It was amazing to work with this community of womxn on this album who are supporting each other in an industry that is so male-dominated. It was a way of us practicing what we preach,” says Go. Listen to the first episode now HERE

So When You Gonna… will be released on July 3rd via Lucky Number - pre-order HERE.

Dream Wife tour dates to come soon.

  1. Sports!
  2. Hasta La Vista
  3. Homesick
  4. Validation
  5. Temporary
  6. U Do U
  7. RH RN
  8. Old Flame
  9. So When You Gonna…
  10. Hold On Me
  11. After The Rain