Norwegian duo SMERZ release new track "Oh my my" ahead of U.S.A tour dates set for July

The brand new track released today via XL Recordings
Watch the video here
Photo credit: Lin Agnholt

First set of U.S.A. shows set for July

Norwegian duo Smerz are back with new track ‘Oh my my’, their first new music since releasing the critically-acclaimed debut EP Okeythat Gorilla vs. Bear called “one of the best debuts of last year.” Produced, programmed and sung entirely by the duo, ‘Oh my my’, their debut release on XL Recordings, is a minimal track that’s pinned together by speaker sucking bass and soulful vocal melodies, crafting a modern techno sound that’s uniquely Smerz.

A video for ‘Oh my my’ – shot in Copenhagen, directed by Michella Bredahl and edited by Nikoline Løgstrup – is available to watch now HERE

You can download / stream ‘Oh my my’ via x-l-r.co/ohmymy

Henriette and Catharina, who comprise Smerz, were raised in Norway but it wasn't until they relocated to Denmark that they started collaborating on the music that garnered the early attention of underground radio troupes NTS and Benji B.  Smerz, who consistently blend sounds from various influences, are a finely crafted collision of different musical genres that FADER notes, “was incubated over years of late-night clubbing.”

Later this month Smerz will set out across the U.S.A. for their first set of shows in the country. The live set, which i-D calls “enchanting,” sees the duo performing side by side as captured in their recent performance at NTS’s Tate late night series. After Smerz tour the U.S.A. they’ll head back to Europe for a series of festival appearances, all dates listed below:

July 6 - FR, Paris, La Gaite Lyrique, Loud and Proud
July 15 - US, Brooklyn, NY, MoMa PS1 Warmup
July 15 - US, Brooklyn, NY, Sunnyvale
July 19 - US, San Francisco, CA, Great American Music Hall
July 20 - US, Los Angeles, CA, Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
July 20 - US, Los Angeles, CA, Globe Theatre
July 22 - FR, Hyères, MIDI Festival
August 12 - DE, Lehrte, Fuchsbau Festival
August 23 - DE, Berlin, Kulturbrauerei, PopKultur Festival
August 25 - GB, Lincoln Oak Hill, Lost Village
September 02 - NO, Bergen, Perfect Sounds Forever
September 08 - GB, Dorset, Bestival
September 29 -Aarhus, Tape
September 30 -Copenhagen, Jazzhouse

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