L.A. Girlfriend Shares 'REGINA' EP Via The 405 | EP Out Now On DSPs


Photo Cred: Sydney Banta
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LISTEN & SHARE: L.A. Girlfriend - "Ex"
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LISTEN & SHARE: L.A. Girlfriend - "Possession"
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"Sydney Banta brings a number of disparate sounds together under one roof, resulting in one of the most enthralling releases of 2018."
- The 405

"But L.A. Girlfriend is actually sultry songstress Sydney Banta, who can more likely be found flirting with influences that range from Iron Maiden to '80s synth-pop."
- BlackBook

"The combination of the power metal and electro-punk that those two Brit heavyweights deal in results in some dark, epic, almost industrial pop music."
- LA Weekly

"LA Girlfriend’s fromage detector seems to be similarly awry. Her album, a blur of pop fizz and indie drizzle, shimmery melodies and shoegaze haze, is almost a concept homage to that whole era, with references to New Order and Pat Benatar, My Bloody Valentine and Laura Branigan, revolutionary British guitar-noise and perky US skinny-tie new wave."
- The Guardian

"Like her aspirational name – a reference to the “ultimate dream girl” – Banta doesn’t completely inhabit the role, but that’s also precisely the point. Perfection would ruin the illusion she’s after."
Today, LA-based, fuzz pop artist L.A. Girlfriend shares her REGINA EP. The 405 premiered the EP praising it, stating, "This juxtaposition -- of beauty and ferocity -- is at the core of LA Girlfriend's mission with this record, which highlights the duality of our lives."  REGINA EP is out now on DSPs.

REGINA is the second EP to a dual EP project that explored the multiple facets that make up our individual characters. As a moment of self-reflection, Sydney Banta used REGINA as the opportunity to examine her own nature. What she found was someone who was incredibly strong, yet deeply hurt, but also a spirit that was determined and open at the same time.

Banta produced and wrote this EP and had further inspiration during the recording process with the help of her engineer, Nathan Whitcomb. Her live guitarist, Ian Lecklitner, stepped in to contribute some of the atmospheric sounds.

The dual EP represents an exploration of the L.A. Girlfriend aesthetic. REX, the first EP release was incredibly raw, under polished, and electronic only - a bit of a homage to where Banta started back in the day. However, REGINA is similar to her last LP, Neon Grey, which was a collection of fully flushed out songs that were still a little rough around the edges, but were blended with both analog and electronic elements. Apart, REX is a more masculine energy, whereas REGINA takes on a feminine vibe, however together, both EPs are a reflection of Banta herself - someone who can rise like a king and rule like a queen. BlackBook exclusively premiered second single "Ex," praising it stating, "Indeed, with its thumping rhythm, somber synths and piercing guitar blasts, it's a thoroughly absorbing electro-pop archetype." Lead single "Possession," was debuted by LA Weeklywho also announced the record, stating, "Deeply personal and unrelentingly caustic, the song beautifully illustrates why this project is so highly rated right now."
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