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Myths 004: Cate Le Bon + Bradford Cox
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As sure as if it had been mapped in the stars, or written in a prophecy buried deep beneath the sands of the Marfa desert, a collaboration between Cate Le Bon and Bradford Cox was always something of an inevitability.

Fourth in Mexican Summer’s Myths EP series (and following previous tie-ups between Dev Hynes and Connan MockasinAriel Pink and Weyes Blood, and Dungen and Woods), 
Myths 004 sees Le Bon and Cox–each a much-revered musical innovator in their own right–finally united.

For both artists, Myths 004 signals a change of tack: meticulousness thrown to the wind as spontaneous, jammy tales of firemen and 5 pence plastic bags, unbrushed hair and shoelessness and makeup-daubed landscapes–all miraculously written and recorded in just one week–roll effortlessly off their cuffs.
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Though this EP materialises after two individual 2019 album campaigns –Le Bon’s Mercury nominated fifth album Reward, and Cox’s eighth with his band DeerhunterWhy Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? (which Le Bon co-produced)–the chronologies are tangled: Myths 004 is in fact a snapshot of the pair’s very first meeting. After years of admiring each other’s work from afar, Cox and Le Bon finally converged on Marfa, Texas in 2018, at Mexican Summer’s Marfa Myths music, visual art, and film festival.
Myths 004 Tracklist
01. Canto!
02. Secretary
03. Companions in Misfortune
04. Constance
05. Fireman
06. Jericho
07. What Is She Wearing
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