"Space Dubs" by Spacewave coming August 4th

Space Dubs by Spacewave
coming to CD Digipack and Digital Formats on August 4th
This instrumental album was recorded as backing tracks for reggae dub legend 
Lee "Scratch" Perry and his album Must Be Free.
This instrumental album from Spacewave has ska, reggae, dub, dubstep, acid jazz, and electronic music influences and was recorded as backing tracks for reggae dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry and his album Must Be Free.
Spacewave, the stage name of long-time recording and mastering engineer and producer John Palmer, runs down the production approach he took...  

"I wanted to capture as much of Lee's lyrical flow as I could without boxing him in with pre-arranged song structures, so we tracked his vocals at his place in Jamaica, starting in late 2012 with only 2 1/2 completed instrumental tracks."

Palmer continues: 

"The rest of the backing tracks started out as basic rhythms, built from loops.  While I play a bit of electric bass and synthesizer, I used a lot of sample and loop libraries to add different sounds and snippets, slicing and dicing, changing the feel and the key where needed.  I left enough of some familiar riffs there to pull the ear in.  They are generally dense mixes, so more than once I had to pare back to keep things from turning into mush."

Palmer concludes:
"Lee is a phenomenal artist.  He doesn't suffer fools gladly, so I'm glad our sessions went easily.  I prefer to stay busy in the background, but the intensity of unsettled times that inspired this music gave it a life that I didn't expect, so I felt that people should be able to hear the instrumentals, too."
More info, hi res cover art, etc: https://mvdb2b.com/s/SpacewaveSpaceDubs/MEGW0472