JEAN-MICHEL JARRE First Ever Los Angeles Show This Sat, May 27 Microsoft Theater



Jean-Michel Jarre in Toronto 5-9-17 (photo credit: Greg Rybczynski)
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Jean-Michel Jarre performs on the laser harp live in concert.
Jean-Michel Jarre performs on the laser harp live in concert.

Grammy-nominated artist and legendary French electronic music composer and producer JEAN-MICHEL JARRE is currently touring North America for the first time everin his almost 50-year career.  His ELECTRONICA TOUR officially reaches Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater this Saturday, May 27. The last time performed in the United States was in 1986 for a one-off city-scale concert in Houston for NASA's 25th Anniversary, which over 1.3 million people gathered to share in a moving commemoration of the Challenger Mission setting a Guinness World Record.
JEAN-MICHEL JARRE--a four-time Guinness World Record holder for largest concerts ever performed, 2017 Grammy nominee, with more than eighty million albums sold, and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador renowned for his one-off groundbreaking events at historical landmarks across the world--is one of the first artists in the world to perform electronic music as we know it today. On this tour, he's showcasing new music from his two-part LP ELECTRONICA and most recent release OXYGENE 3, alongside classic material from milestone albums such as Oxygene and Equinoxe.  View a video here of JARRE performing his signature laser harp "The Time Machine," the title track of his Grammy-nominated album ("Best Dance/Electronic Album")ELECTRONICA 1: THE TIME MACHINE: https://youtu.be/DnAfXK-hft8.

Jean-Michel Jarre in Toronto 5-9-17 (photo credit: Greg Rybczynski)
Here's what the critics had to say about the Toronto and Montreal shows:
"The French trailblazer treated fans with an immersive performance, featuring cutting-edge digital technology, from 3-D projections to a 'spy cam,' which provided fans a close up look at Jean's rig as he performed in real-time...Jarre's live show is something that seems out of the distant future, and is an essential experience for any fan of electronic music's capacity to innovate."
- Matt Sia, Dancing Astronaut, 5/11/17
"A Jean-Michel Jarre concert is full-on son et lumière...The show opened with elaborate 3-D projections set to Heart Of Noise, parting to reveal Jarre on a riser surrounded by a bank of electronic pianos, synths and controllers. It wasn't so much a stage as a spaceship, Jarre at the bridge, flanked by two bandmates on live digital drums keeping a marching beat. It was dazzling...For the rapturous crowd, Jean-Michel Jarre's first Canadian show was the stuff of digital dreams."
- Liisa Ladouceur, Now Toronto, 5/10/17 
"[A] tsunami of immersive visual effects concocted for the first time by the godfather of electronic music...Jean-Michel Jarre appeared on Thursday evening as a child in a toy shop, twisting piles of keyboards in a hemicycle, twirling, fumbling all the keys, buttons and transistors around him. Surrounded by musicians Claude Samard from Lyon and Stephane Gervais from Quebec City, the legendary musician delivered a quarter-turn performance worthy of the greatest pop concerts."
- Xavier Proulx, Pieuvre.ca (Montreal), 5/15/17
"Jean-Michel Jarre's Electronica Tour is one of those immersive shows featuring an arsenal of sound, lighting, and state-of-the-art special effects."
- Alain Brunet, La Presse (Montreal), 5/12/17
"It was completely made. And, we repeat, had to be there: shows like this, it's historical, it happens only once in a lifetime."
- Kristof G., Voir (Montreal), 5/12/17
"The Sony Centre offered a perfect acoustic space to showcase Jarre's trademark otherworldly soundscapes but still small enough to feel somewhat intimate...The experience went from seat shaking and thundering bass to tinkling bells and whispering strings, and back again, with perfect exquisite accuracy. Jarre also brought along his extensive stage lighting show which was spectacular to witness...The show was nothing short of mesmerizing...This tour is not to be missed for anyone who craves old school electronic sounds, played by virtuoso musicians."
- Darren Eagles, Pure Grain Audio (Toronto), 5/15/17
"A spectacle of sound and light that should not be missed under any pretext...Jean-Michel Jarre goes through the eras without much difficulty and knows how to adapt his musical style while adding a touch of modernity!...Jean-Michel Jarre is undoubtedly an artist who transforms everything he touches into gold."
- Marine Lardennois, Daily Rock (Montreal), 5/12/17
"Jean-Michel Jarre's concert, besides being a childhood dream of mine, was also a perfect manifestation of how the world could be if the technology that is available to us could be paired up with brilliant creative and innovative minds like Jarre's."
- Agah Bahari, Live In Limbo (Toronto), 5/13/17
"Jean-Michel Jarre gave a vibrant and very energetic concert."
- Raphael Gendron-Martin, Journal de Montreal, 5/12/17 
"We witnessed a 'sound and light' on steroids...The projections were incredible, they were deployed all around the stage thanks to removable curtains, creating 3D images of an exceptional quality."
- Marie-Eve Linck,La Bible Urbaine (Montreal), 5/13/17
"I am mesmerized with the installations that are the visuals and music of this show, so much that I am reminded of Nam June Paik's works, and feel his legacy is alive and well as I witness and feel this sensorial magic...Thanks to Jean-Michel Jarre, for most of the duration of his performance, I felt like we were living in the future they had painted to us a long time ago, with flying cars, no poverty and clean air, and not this dystopian reality. It was the greatest feeling I have experienced through music."
- Susana Meza, The Spill Magazine, 5/12/17
Watch the new North American tour video for his 'Electronica' World Tour:

Remaining U.S. tour dates for JEAN-MICHEL JARRE's 'ELECTRONICA' WORLD TOUR are:

5/22/2017Chicago, ILAuditorium Theatre
5/24/2017Denver, CO1st Bank Center
5/26/2017Berkeley, CAThe Greek Theatre
5/27/2017Los Angeles, CAMicrosoft Theater