Cosmic Psych Outfit The Diaphanoids Unveil New Track 'Blessed Poisons'


Lifted from the album ‘Blessed Poisons’, released August 8th via People In The Sky.

The Diaphanoids return with their sleazy, iconic brand of psychallucisergic rock, with new album ‘Blessed Poisons’, released 8th August, via People In The Sky.

Jumped-up and re-toxed, ‘Blessed Poisons’ is the band’s answer to the current, sterile psychedelic scene; a punkier, snarling interpretation of the comparatively childish and harmless new cosmic sound of their contemporaries.

The final story in an epic trilogy, the space travellers, having survived a series of inner and outer trips, their strangest and most peculiar dimension has become daily reality, in which the only way to escape is by staying disconnected and in an altered state of mind. It's the sound of transcendent visions, of scarves drenched in oils, blood full of fractured rhythm, x-ray guitars and stoned vocals.

From tracks such as ‘Too Many Stars and Not Enough Night’, with its ecstatic floating guitars and infinitely shining crystal keyboards, to the smacked-down drums and hashed-up guitar solos of ‘Iconize Yourself’, ‘Blessed Poisons’ is a true howl from the gutter, a full-throated battle cry from the underground. Hallucinatory rage echoing out into a dead, empty reality.

The Diaphanoids were formed in 2001 by two Italian musicians; Andrea Bellentani and Simon Maccari.

The band’s debut album, the dreamy retro-inspired ‘Astral Weekend’, was released on Bearfunk Records in 2008 and was created using a collection of 50 vintage synthesizers including one that previously belonged to former Tangerine Dream member and synth wizard Klaus Schulze!

The 2014 follow-up, ‘LSME’, blended 70’s cosmic flavours, fuzzed-out guitars and motorised rhythms. Released on Tirk Recordings (home to Richard Norris's psych rock outfit ‘The Time And Space Machine’ and Greg Wilson's ‘Credit To The Edit’ series) the hallucinatory Moog-drenched record referenced everything from cosmic soundtracks to kitschy sci-fi to psychedelia and krautrock, and was met with critical acclaim.

People In The Sky Records began life in the back of a record shop in east London in early 2006 and were behind the early Friendly Fires releases along with sharp art-poppers, Plugs.