Paul Bergmann Reveals Two New Singles from Nothing At All; Los Angeles Record Release Show May 6 at The Echo

Paul Bergmann Reveals Two New Singles from Nothing At All 

New Album Nothing At All Out May 5
Los Angeles Record Release Show May 6 at The Echo 
photo credit: Alex Legolvan
"It’s obvious that Bergmann is a voice worth your attention, both lyrically and sonically." - Paste
"A lovely little ode to loneliness"  - Noisey
"His appreciation for both old and new gives his music a singular sound, while still maintaining  the feel of a classic record you found in your attic and just dusted off." - Culture Collide
"With just enough distortion on his vocals, a driving jangly rhythm guitar, and softlyswelling strings, "Old Dream" is a quick jaunt into the whimsical recording techniques of the past, while still creating an endearing track that feels fresh." - Flood Magazine
"Paul Bergmann is the kind of guy who could sing the phone book and make it sound like an existential statement. His Americana noir goes beyond sad-sack, whiskey-soaked rumination, the hum of his almost pugilistic lyrics wry and sobering and more than a little bit challenging." - Buzzbands LA
Stream: "Coffee, Wine, Water, Tea" at The Big Takeover or Soundcloud
Stream:  "Bored by the Changes and Living" at Buzzbands LA or Soundcloud
Watch: "Nothing At All" video at Paste Magazine or Youtube
Stream: "Nothing At All" at Soundcloud
Paul Bergmann has revealed two new songs from his forthcoming album Nothing At All due May 5. The Big Takeover premiered "Coffee, Wine, Water, Tea." About the song, Paul Bergmann says, "This is probably the most sincere song I've ever written.  It's also the heaviest collaboration between myself and Brendan Eder (the producer).  Brendan built the soundscape of the song and composed the entire outro, which showcases both how much of a nutcase he is and also his enormous talent.  To me, this song is the cornerstone of the record, and I have a special fondness towards it." Buzzbands LA premiered "Bored by the Changes and Living" from the upcoming release. The track was produced by Gus Seyffert and is available to share viaSoundcloud. Nothing At All is available to pre-order now at Bandcamp. 
Paul Bergmann has announced a Los Angeles record release show coming up on May 6 at The Echo. Tickets for the show are avaiable HERE.
Last month Paul Bergmann shared the official video for "Nothing At All" with Paste Magazine.  About the video Paul Bergmann says, "This video was a collaboration between myself and childhood friend Rufus Paisley.  I shot and edited the first cut in Maine, and Rufus added animation and produced the final cut in L.A.  We've worked on projects together before, and I think we share a similar aesthetic attraction to a particular blend of earnestness and schmaltz.  I was really drawn to working with him when I saw the first PWR BTTM video he did, '1994.'  As for the song, it's filled with gorgeous strings arranged by the album's producer and my good friend, Brendan Eder."
There is no word in the English dictionary that properly captures the easily recognizable, yet difficult to describe sensation of being both happy and sad at the same time. Paul Bergmann creates this nameless feeling, among others equally recognizable and complex, like frustration, adoration, and yearning.
Paul’s music is refreshingly tangible in our digital age. His voice and melodies are reminiscent of late nights on back porches filled with wine-mouth sing-alongs and buzzing crickets.  In a word, Paul can at times be nostalgic; yet he avoids the pitfalls of many by being unapologetically himself.  Both a crooner and a wordsmith, Bergmann has evolved from his previous EPs and debut LP into a more refined, upbeat version of himself, with forays into electronic beats and off-kilter orchestral arrangements on his newest record “Nothing At All."
The album is a waltz from Los Angeles, where it was conceived and recorded, to Maine, where he currently resides, across Middle America and the plains and cities in between.  “Nothing At All” was produced by composer Brendan Eder.  With a background in film scoring and currently helming an experimental chamber ensemble of his own, Eder’s influence is plain to see.  The collaboration birthed the final sound of the record, which is riddled with Eder’s inventive, eclectic compositions.
The album features wide-ranging instrumentation, from the airy string section floating through the somber title track, to the sparkling sounds of the vibraphone on “The Heart is a Rock by the Sea”, to the felicitous full-orchestral accompaniment on “Where Were You?.”  Paul’s lyrics and tone are as honest as ever, at times a bit tongue-in-cheek, and always very now.  The record, which features a track produced by L.A. tastemaker Gus Seyffert (of Beck and The Black Keys), encompasses a variety of emotions yet still feels cohesive. In short, “Nothing at All” is the result of years of singing, touring, playing shows, and recording. While a bit nihilistic, the brutally honest (and also funny) title is one that we all can commiserate with.