Roya Share Self-Titled LP On The 405 | Release Party At Brooklyn Bazaar On 6/16 | Debut LP Out 6/2 (Burger Records)

Roya Share Self-Titled LP On The 405

Playing Release Show At Brooklyn Bazaar On 6/16

 Debut Album Out June 2nd On Burger Records
Photo Cred: Samantha West
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"The driving, scuzzy energy of tracks like 'A Sickness', or the more low-key vibes of a song like 'Scum Rise,' show that Roya is a versatile group, capable of tackling a multitude of themes and feelings without overcomplicating things. This is more than a breath of fresh air. Roya's LP doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, and yet you still feel like you are hearing something cutting edge and awe-inspiring."
- The 405

"An aggregation of some of Brooklyn’s most profound talent."
- Wonderland

The Wild Magazine
Roya have shared their debut self-titled LP on The 405. When talking about the LP, lead singer Rahill Jamalifard describes it as, "A scrambler of post punk jangles, with dark undertones and somber lyrics, an ode to touchy subjects.". Prior to the LP stream the band released three singles, "Scum Rise", "A Sickness", and "End Times". The band will be celebrating the release of their debut LP at Brooklyn Bazaar on 6/16. More on the event here.

Roya's debut self-titled album comes out June 2nd via Burger Records.
Roya, the poetic persian name of a little girl means an ominous dream, a mind trip, a fantasy. Such was the vision lead singer Rahill Jamalifard first had when hatching the idea for the band. A moody and seductive tone set against a primitive and surreal soundscape. Lending its voice to somber echoes and jangles of post punk and psychedelia. How often we wander to the uncomfortable depths of our darker minds, where unanswered questions live, where they stay carefully tucked away, still existing, unaddressed. In Roya, the exploration begins, confronting the fears and realities we struggle with. The mediocrity of life, complacency, death and its undoings, life and its great fragility, Roya invades the minds and hearts of its listeners greeting them with unwavering emotion.
The bands early formation consisting of singer Rahill Jamalifard, guitarist Jay Heislemann and drummer Hamish Kilgour set the foundation for Roya’s deliberately minimal sound. Kilgour, notable as a founding member of New Zealand’s seminal post punk band The Clean, plays shambolic and primitive driving drumbeats that add layers of depth and texture to his boldness. Heislmann’s guitar spills over Kilgour's rhythmic web with deconstructed eastern surf riffs dripping wet with noisy undertones. This melodically demented outfit cradle Jamalifard’s stark and naked vocals that paint over each chorus with grief-stricken and doleful lyrics that are raw but gentle in delivery.  
Joined later by contributing song writer and guitarist Christian Sawyer, whose presence was brief but significant, the band began to record their self titled debut record at the now defunct Death By Audio recording studio. Joining them during this time was bassist Alix Brown, whose spirited gusto added attitude and swagger with her driving grooves. In its current formation Roya is a five piece ensemble with Tyler Love on rhythm guitar and mellotron and Lyla Vander on drums. Their debut record is set to be released by Burger Records in June 2017. 
Burger Records
01. The Lord's Chirp
02. Rich Kid
03. A Sickness
04. End Times
05. Mailman
06. Scum Rise
07. Beautiful And Evil
08. Allergic Reaction
09. Dr. Death
10. 1234
11. Mod With Feelings