Showtime Goma (A Sunny Day In Glasgow's Jen Goma) Shares "Smiley Face" Album Stream



Photo credit: Luxie Productions

Showtime Goma, the solo pop project of A Sunny Day In Glasgow's Jen Goma, has shared an advance stream of her debut album Smiley FaceBrooklyn Vegan, who premiered the stream, call the album "multilayered, joyous, R&B-tinged dreampop, all centered around Jen's impressive pipes and melodic skills." Smiley Face is due out this Friday, June 16 and is available for pre-order here.

Praise for Smiley Face:

"Bursts with exuberant ideas and sparkling sounds...  this is Goma unfiltered... her fizzy dance-pop gems are unlike anything she's made before." - NPR

"'Big Disaster' itself is anything but, a jovial dive into video game-esque synths and Goma's captivating vocals. The song is boundless, shifting its shape throughout its three minute run-time, teetering from sugary pop and sassy, soulful deliveries." - Stereogum

"An uplifting and cathartic collection of DIY pop songs." - Hype Machine

More on Smiley Face:

Smiley Face is the debut album by Showtime Goma, the first solo outing from performer and writer Jen Goma. Whether leading A Sunny Day in Glasgow or collaborating with musicians and artists - including Deerhoof, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Jherek Bischoff, Ice Choir and Roman à Clef- chances are, she's performing in your home town tonight. Chances are, Jen is standing behind you right now. Smiley Face is a record forged in these same fires of collaboration - bolstered by Deerhoof's heavy hitter Greg Saunier, plus appearances by composer Shahzad Ismaily (Laurie Anderson, Tom Waits), and an assortment of Goma's ASDiG pals.

Smiley Face sounds like a labor of love (because it is). It's DIY pop music built to stir and inspire. The record is an invitation, an invocation - to joy, anger, and catharsis in a time when apathy is not an option. Goma's voice is the guiding light - forceful and flexing through 10 dance pop parables of freedom, time, and irreverence. Smiley Face's anthems are defiantly optimistic in an era of carefully constructed cynicism. A light record with a dark sense of humor, brimming with hope and energy. It wants to take care of you.

Showtime Goma - Smiley Face
June 16
1. Oh Shit
3. Propel
4. Come And Know Me Better Man
5. Take The Ring
6. Distract Me From Work
7. Chug
8. How R U?
9. What's A Fight Look Like