Cillie Barnes Shares "Clandestina" with Culture Collide Performing Tonight at The Bootleg in Los Angeles

Cillie Barnes Shares "Clandestina" with Culture Collide 
Performing Tonight at The Bootleg in Los Angeles 
photo by Ilana Shulman

"...the singer creates music that somehow sounds completely unique and fresh, but manages to simultaneously exude familiarity - like a favorite candy you can't resist." - Refinery 29

"Cillie Barnes is a favorite young female artist, like Lorde level, ya I said it. She has got a great voice that pairs with some very cool production that bridges electronic pop synths and drums with some rather classic indie/alt-rock vibes." - The Weekly Flavor

Stream: "Clandestina" at Culture Collide or SoundCloud

Today Cillie Barnes revealed a new single "Clandestina." This track premiered on Culture Collide and is a song for all the ocean-eyed, snake-oil sellin' swamp lovers. If you've ever fallen prey to a slickster, or been the trickster yourself, this one's for you. "Clandestina" is the first release from the upcoming Cillie Barnes album, Cobra LilyCillie Barnes performs tonight in Los Angeles at The Bootleg. Tickets for the show are avaialble HERE.

Cillie Barnes is a musical project helmed by songwriter Vanessa Long. In the past she’s put out a couple EPs, had her songs in a couple shows, had some nice quotes written about her and...That shit’s in the past. 

Now Cillie Barnes is Vanessa Long, Marko Kurtović, Nick White, Thomas Berg, Trevor Sohnen and Andrew Tyler. They just got done doing a full length album, Cobra Lily, produced by Joe Keefe and it’s gonna be sick. 

Collectively they enjoy the alexander technique, running the grand canyon, murder mysteries, postmodernism, animation, haunted houses, cheese, hounds, boardgames, and magic. If you combine all their names together like a celebrity couple it would like this. : Sohler Whitević Longberg