Jess Williamson releases video "Wild Rain" -- single off "Cosmic Wink" LP Out May 11




In advance of the May 11 release of her new LP Cosmic Wink, Jess Williamson has shared a video for "Wild Rain."  It debuted via Blackbook Magazine who call the track a "haunting, affectingly visceral gothic-folk jewel."  Williamson told them, "I recorded this song at first with just me singing and playing it on an acoustic guitar. We thought it was going to be a scratch vocal so we didn't mic everything the 'correct' way...I like the way it sounds. It's a little bit lazy. There is this remnant of my acoustic guitar bleeding from my headphones into the vocal track, you can hear it the most at the beginning of the song. But we liked that too! A happy accident. It became the perfect rhythmic element to anchor the beginning of the song. It reminds me of rain.  We wanted to have a moment of the heavens breaking open midway through and ushering us into another realm. So we started building off just my voice and the memory of an acoustic guitar, layering synths and more vocals. This is probably my favorite song on the album and it's the first song I wrote for Cosmic Wink."

The video was directed by Eli Welbourne (Studio Kānde) who says, "The video in essence is supposed to be a living interpretive scrapbook that catalogs Jess' train of thought visually in tandem with the song as she questions herself and previous relations she had. The song discusses a duality within her and I wanted to represent that in a collage where she is visually split in two, undergoes psychedelic transformations, and the center of the screen becomes a stage for other visual elements to dance."

Watch "Wild Rain" here:

Cosmic Wink will be released on May 11 and marks Jess' first for her new label Mexican Summer. Previous to "Wild Rain" Williamson shared "Mama Proud" and The New York Times says "Jess Williamson, a songwriter from Austin, wafts her voice into a hypnotic waltz that floats on slow guitar picking and a lingering drone, eventually gathering a ghostly choir around her, never puncturing the enigma." Uproxx declared it "a stunning and transcendent composition." Jess announced the LP with "I See The White" and Stereogum said of its video, "great videos happen because directors realize that they're dealing with honest-to-god new stars, that they should just stay out of the way and let charming and charismatic people shine...that's basically what happens here".

Jess has been on a tour of North America supporting Loma playing to packed houses from coast to coast. The remaining tour dates are listed below and an interactive tour map can be found here.

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Photo by Chantal Anderson 

Tracklisting for Cosmic Wink
2. Awakening, Baby
3. White Bird
5. Thunder Song
7. Dream State
8. Forever
9. Love on the Piano

Jess Williamson on tour with Loma
5/8 - L'Esco - Montreal, QC
5/9 - The Garrison - Toronto, ON
5/10 - Marble Bar- Detroit, MI
5/11 - Schuba's - Chicago, IL