Whispertown Announces New Album I'm A Man due September 1 via Graveface Records; Stream "I'm A Man" at Impose Magazine

Whispertown Announces New Album I'm A Man due September 1 via Graveface Records
Stream "I'm A Man" at Impose Magazine
Los Angeles Record Release Show Announced
"She's the nicest and I always really loved her voice." - Kim Deal on Morgan Nagler

"Morgan Nagler is my favorite songwriter. Period.” - Jenny Lewis
Stream: "I'm A Man" at Impose Magazine or SoundCloud

Los Angeles-based band Whispertown will release I'm A Man on September 1 via Graveface Records. Whispertown has also announced a hometown record release show on September 1 at The Bootleg Theater. Tickets for the show are available HERE. 

Today the band shared the title track from the upcoming release with Impose Magazine and the song is available to share via Soundcloud.

About the song Whispertown's Morgan Nagler says: 

"I'm A Man" is an underground anthem for human beings.  In a modern world built on comfort and convenience, where humans are becoming more and more isolated, living inside flat glass screens with a fickle and false sense of community, there comes a time to break out. I hope it will not be too late. In this pivotal moment, one foot in the quicksand, I reach out to all, holding space for this hope. I reach out not as a gender, or a skin tone. Not as a political party, or a religion. Not as an age or as an avatar, but as a man. A human. All for one and one for all. At the risk of sounding like a hippie optimist (which I am), love is all you need.  Team Human. New Genes in Blue Jeans. We can change. In fact we are in a constant state of change. Empathy can turn the tides.

Whispertown is the latest iteration of the unique vision of Morgan Meyn Nagler (songwriter, lead vocals, guitar).  What was once The Whispertown 2000 has morphed into a less structured version of itself, with Nagler’s unmistakable vocals leading a revolving cast of musicians and artists. I'm A Man (produced by Jake Bellows), set to be released September 1 on Graveface Records, marks Nagler’s return, and third full length release. After being diagnosed with a polyp on her vocal cord, and faced with the possibility of never singing again, Nagler discovered she is without a doubt a “lifer”, and married to song writing, for better and for worse. I'm A Man is a stripped back acoustic album, set in a naturally psychedelic world, where words reveal themselves in modern mantra - “New Genes in Blue Jeans”.

In various formations, Nagler and company garnered support slots for Jenny Lewis, The Breeders, Bright Eyes, She & Him, Maria Taylor, Rilo Kiley, Azure Ray, Conor Oberst and many more. The band soon caught the attention of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, inspiring the first signing to their own Acony Records. Shortly thereafter the band released 2008’s Swim, their debut release from Acony, followed by 2012’s Parallel (the first release under the Whispertown moniker).

Additionally, Whispertown's Morgan Nagler has traveled around the world playing her own music and has also worked countless co-writes with artists such as HAIM (“Falling”), Kim Deal (“The Root”,”Range on Castle”), Rilo Kiley (“Dreamworld”) and the Dave Rawlings Machine (“Sweet Tooth”) to name a few.