LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY (& SHERWOOD) on early 90s Japanese tour, supporting BEASTIE BOYS

Sherwood & Pinch feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry  


A brand new video is now available for the undisputed highlight track of the recent second album by Sherwood & Pinch, ‘Man Vs. Sofa’. ‘Lies’ features a beautifully soulful vocal from legendary Jamaican dub innovator Lee “Scratch” Perry over skittering beats, woozy saxophone and cinematic piano chords from Primal Scream’sMartin Duffy. The track is a timely damnation of lies in an era of fake news and fake politicians. The music has been set to a bright and bold kaleidoscopic edit by Sally Sibbet of some early-90s footage shot by Adrian Sherwood himself. It documents a tour in the far east with Lee and the On-U Sound System, culminating in a Tokyo show supporting the Beastie Boys. ‘Lies’ is the latest collaboration between Lee Perry and Adrian Sherwood in a working relationship that stretches back to the mid-80s that includes classic albums such as ‘Time Boom X De Devil Dead’, ‘From The Secret Laboratory’ and latterly, ‘The Mighty Upsetter’. Given an extra dose of future funk by Bristol dubstep don Pinch, this is proper 21st century scratch.

Check out a playlist of Lee Perry/Adrian Sherwood collaborations here.

Sherwood & Pinch play live on 29th June at the closing party for Antonym in London:details

Praise For ‘Man Vs. Sofa’ by Sherwood & Pinch:

“A masterclass in soundscaping mystery and imagination which somehow yokes together the individual producer/DJs’ separate territories.” - The Independent

“Veers through four decades of dub, dancehall, rave and beyond. At every turn it bubbles with the delight of discovery, and shows the alchemical reaction between the two studio personae coming along very nicely indeed.” - The Wire

“A tungsten-heavy slab of future dubscapes perfect for blowing 2016’s innumerable cobwebs away” - Q

“Supreme bass abstraction from two potent voices.” - Clash

“Sparks properly fly this time as two of Britain’s mightiest bass titans collide” - Mojo

“It’s an album that works as a whole, with Sherwood & Pinch's adventurous studio attitude leading the listener, providing tasty ear-candy for those who enjoy such splifferous sonic explorations.” - The Arts Desk