Caroline Vreeland To Release Debut Album ‘Notes on Sex and Wine’

Caroline Vreeland To Release Debut Album ‘Notes on Sex and Wine’

The multi-faceted musician and fashion darling is set to unleash a decadent collection of songs in 2020
First single and video “Stay Drunk With Me” out now — stream now via Billboard 

(New York, NY): Today, multi-faceted singer-songwriter and fashion darling Caroline Vreeland announces her debut album ‘Notes on Sex and Wine.’ Channeling femme fatales like Patsy Cline and Amy Winehouse while adding a sweltering indie-pop twist, the record sees the emerging chanteuse carving out a place for herself as something more than a prominent haute couture muse.
“Stay Drunk With Me” is a Bacchic hymn and an exploration of ideal love set to the tune of an upright bass and minimalistic pop production. “It’s a little bit heavy for me that I’m putting out a body of work that’s addressing how much I drink...I had this whole feeling about Bacchus, and I thought about who Bacchus is to me,'' says Caroline on making the track. “I would sit at home in Miami (where I had moved for my man) and I felt very alone. My wine was my only ally. ‘Stay Drunk With Me’ is the concept of okay, we’re going to start drinking at lunch and keep going—stay drunk with me, stay up with me, stay with me.”
The elaborately-shot accompanying video, filmed in a villa in Los Angeles that was once owned by Cher and Marilyn Monroe, Caroline Vreeland acts as master of ceremonies to a slew of drunken celebrants in this Fellini-inspired clip. “We drew our inspiration from Caroline's love and fascination with Dionysus, God of Wine and the Dionysus Mysteries...the film abstractly follows her on the evening of ritual ecstacy where she and her followers use wine to remove inhibitions and social constraints,” says Director Emanuelle Pickett. “These rituals provided liberation for the marginalized, which at the time was mostly women. Caroline, like Dionysus, is a liberator for women; by example, she inspires us all to be strong and independent, to speak up, be free, to love and to make love to ourselves."
‘Notes on Sex and Wine’ is an invitation into bacchanalia from the mind of one of our generation’s last true jet-setters. Caroline Vreeland proves she has a true sense of pleasure and a sharp musician’s ear on an enviable debut that veers between spell-binding pop juggernauts (“Madonna Whore”, “Love Is Here”) to more subdued moments of sensuality with rock and jazz elements (“Stay Drunk With Me”, “Broken In”). ‘Notes on Sex and Wine’ is a declaration of independence written after the end of a two-year relationship, the diamond-encrusted confessional of a bicoastal party girl with a classic novel in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other, and proof positive that this diva is an artist with range and a style all her own.

About Caroline Vreeland:
Splitting her time between Los Angeles and New York City, Caroline Vreeland found success embracing the fashion world she was born into as the great-granddaughter of emblematic Vogue editor Diana Vreeland, making a name for herself as one to watch. In the hyper-curated Instagram age, Caroline Vreeland has carved a niche out for herself as blunt, unapologetic, and chic both in her music and self-expression. Gracing countless magazine covers, Caroline Vreeland’s music has been praised by Interview, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Post, Ocean Drive Magazine, and others. ‘Notes on Sex and Wine’ is her unapologetic, unrestrained first official release and sees the budding chanteuse, fashion icon, and femme fatale channeling Patsy Cline, Nancy Sinatra, and Amy Winehouse.

“moody” — W MAGAZINE
“impressive” — INTERVIEW
“glamourous and nonchalant at once” — SSENSE
“Busting out on the pop scene” — NY POST
“bluesy, soulful” — OCEAN DRIVE MAGAZINE