Liars Announce New Album "TFCF"; Listen to "Cred Woes"


OUT AUGUST 25, 2017


Photo: Zen Sekizawa
"There's acoustic guitar all over this record! How ridiculous is that?" – Angus Andrew

LIARS announce details of a long awaited album, TFCF, out on August 25, 2017, and confirm an autumn tour following a string of festival dates throughout the summer.

Liars have, as a matter of course, sounded radically different with each album, pursuing new concepts and occupying diverse mindsets. On this, Liars’ eighth studio album, the bustling backdrops of Los Angeles, Berlin and New York have been replaced with a presence far more intimate and autobiographical as Liars once again boldly step out of their comfort zone into vastly new musical territory.

Listen to “Cred Woes,” the first track to be shared from TFCF (which stands for Theme From Crying Fountain), here.

Pre-order the special limited edition double vinyl with exclusive tracks recorded during the TFCFsessions from deep in the Australian bush,

In addition to a string of festival dates in Europe and the US this summer, Angus and a new touring band have also announced details of an autumn tour. Full details below with more to be confirmed. For more information as well as exclusive album and ticket bundles, 
visit the Liars website.

Liars have been giving fans a glimpse of the forthcoming album via a series of short clips spelling out Theme From Crying Fountain, watch these 

Following an amicable parting of ways with Aaron Hemphill, Liars is now Angus Andrew, who decamped to his native Australia, specifically to a remote part of the Australian bush, to create an album unlike any Liars had attempted before.

Angus Andrew explains, “Suddenly, the tides of the ocean became the most important thing to me, because I live right on the ocean now, and to get my boat out in the morning to get groceries on the mainland I’ve got to know when the tide is coming in, or I’ll get stuck. Very basic things like that suddenly became top priority in my life. And the effect was interesting. The last record, Mess, was made in LA, and had very tight corners and clean edges – it was sharp, programmed, organised. It sounds a lot like living in a city. But now, everything started to fall off-time.”

As he recorded the tracks for the new album, Angus kept a microphone running that he’d set up just outside of his studio, pointed out into the bush. “A lot of the sounds I was working on were samples, they lived inside my computer, but I still wanted to have a connection with everything around me,” he says.“So everything I was recording was in context of the world outside the studio… Sometimes I’d have my headphones on, just listening to the bush, and a bird would fly up and scream into the microphone. The truth is, even in New York or LA, I was still pretty isolated. Here, there are no other people around, but I feel much more connected to the environment around me than in a big city.”

The album’s reinvention of the Liars paradigm – blurring the lines between electronic and acoustic, between the experimental impulse and the addictive pop sensibility – is evidence that Angus’s creative energies remain as healthy as ever, even given the upheaval within the group.

TFCF was written and recorded by Liars (Angus Andrew). Butchy Fuego, who performed live with Liars following Julian Gross’s departure in 2014, plays drums on three tracks. TFCF was mixed by Gareth Jones and mastered by Christian Wright.

  1. The Grand Delusional
  2. Cliché Suite
  3. Staring At Zero
  4. No Help Pamphlet
  5. Face To Face With My Face
  6. Emblems Of Another Story
  7. No Tree No Branch
  8. Cred Woes
  9. Coins In My Caged Fist
  10. Ripe Ripe Rot
  11. Crying Fountain

August 5 – London, England – 
VISIONS Festival
August 7 – Primosten, Croatia –
 Superuho Festival
August 10 – Bonnevoie, Luxembourg –
 Conges Annules
August 12 – Sardinia, Italy – Here I Stay festival  at Fordongianus
August 16 – Bergen, Norway – 
Perfect Sounds Forever
August 18 –Stirling, Scotland – Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival
August 19 – Brecon Beacons, Wales – 
Green Man Festival
August 24 –Berlin, Germany – 
Pop-Kultur Festival
September 13 – Detroit, MI – El Club
September 15 – Chicago, IL – 
Riot Fest
September 16 – Columbus, OH – Ace of Cups
September 18 – Boston, MA – The Sinclair
September 20 – Hamden, CT – The Ballroom at The Outer Space
September 21 – Brooklyn, NY – 
September 23 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
September 24 – Asheville, NC – Orange Peel
September 25 – Atlanta, GA – Aisle 5
October 6 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom
October 7 – Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
October 10 – San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall
October 13-15 – Joshua Tree, CA – Desert Daze Festival
October 28 – Manchester, England –
 Transformer 2
October 30 – Bristol, England – Colston Hall
November 1 – Glasgow, Scotland – Art School
November 4 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Jazzhouse
November 9 – Utrecht, The Netherlands – Le Guess Who? Festival
November 10 – Brussels, Belgium –
November 11 – Kortrijk, Belgium – Sonic City
November 13 – Paris, France – Le Maroquinerie
November 14 – Zurich, Switzerland – Salzhaus
November 15 – Fribourg, Switzerland – Fri-Son
November 16 – Milan, Italy – Magnolia
November 17 – Rome, Italy – Monk
November 18 – Bologna, Italy – Locomotiv
November 29 – Bucharest, Romania – Control