Sevdaliza hits #1

A monumental feat for an independent artist, Iranian-born Dutch artist Sevdaliza's self-released 
ISON album debuted at #1 on the iTunes Electronic charts in the US, Poland, the Netherlands and clocked into the top #5 in several other regions including France, Canada, Germany and the UK. This new body of work solidifies her as one of the most innovative artists in recent years, as it continues to receive critical acclaim. She is also profiled in current issues of INTERVIEW and NYLON, both on stands now. ISON is out now via Sevdaliza's own Twisted Elegance label - listen below.

"Sevdaliza's debut album feels like a lifetime examined - and past lives exhumed" - NPR
"Sevdaliza is changing the rules of what a visual album can be" - W MAGAZINE
"It's where her artistry coalesces into an identity: she reconfigures trip-hop with her own florid sense of melody, against the increasing genreless landscape of modern production." - FADER
"evocative" - INTERVIEW

"unique and stunning" - PIGEONS AND PLANES
"[ISON] is as lush, meditative and carefully crafted a work as you might expect from an artist who has been so meticulous about her aesthetic to date" - FACT

"illusive melodies that writhe atop sparse, minimalist beats-but its textures are entirely unique." - NYLON
"an immensely satisfying debut statement" - HIGH SNOBIETY

"Her debut is hauntingly eclectic, with tracks melding seamlessly over a slowly melting, writhing, and fusing visual display." - OUT MAGAZINE