Hanne Hukkelberg announces much-anticipated 5th album 'Trust'

Hanne Hukkelberg announces release of 5th album'Trust' - out 20th October via Propeller Recordings
Hanne Hukkelberg - 'Trust'
released Friday 20th October via Propeller Recordings

1. Europium Heights
2. IRL
3. The Whip
4. Embroidery
5. Fall
6. Raindrops
7. Silverhaired
8. Alone Together
9. Duper


PRE-ORDER LINK FOR 'TRUST' >> https://hanne-hukkelberg.lnk.to/TrustPre-Order
One of Norway’s most acclaimed, influential and vital artists, Hanne Hukkelberg ends a five-year absence with new album ‘Trust’ – out October 20 via Propeller Recordings. Featuring back-to-back singles ‘The Whip’ and ‘IRL’, the new album explores the duality of human life in the digital age – largely inspired by writers, scientists and philosophers including George Orwell, Zygmunt Bauman, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Yuval Noah Harari and Simon Sinek, alongside the more pop-cultured forecasts of sci-fi series Westworld and Black Mirror.

Hanne Hukkelberg
's 5th album 'Trust' is available to pre-order today via Propeller Recordings.
PRE-ORDER LINK: http://hanne-hukkelberg.lnk.to/TrustPre-Order
“The album is a combination of personal experience and a wider observation of society and how I feel people are living their lives,” Hukkelberg says. “The Internet and social media have such an impact on my life, and I’m often made aware of how addicted I am to this 'digital beast’. How can something that is not part of our basic nature be so consuming?”
Beneath the doom, dread and data lies a glimmer of hope – of ‘Trust’ – turning Hukkelberg’s dystopian drone into more of an empowered plea for society. “Trust is something that will never expire, it’s a quality that we’ll retain in both real and virtual life.” 
’Trust’ joins Hukkelberg’s nationally adored and internationally acclaimed back catalogue, including‘Blood From A Stone’ (2009), Norwegian Grammy Award-winning LP ‘Rykestrasse 68’ (2006) and breakthrough debut ‘Little Things’ (2004). Spanning more than a decade, her career is celebrated by the likes of Pitchfork, BBC, KCRWThe Guardian, Metro, Uncut, The QuietusClash and Drowned In Sound
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