ExSage Share "Under Your Spell" via Consequence of Sound | New EP 'Total Devotion' Out September 22nd


Photo Cred: Kristin Cofer
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"...Clover is slowly revving an engine of chugging bass, sparks of guitar dancing around the fuel that is her Alison Mosshart-does-pop vocals."
- Consequence of Sound

"With their lo-fi, leather jacket vibes, comparisons to bands like The Kills and The Raveonettes are inevitable, but the five-song EP injects those garage bones with engine oil-sludgy desert rock guitars, Clover's big, almost-pop vocals, and a touch of Nick Cave ominousness.

"...their sticky sweet harmonies amidst a chunky, guitar driven sound stands out with an undeniable raw fervor."
Grimy Goods

"...comes at you like a desert-baked version of indie guitar-slingers like the Duke Spirit, the Kills...Or maybe X on a road trip in the wilderness beyond Joshua Tree.
Buzzbands LA
LA-based, desert punk band ExSage share new single, "Under Your Spell," via Consequence Of Soundwho state, "Take that vexing desire and bake it under the desert sun, and you’ve got ExSage’s new single “Under Your Spell”." The track comes from the band's forthcoming EP, Total Devotion, out September 22nd. The EP was recorded in Los Angeles with engineer Jon Gilbert (The Kills, OFF!).

Total Devotion was sparked by a midnight drive through Los Angeles after Kate Clover (singer/guitarist) heard Suicide’s Ghost Rider on a left-of the-dial station. Clover returned home and feverishly wrote, she was a woman on a mission and that mission was to be ruthlessly true to herself no matter the cost. The EP’s juxtaposing sound is also inspired by, PJ Harvey, Let Love In era Nick Cave and Black Sabbath. Lyrically, the EP touches on French Surrealism - using Charles Baudelaire and Arthur Rimbaud's poetic styles for reference. Lead single "Under Your Spell" is inspired by the late 70s punk band Suicide, and presents the blues against pulsing synths that takes a Sabbath like turn. Second single "Come Alive" is about coming into your own. It’s about, facing what your fear most in order to feel alive. The track features a psychedelic, stoner bass line and roaring synths. Third single "So Intertwined" is the slow burner on the EP, an invitation to look beyond the horizon. Total Devotion is the follow-up to the band's 2016 debut EP, Out of the Blue, produced by Alain Johannes (PJ Harvey, Queens Of The Stone Age).

Reinforcing her new spark, Clover played every instrument on the EP (except drums), which empowered her to be fearless. When it came time to assemble a live band Clover knew it had to be all female, an aspect she felt she had overlooked in the past as being the sole female member. A symbolic change, that marks a new era for the project with hopes of inspiring other females to pursue what they believe in. Their debut EP, Out of the Blue, was picked up by NoiseyAll Things Go and various LA tastemakers like LA WeeklyGrimy Goods and Buzzbands LA. 
7/14 - The Echo - Los Angeles, CA
8/27 - The Bootleg Theater - Los Angeles, CA
10/24 - Moroccan Lounge (EP Release) - Los Angeles, CA

01. Under Your Spell
02. Come Alive
03. So Intertwined 


“A Tap of your finger on the drums releases all sounds and initiates the new harmony…"

 This sentence from Rimbaud’s To a Reason hung from a wall in singer/guitarist Kate Clover’s Los Angeles studio apartment. She would read the words out loud every morning. It became her mantra. It symbolized her new beginning, her beacon towards finding her new way. Clover made a pact to be ruthlessly true to herself, however difficult or painful.  Which meant to no longer be part of a duo- she wanted her voice to be heard, but this time alone.